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  1. It doesn't matter how many times you type 'IMPORTANT' in capital letters, your post isn't. If you had bothered to read the rules you would know that entering more than once got your entry (or in your case all 30) deleted. Probably the reason I managed to get a ticket.
  2. How old are you? You're about 15 and one of Gen Y 'must have it now!' by the sounds of it. Just shut up. You don't have a right to anything. I blame the... oh what's the point.
  3. I queued from around 1330 on Sunday until 1700 to get a wristband. What a total mess that was. I won't bother going to another show at the 02 (unless it's Zep again of course), but that's another story... There was a notice saying that the place would close at 1800 but the queue was bigger at 1700 than when I joined it at 1330. Did they just shut up shop and tell everyone that had been there for hours to go home?
  4. I didn't have my eye on her for the whole time. I just remember her underwear riding well up and then watching as she fell over and flailed around until one guy got really pissed off and had a go at her, then went and found two very large men to carry her away. She had a good go at them, but they weren't taking any crap.
  5. Hah! Great thread! To the extreamly drunk girl in about row K up in 417 who had to be tackled to the floor by security and ejected from the gig during Stairway because you were way to drunk to even stand up: You showed the whole arena your pants. Thanks for the entertainment.
  6. I wish he'd stop going on about playing with Zeppelin. Just leave it, it's not going to happen, why the hell would they? He's just some guy who doesn't even play the drums in his own band.
  7. I've seen a few names mentioned and I've seen Dave Gilmore on the TV, is there a decent list anywhere of who was there?
  8. Small clip of the start of the gig. Use the menu at the bottom right to watch it original size: Clip
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