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  1. To be honest, I'm not bothered who's there so long as the Zep guys are! *no-one from Big Brother, though. Please God, prove you exist.*
  2. S. Flavius Mercurius is Jimmy Page. It was a pseudonym he used on the Roy Harper album Stormcock. As to why he used it, I have no idea.
  3. It must have been about three or four years ago now but he was quoted in passing that it would be fun to put it all down on paper one day, something like that. I haven't heard a peep since then so I assumed it was a throwaway quip. If it's happening, though, that would be all kinds of coolness.
  4. It's not a biography but I'd recommend Robert Godwin's The Press Reports. It consists of exerpts - often quite lengthy - from most interviews, articles etc that appeared in the press between 1968 and 1980. So in effect, it's a documentation of the band's life as it actually unfolded. I'd like to know more about this upcoming Mick Wall biography, though. The books I've read so far focus on the debauchery at the expense of the music or vice-versa. It'll be interesting to read what he does with the story.
  5. They don't? Alright, so classical concerts tend to be performed mainly in opera houses, but orchestras go on tour sometimes (or do a season at one venue) and I'd be willing to bet most - possibly all - of those concerts sell out because hey, believe it or not, classical music does have a substantial following.
  6. Very few people over 60 look good with dyed hair. So I'm going with the grey.
  7. Echoing what others have said on here - it's impossible to say who is the 'greatest', even though there are probably at least 5 or 6 deserving frontrunners for the accolade. What I do know is that Led Zeppelin, for whatever reason, are the band I personally love the most. And that's true of most other people on here. It's hard to describe but for me, something about their music meshes with my chemistry, reaches the parts other bands don't quite reach (or come close but don't quite have the full, um, package, as it were).
  8. My guess is Levee or Ramble On. As far as I'm aware neither were ever played live. And Levee at least is fairly 'intense'. Edit: Duh, didn't read the post above, sorry. Looks like it is For Your Life.
  9. The new site is beautiful. Thank you Sam. I guess (hope?) this means the band are now an active entity once more?
  10. I changed my name because I was fed up with my old one. But yeah, I second transferring the contents of the old board here (or stuff that's less than six months old anyway), particularly the live thread. Lots of gems there.
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