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  1. The Japanese mini LP replica CDs have the spinning wheel and the inserts for Physical Graffiti
  2. the Jerry Greenberg from Atlantic records? cool
  3. “The bitches”? Sorry I don’t know what you’re trying to say
  4. im not sure why he's still expected to dig it in the same way as he used to. for one thing its been played o death. I used to like it when I was young but now I couldn't bother to listen to it all and id just skip to the solo. I don't think he saying that anything he's written since is as good as it, just that he cant relate to anymore as he used to. things change. It seems reasonable to me
  5. question 1. specifically I don't. im going on the reporting of others and common sense, and what other bands do. this is common practice. He might not have had the entire soundboards, ie for every gig as maybe some gigs they didn't make a tape of the mixdown for keeping, more likely in the early years but for those that were recorded Page had them. maybe copies were made for the other members of the band as well but if so this doesn't seem to be reported.it was essentially page's band and he paid more attention to these things seemingly, which is why its him that's in charge of all the releases, live albums and the DVD etc he doesn't have all the soundboards now as he had a stash of tapes stolen in the 80s(?). question 2: I don't know and I doubt that is the case. there are pretty much whole gigs released that are soundboard recordings, particularly the 1980 gigs. try reading around the live forum and bootleg sites for more information
  6. "I don't think anyone was understanding I was NOT Saying Mobile is TSRTS song for song no edit" then you through us all a miscue by inviting us to "tell me it's not verbatim"
  7. Because soundboard recordings are mostly better than audience recordings. So if a bootlegger has an audience tape of a gig but there are sections available from soundboard it's better to edit them in, particularly if the audience tape isn't great the soundboard recordings could be from the stash of tapes stolen from Page long ago. Bands sometimes record gigs to playback to themselves to check how the shows are sounding. And in Zeppelins case it seems the jam sections of songs are what Page was listening to, maybe to develop and refine cues to progress from one section to another and to see what motifs and licks work best
  8. What is it you're suggesting here? I don't get it and I'd like to
  9. are you suggesting that in the released soundtrack Page used snippets of the European tour? that's very difficult to do, variances in volume, tone and speed. I think Page had enough on his plate dealing with just the three MSG shows SIBLY is nowhere near the same as MSG version. Not that I thought there was any substance in this suggestion but I'm enjoying listening to the Mobile show anyway though,
  10. So in the film SSRTS you're suggesting that the actual film of them onstage at MSG they're miming to a playback from Mobile? and then at Shepperton they're miming to a film of them miming to a playback of Mobile? Black Dog has a different guitar solo and noticeably different vocals. if you think they're identical you're getting carried away with your own hunch. They are similar but they're not that similar. But then they're bound to be similar playing the same set list every night and despite Page's insistence that every night they were walking the tightrope of improvisation, they weren't and some sections eg the rockabilly part of WLL are always pretty much the same in template, variations in parts but mostly similar..
  11. I remember that from the 90s. It’s something that someone created in the style of Page but it isn’t him.
  12. I was reading an account of this in Mark Ellen’s book. They were both up all night on red wine and coke the night before accompanied by two fair maidens
  13. Page had some cheek putting his name for a song writing credit on this. my opinion is that most the charges of plagiarism are Planty's fault for using old blues lyrics. But claiming this as his own is well below the belt and hasn't done page any favours in later more recent years when charges of theft have been put his way
  14. Diary entry from the yardbirds US tour. " the rest of the band go out to watch a singer named Jake Holmes, who I have definitely never heard of, but I decide to stay in and work on a new tune of mine called dazed and confused"
  15. it will be good news if he does write an autobiography I predict it will be released "next year" !
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