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  1. I totally agree. Hammer of the Gods was the first Zeppelin bio I ever read (I was 13) and what I got from the book was this overwhelming sense of vastness and unreachability; a power and mystique that was awe-inspiring for a kid growing up in the mid-80s, when everything seemed so bland and friendly and toned-down by comparison. If Stephen Davis' intent was to smear Zep then it evidently didn't work as more people were probably persuaded to check Zep out after reading HOTG than were turned off them for life. For sure, it was nasty and sensationalist in parts (for the time), but a lot of y
  2. Could the two titles in question be the working titles for songs that were later released under other names? Or the original versions of songs that were quite different in their finished (released) forms?
  3. Ack ... not on top of my game tonight *feels stupid*. Too much Bailey's, sorry.
  4. I never heard this ... but there was talk on another forum a couple of years ago about Bath footage supposedly being transferred to the UK from a location in California. The poster didn't make it clear whether he or she was referring specifically to the Led Zeppelin footage, though he/she certainly seemed to be hinting at it.
  5. Plus he was either still doing sessions or in the Yardbirds when he bought the boathouse. He would have been making decent money back then but not enough to install his own studio, or buy a house that was big enough to contain a studio. By the time of Zeppelin, money was no longer an object.
  6. Sub, many thanks for popping in to confirm things - that's some really interesting info. Cheers!
  7. I remember watching that Arena documentary when I a young 'un and thinking Jimmy was like your coolest but constantly hammered uncle crossed with Nigel Tufnel: "Well there's ... there's various degrees of heavy metal, y'see ..." Comedy gold!
  8. I remember reading something about this in Tangents Within a Framework. The book claimed that the boathouse was completely demolished after the flood damaged it beyond repair. Then again, I've read other reports claiming that only the mooring platform was damaged and it was this that was demolished, not the house itself. I'm inclined to assume that this is the original house, albeit largely renovated - if it wasn't then surely Jimmy's lawyers would have something to say about the sellers using Jimmy's name to flog a completely unconnected property?
  9. I think it's reasonably safe to say that there will be a gig or gigs in the States at some point. If I could hazard a guess, I'd say at least 60% of Zeppelin's worldwide fanbase comes from the US so it makes sense.
  10. Led Zeppelin are, quite simply, the greatest living - yes, living! - band on earth. I say living because even if the guys never play another note together, the music endures and will continue to endure. It's as simple as that. So on the off-chance the guys are reading this - thank you. For everything.
  11. I'm going with Aldi or Netto. (Aldi Belgian chocolates are actually quite good, btw. So's the £9.99 "champagne"...
  12. Sorry if it's a bit off-topic, but I had to comment on this: That's a really weird coincidence because I thought exactly the same the very first time I saw the cover of LZII (I must have been about 5 or something, it was my mother's copy, heh). So for ages I must have assumed there was a woman in the band somewhere (until I actually started getting into them and learning about them, of course!)
  13. I have the audio version of this (which is longer) and you're correct, Jimmy does sound extremely agitated in parts. I haven't listened to it in a while but it seemed to me that Steven Rosen was not-so-subtly trying to lure Jimmy into opening up about Zeppelin and it was pissing Jimmy off.
  14. That was a kickass video, Paul! I'm so glad you won - your enthusiasm was really infectious and it's always wonderful when great things happen to dedicated fans. And that's just a FRACTION of your collection?!!!?!!! *boggles* Can you, erm, actually move in your house without bumping into Zep stuff?!!?
  15. I prefer box offices. Bring 'em back for the tour. Only the diehards will be willing to queue all night rain, snow or hail. Maximum 2 tickets each.
  16. I was wondering that as well. Maybe he's hoping to use this material as new Zeppelin material (which might explain his holding back on the solo project), but he's waiting to see if the others are up for it.
  17. It was the greatest night of my life, seriously. I had a standing ticket so I often had to crane my neck to see between the taller folks in front of me, but the great thing about standing was the feeling of being in the thick of it all! The "corporate block" in the lower tiers were up and down the steps to the bar and back all night. A lot of them evidently couldn't give a toss about the concert and were only there for the free beer and vol-au-vents. It would have been fairer if the corporate block attendees had been allocated seats in the upper tier so more fans could have had the lo
  18. Depends what you mean by 'contributing'. Praising and discussing the band in whatever context? Collecting live shows? That's 95% of Zep fandom right there - are they not contributing either? I doubt any of us know the actual extent of his contributions. For all anyone knows he could be a longtime poster on one of the forums - that whole username thingy kind of makes it difficult to tell.
  19. Okay, time to out myself. I'm going too! yesyesyesyesyes!!! Hope everyone has a safe journey, and who knows, might bump into some of you there!
  20. Yeah, like these nameless "friends" of famous people, who apparently are such good "friends" they can't wait to dish out their chums' woes to the News of the World.
  21. How long ago is it since you last saw them? Do you know if they're still into Zep? If they are then this place and the other known Zep boards are your best bet if you want to to try and track them down, but it's still a long shot as I'm sure there are thousands of fans out there who don't post on any boards. Good luck anyway!
  22. Telephone Harvey Goldsmith's office ASAP and explain your situation. Point them to your post here if necessary. Who knows, if they're sympathetic (and if they have a heart they should be) they may be able to e-mail you some kind of authorisation to attend which you can show to the barrier staff, though you may need to bring your friend's ID to England with you to prove he bought the tickets. It might also be a good idea for a friend to get a second opinion from a doctor about flying. As I understand it the doctor only 'advised' him not to fly, he didn't say absolutely no flying. As
  23. Nic (have I got your name right?) first of all, you're NOT pathetic and everyone here has a case for deserving a ticket, you included. I truly hope someone can gift you a spare ticket, but if not, try to take heart from the fact that things aren't like they were last year, when there didn't seem to be any hope of Led Zeppelin reforming at all, not even for one night. There's more hope now than there was a year ago, and that may translate to more concerts in the future. It might feel like cold comfort to know this right now but your 'turn' will come, believe me. Possibly sooner
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