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  1. On the old forum there was a list of all the bloopers, including; at the end of a solo in ten years gone you can hear Page pull the lead out his guitar in Misty mountain hop Jones plays a wrong note Squeaky bas pedal in SIBLY and another song (I forget which but it isn’t as noticeable) The phone in the ocean ( I don’t understand how anyone could miss it) In Kashmir traces of the original strings are still audible in a couple of places i can’t remember the rest
  2. i remember this well. i wasn't there, but at the time in the local paper (Coventry Evening Telegraph) the music column ran several "mystery guest at the Wolfe?' entries, which meant Planty. i went along following one of those tips to see the DTs who he was rumoured to be getting up to play with, but he didn't. didn't he play there twice in that period?
  3. Well done, thanks. Very interesting and it hardly suggests that an instrumental album from him now, when he’s old and out of practise, does it? just maybe after the O2 he may have sold more but that’s a long time ago (14 years?). At the last shows he has attended, he’s either not played at all (Japan) played backing only (Beck) or played but ducked out of a solo (that guitar players event, I forget where) He’s finished. Move on
  4. Millons? You at be right but I seriously doubt it. How many copies did he sell of his Outrider album I wonder. It hardly set the world alight did it. Do you play it much? I have no desire for an album from him. If he wants to fair enough, but I’m really not fussed, the world has moved on He could do a televised concert but I seriously doubt he ever would as he wouldn’t risk messing up again. He’d be more likely to play two or three and cobble something together from it, and that would involve a lot of practice and time and though I have no more certainty than you I’d wager a sum it will never happen
  5. I’m having that. Wise words indeed
  6. The stories behind the songs isn’t great really as many of their songs don’t have meanings as such and don’t have much depth. Some do obviously but many don't i think I’d suggest the Barney Hoskins book as the best all rounder
  7. Can someone give me an excerpt or a time link to a Mars section. There are many references to it on live versions but I’m not sure which section it relates to. Thanks
  8. Very interesting. I’ve never cared much for the recorders intro and much prefer the keyboard live version
  9. In forty years of reading about Zeppelin I’ve never once heard any such notion. If someone in Tull had have played a recorder on the recording I think they’d have revealed all long ago. It didn’t happen.
  10. That’s be Knebworth 76 when indeed Skynyrd were fantastic and the Stones were lacklustre
  11. I think it’s a much better album than Walking into Clarksdale
  12. 1. No problem. 2. No problem. 3 it’s fine
  13. But he says the No Quarter was 30 minutes long on his tape, so it can’t be the soundtrack version. Unless to him it just felt like 30 minutes long
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