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  1. I haven't been on here in a few years ( like 3 or 4 at least), but I got a little bit high tonight and here i am! so hi. Also, I'm 20 and have been a zep fan since I was 13.
  2. Hahahahaha! He definitely fits that profile... I don't know if you know anything about his personal life, but he definitely lived vicariously through himself. The symbolism in his books and the way he employs/reveals it is interesting, though. The Sun Also Rises is in a state of drunkeness about 80% of the time. It has a social message about the contrast of the loose morals of the "Lost Generation" with the more righteous morals of the younger generation (characterized by the young bullfighter Pedro. the bullfight itsself is a metaphor for finding love or a hook up). Also the main protagonist was emasculated in the War, and then decides to hang around with the woman who he used to love (she is somewhat of a nympho, though, and since he can't provide anymore she gets around), so there is a lot of symbolism pointing to him wanting to have his penis back. Sometimes even blatant... one of the last lines of the book is something about the sun being hot and high in the sky, his ex-lover is sitting next to him in the cab, the car takes a turn and she's pressed against him, he looks up and a mounted patrolman raises his baton. ahem. Basically the title "The Sun Also Rises" is a reference to his "mango" (to use a Zeppeliny term) also rising, though it no longer can cuz of his emasculation. yeah, I guess it's not a book for feminists ha
  3. I'm a Hemingway convert after this book. Very relaxed style of prose. Mandy: I had to read the Grapes of Wrath 2 years ago for class. I love the symbolism and the layers of the book. I hate the prose, but it's really deep, good lit. Right now I'm picking through the symbols in The Sun Also Rises from a formalist standpoint.
  4. Just bumping... a few new posts to the blog, and I really need help haha
  5. Hahahah yeah... lots of use of parenthesis and dashes and stuff. It's really hard because I'm writing the physics parts with the assumption that the reader knows nothing of music, so I have to interject some comments and such, and vice versa for the music parts. And grammar has never been my strong suit haha. Thank you for the compliment though! Hopefully more people will start reading it so I can get more insight and new perspectives.
  6. Here's what I wrote the "actual" purpose of my research is, just to be a little more clear and concise: This is my attempt at merging the opposing viewpoints of music and physics into a unified understanding of how humans comprehend and appreciate sound. Our current way of making and composing mere sound into a coherent piece of music has not developed arbitrarily over the past millenia... it has been shaped by cultural developments, neurological/psychological factors, and of course the actual physical nature of sound. There is some sort of mental connection which we establish which allows us to convert a series of alternating pressures into qualities, dissonances, and emotions. My goal is to define this connection.
  7. I'm in my senior year of high school now and so I was able to take an Independent Study this year. I chose to do acoustic physics, because I figured that this would be as close to music as I could get within the context of a physics course. Man was I wrong!! I was gonna stick to doing stuff like examining sound wave patterns in concert halls and auditorium acoustics and maybe even get into like the acoustic patterns of violins and guitars and stuff like that... So my first research project was on this cool stuff called "Hypersonic Sound" which basically allows you to pinpoint a beam of sound at someone over 100 yards away and whisper in their ear--the sound doesn't die off or disperse, the person standing right next to them won't even hear a thing! It's like a megaphone laserbeam. While researching hypersonic sound I learned about a musical concept called "Tartini tones", in physics, they're called "difference tones". Basically, it's a third tone that is produced when two tones mix... say you play a C and an A, a third tone, lower than the C, would be produced "out of thin air" due to the physics of sound. So this kind of got me interested into how this may have a role in consonance and dissonance in harmonies or even the qualities of chords. Maybe there's actually a scientific reason why playing C and C# sound bad--it's not just something that our mind makes up. Maybe there's a reason that a major chord is happy and a minor chord is sad. So here's most of the research and observations I've made so far http://eikemaas.blogspot.com There's no ads or anything like that, it's pretty cut&dry, i'm not really an internet blogger kind of guy, but my teacher made me make a blog If you have an interest in music or physics, could you PLEASE read this and just give me your opinions on things? Right now only my physics teacher and another science teacher in the school read it and so it's hard to get more insight into my research. My physics teacher knows nothing whatsoever about playing or composing music, so he can't give as much input as I'd like. If you're not into the physics, just skip it I guess and give me some comments on what I wrote about like the "qualities" of chords and intervals and things like that... I mean, I say things like "the interval of the Tritone is very dissonant and sounds a bit sinister", but that's just one man's opinion. If you agree, awesome haha. But if you have another facet to add, I'd really love it. Thanks to all of you musicians/physicists! cya around
  8. So my dad just went to this yardsale that was at my old elementary school. Lo and behold, in he walks with a nice little gift for me, tells me he got 3 LP's for $2. Steppenwolf: LIVE, Led Zep II (yay!), and..... "Jimmy Page: Special Early Works; featuring Sonny Boy Williams" ... I've heard of this, and seen the cover image... but what is it? I mean can anyone give me information on recording dates, performances, why/when it was pressed, and worth (even though I don't plan on selling it!) ???
  9. Thanks for the update. I didn't think they were gonna bill themselves as Zep. And I'd heard that they were trying out some singers. I'm glad they scrapped it. I'll be happy if the 4 of them do it, but no less.
  10. So what is going on now? Are they actually billing themselves as Led Zeppelin? I guess what I heard was going on is kind of dated information.
  11. Hey everyone, haven't been on in a long time. I haven't read any of the other posts in here, but I'm almost certain that there's a bunch of posts that read a lot like mine. Anyway... Dude, I honestly don't think that anyone can replace Plant. I used to think "I don't care if they leave one guy out, I wanna see Led Zeppelin!" but after O2 and all the other stuff, there's just not Zep without the guy. It really wouldn't be seeing Led Zeppelin. Even though they won't play under the name, it's pretty clear what they're trying to make it. They might pen one or two new songs, but what's the bulk gonna be? Led Zeppelin... cuz that's what most of the people wanna hear I guess. Personally, I don't think I'd pay to see Jimmy Page, JPJ, and Jason playing Led Zeppelin songs. I'd pay to see them play other music, and I'd pay to see them individually, but once they go out there sort of trying to be Zep.... there's no magic there, man. It's just 3 guys and a singer playing covers and making money.
  12. it TRULY was! The crowd was so diverse, and yet everyone got along perfectly because everyone knew that we were all there for the same reason... there wasn't any fighting between whites/blacks/asians/hispanics... it was just pure happiness. There was even a russian guy that i ran into :-P hahaha. and a Swede, but Russians are more peculiar to find enjoying America's politics.
  13. Ok, I've skipped reading everything here because I don't have the time... But I'd just like to announce that.... I WAS THERE!!!!! :D :D and I was less than 20 feet from him on the parade route! Talk about being starstruck...
  14. Holy hell! Spats is still here?!? .... And he has his own thread????!
  15. I'd have to agree with Rain Song. Maybe not their absolute best, but right now, that comes to mind as a masterpiece. Interesting composition, and a very top-notch contrasting of the different elements of music.
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