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  1. The quote was definitely in reference to Gillan - Zep's first album had come out and was selling well so the buzz was already beginning to spread. It's also possible that the members of Purple Mk I had somehow crossed paths with Zeppelin in the States, during the latter's early tours. Maybe Blackmore witnessed the Zep audience response first-hand and realised that was where things were headed, hence Mk II?
  2. Found the info. It's from Robert Godwin's Press Reports book (well, it originally appeared in a September 1970 edition of Disc magazine but was reproduced in the Press Reports): New Look - New York Zeppelin Led Zeppelin were in New York this week, having to cancel some concert dates due to the death of John Paul Jones' father. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page both came into Max's Kansas City one night quite late... both sporting new beards and Jimmy Page with short hair! Robert Godwin, Press Reports, pg 141 I know they occasionally visited a club called Nobody's when in New York, as well as Club 82, which had a policy that all gender must be subverted (men had to dress as women and vice-versa). I've often wondered whether this was the reason they dragged up for the photos that eventually found their way onto the cover of Physical Graffiti. I believe those pictures were taken in New York. Over to Steve's Mystery thread I think!
  3. I believe they did visit Max's Kansas City in the very early 70s (it's in one of my books somewhere and the writer made reference to Jimmy's beard, heh) but Max's wasn't a jazz club, it was more an artist's and rock musician's hangout. The Warhol entourage practically lived in the back room. All I know about the trip to Harlem is the incident where John Bonham allegedly pretended to fire a gun at Mick Jagger's limo because he wanted to travel in it.
  4. This is a tough call. Whoever said that PG's musical peaks were better than Exile's is correct, but Exile always lifts my mood whenever I play it, something that only happens sometimes with PG. As for Sticky Fingers, a comparison with the fourth album might make more sense - both came out in 1971, are single albums and are generally considered to represent the high watermark of each band's output.
  5. I'm going to risk having my head ripped off here by saying that I don't think he's classically handsome. However, classical handsomeness is overrated IMO and dull as ditchwater. Jimmy is handsome in a unique, impossible to define way. I never get tired of looking at pictures of him like I would, say, David Beckham or someone else who's generally regarded as classically good-looking - there's just something about Jimmy that draws you in. Something about his elusiveness, his grace and elegance, his voice and eyes and hair and the way they all come together. He has a beautiful smile as well. Oh who am I kidding, he's bloody gorgeous.
  6. Could the two titles in question be the working titles for songs that were later released under other names? Or the original versions of songs that were quite different in their finished (released) forms?
  7. I think it's reasonably safe to say that there will be a gig or gigs in the States at some point. If I could hazard a guess, I'd say at least 60% of Zeppelin's worldwide fanbase comes from the US so it makes sense.
  8. It must have been about three or four years ago now but he was quoted in passing that it would be fun to put it all down on paper one day, something like that. I haven't heard a peep since then so I assumed it was a throwaway quip. If it's happening, though, that would be all kinds of coolness.
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