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  1. This might seem harmless but once I considered the possibility that somebody I went to school with 25 years ago is trying to track me down, it all became a lot scarier. I'm off to make an appointment with the Witness Relocation Program just in case.
  2. Who says the teddy bear was stupid? As a big fan of teddy bears, I'm outraged and call upon all teddy bear owners to ASSEMBLE AT THE GATES OF BUCKINGHAM PALACE IN PROTEST.
  3. Wait a minute...isn't this thread on EVERY board in the weboverse? Is it a statutory requirement now along with 'Post a picture of your Pets' and 'Favourite Bible Verses'? Sorry..this isn't really word association, is it? I'll get me coat.
  4. It looks like Percy may have seen sense in my earlier appeal for him to save his own soul from eternal damnation by rescuing Jason from the mind-control cult that is 'Foreigner'. Save Junior Bonzo, Save the World!
  5. Well much as I love Zep, I have to say here that even on a good day they couldn't touch Showaddywaddy.
  6. So that's what it is. I'd thought it might be a 'Barnet-Monitor'.
  7. If there was feedback during singing, there's no way of getting rid of it. Somebody might think there is but what you heard on that broadcast was what went through the board. If there were dual feeds for the guitar (mic/direct) it'll be POSSIBLE but not necessarily PREFERABLE to momentarily switch these. But if there was Plant voice during feedback, it has to stay. Actually if Jimmy goes ahead and gets busy in his shed with this for the next four years, ultimately putting out something which replaces the feedback with sonic tilt-a-whirls that sound like a cassette tape is being chewed, I'm
  8. I thought I saw Sid James in the third row from the front with Charles Haughtrey but then I woke up, realised I hadn't been to the gig and had three shredded wheat for breakfast.
  9. I always took that song to be the most pathetic pathetic pathetic pathetic attempt by a virgin to get anyone else to sleep with them. I wanna know what pussy is I want you to show me. I mean it. we can't allow Bonham to go back with this shite-pile cult. Anyone up for a 'deprogramming' raid? I haven't got a licence so can't drive the white van unfortunately but I'm a dab hand with the chloroform cloth. Save Junior Bonzo-Save The World!
  10. That's better! Now that everybody on this thread is happy, let's go forth and spread the Good News to the rest of the board!
  11. Well any Zep fan who would have risked getting thrown out of there for ONE JOINT would have to be a suicide 'bomber' ;-) On the other hand McCartney must have thought. 'Come on, come on. Who's gonna be the one to throw me out, then?'
  12. ^Are you kidding. Obviously the crowd was doused in Depresso-gas. I've never heard such distressing tales of being at a Led Zeppelin reunion gig. My heart really goes out to these..these....CUNTS
  13. ^ Actually what Jimmy said as he whacked Bonzo Junior was 'You're sacked!' That and a comment by Percy to 'Dave' in the audience strongly suggests Grohl is on the tour.
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