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  1. Odd thing is that if you read the article in Q, the gig was aparantley set up in March, way before Plant denied the reunion
  2. True, I do fnd it interesting that the one member of the band who has made most noise about a reunion is the one whom has the least vested interests outside of Zep activities
  3. I don't disagree with you at all, but feel that every generation feels the same way you do. I'm sure that people who were teenagers in the 60's would say that music had lost it's aura by the mid 70's onwards and conversley kids of the 80's would say the same about the 90's onwards. I don't think that any generation is right and the others wrong, I think it is not only about the music, it's about the times places and things you associate with it. As for music becoming more disposable, I think that it is untrue to say that but that the methods in which it is available may make it feel that w
  4. I was wondering if before the O2 show there was as much speculation about potential tours, on this forum, as there is now? I also wondered if people genuinely feel that there is more chance of a tour than there was, say, a year ago. I don't mean to pee on anybodies fire but Floyd said they were having a one off reunion for a cause they all believed in and that is what they did. Potenitally this is the same situation.... Thoughts please people
  5. Does the new remastered edition make any vast improvements to the original. IMO This Song Remains The Same is the weakest (and sometimes most embarassing) item in the Zep cannon. I was wondering what could be done- asside from removing the fantasy sequences- to improve it?
  6. If, and it's a big if, they do decide to tour. They will only be playing two/two and a half hour sets. Page has made it very clear in interviews he is no longer capible(sp?) of playing 3-4 hour sets but two/two and a half is do able. I suspect that this is also true for Mr Plant who would be putting an emense amount of pressure on his voice. As a result of this I suspect there would be support bands in order that Zep felt they were giving fans true value for money. If the rumours are true that they have reserved Wembley do you really think that they would only do a short (for them) set and
  7. This is a sad fact common to all large indoor "arenas" the fact of the matter is that they don't have fixed stages. Until someone builds a 20,000+ arena with a fixed stage this issue will continue
  8. I was at the gig last night, and whilst by no means a kid I am not old enough to have see Zep first time around. From where I was sat, way up in the Gods at the back end of the venue, the sound was good for the majority of the set and it did seem glaringly obvoious when mistakes were being made with the sound. Flashes of feedback etc. I would agree with comments made earlier that the dynamic of a room changes when you put a lot of people into it. I also think that it is true that the sound in the O2 as a general rule is not that good. However I would say that on the whole that it was
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