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  1. i've never had a problem with the solo on OTHAFA. I like it and the fact that its not necessarily what one would expect and so in that respect I feel it does fit the fell of the song. live solos beat it every time but that's the case with many songs. I do remember Page saying ( I think I read it, but it could have been an audio interview) that he was nervous when recording the black dog solo so maybe felt it wasn't as good as it could have been. but even so I see no faults with it at all in case of playing and fitting in I think the weakest solo may be on HOTH, although its been a while since i've played it. but that's not the same as it not fitting the song.
  2. I never understood why HHWCID wasn't included on Coda. it would have helped fill the album out, as it is quite short. and at that time it wasn't a very well known song
  3. For my money WS/BMS should never have made it past the 77 tour. Maybe a tease of it for a minute or so as the intro for Kashmir, but a stand alone piece? Nah. He could barely play it on the 80 tour, I find it cringeworthy to hear. IMHO it was too long on the 77 tour as well I’d also say if he had to get the bow out on the US tour, then the same thing, keep it short. Maybe drop the old routine and create a new piece to match the feel of Carouselambra I agree SIBLY should have been dropped. Wearing and Tearing could have helped inject some oomph
  4. Does anyone know what royalty percentage or cash payment a songwriter might expect to receive or insist on, or for having their song included on a L.Z live album. For example Louie Louie, Hello Mary Lou etc? Removing these songs is a disappointment for sure. Would the cost really be so prohibitive?
  5. jsj


    Good one
  6. Nope not at all. I get your angle now. I watched the P & P Reading 98 show recently and while his playing was great, physically it all seemed more laboured to produce and that was while he was match fit tour wise. i was speaking to an art gallery owner who was selling 250 Page signed 4th album cover prints back in about 2003 and he told me they went to Tower House for the signing to be done and Page couldn’t do many at a time as his hand was aching from arthritis.
  7. not the case on the 1998 Page & Plant tour. he was in fine form for that
  8. bargain! assuming you got it at a reasonable price
  9. nice. how did you come to own it?
  10. I’ve just finished Steve Gorman’s book and I also recently read Rich Robinson denying the claim against him. Gorman has got an axe to grind against the brothers and probably quite rightly. He goes into Page telling him about Rich’s refusal to work with him in some detail, quoting what Jimmy said, rather than summarising it and I think that’s what makes Gorman’s account believable. I doubt Jimmy will be happy about it though.
  11. I think I preferred 1 and 5
  12. agreed. horrendous editing, as it is on D&C as well. how anyone in the band agreed to sign it off is beyond me
  13. on the 77 tour the usual scenario was that the sound crew did the soundcheck, not the band
  14. after years of using 9 gauge on my electrics, I was recently given a set of 7s made by Dunlop for Billy Gibbons and I like them an earlier post mentioned putting 8s on an SG, I found even 9s to be too thin on the SG and opted for a set of 10s.
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