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  1. I think it’s a much better album than Walking into Clarksdale
  2. 1. No problem. 2. No problem. 3 it’s fine
  3. But he says the No Quarter was 30 minutes long on his tape, so it can’t be the soundtrack version. Unless to him it just felt like 30 minutes long
  4. Nope it won’t be from the film as that version is more like 15 minutes long, not 30 or more. For that length it’d have to be from 75 or 77 and probably the latter I’d guess
  5. Like most bands Purple were equally good at nicking stuff from other bands. It’s interesting you mentioned Child in Time as they nicked that. It’s been a while since I’ve heard it so forget the song title but it was from a band named It’s a beautiful day.
  6. There is that thought which is probably the most likely
  7. Was that the time he was involved in an inquest for a death at Mill House?
  8. If you’re going into the expensive vinyl world you need to know that cleanliness is essential, Get a carbon fibre brush, some and a stylus cleaner, at the least and use them. I have a vinyl cleaning machine for old vinyl. In the main i find crackling is caused by dust and dirt and not scratched vinyl. I wish I’d have known thirty years ago what I know now
  9. I’ve always thought that the real power in this riff, and others on the second album, like Heartbreaker, comes from the heaviness of the bass sound, and that the guitar sound when isolated is always much less distorted than most folk think
  10. I’ll give that try next time I restring. I’ve never seen a picture of Page with this set up though
  11. Another thing to consider is how much time are you going to spend in critical listening mode, versus enjoying the audio ride? As long as the sound is good, and the latest releases generally are, and you’re equipment is good enough to create a good listening sound. Then do you need more? If if you have a really top notch system then you probably do need the best versions such as the Classic Records releases, because the improvement in sonic quality will become more noticeable. If you just want to play the albums knowing you have good quality sound without getting all analytical then I’d s
  12. When you dig your Technics turntable out, put a new stylus on it. An old or worn stylus doesn’t sound pretty and it may damage your new grooves
  13. I think that’s the first time I’ve read him say that his sigil was chosen and that it’s been around for so long. i.e. he didn’t create it, or at least, adapt it from something else
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