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  1. Having looked at my post I think I meant to type Selmer, not Supro, did he even use Supros? Anyway I think it was in a magazine special (classic rock, mojo or similar) on the 4th album. I’ll dig it out.
  2. Is this the same “next year” that Page said his solo album was coming out in. You know, the one that lasted over fifteen years?
  3. Having watched it again just now, I’ll have to agree with Bluecongo that you’re too kind in your assessment. It’s shit Jason improves upon the terrible drumming at live aid. Jones seems to be fine, as always. Plant sounded a bit rusty in his voice and remembering all the lines and cues. Perhaps playing twice drained him a bit, so he has an excuse. But he wasn’t terrible, though far from great. It was Page who was the culprit again. Had he have nailed it then Planty’s wobbles wouldn’t be so noticeable. I’m with Plant, they should have ditched Stairway and played Rock & Roll, or something else instead, especially when it was obvious Page wasn’t on form We’re told Page was nervous on the night and the schedule was running way behind time but is that an excuse? Everybody else managed to get it together. It seems to me that if the crowd are going nuts Page believes it’s just like old times and he’s on it and it’s 75 again, regardless of the mess coming out his amp. The solo in Heartbreaker was embarrassing and Stairway was close behind it Consider it this way, if we were watching a tribute band In a little bar and they played the Heartbreaker and Stairway solos as bad as here, I think there would be trouble, people laughing out loud at the guitarist and shouts for a refund, even if it was a free event I think live aid was actually better playing wise (bar the drums) Had Page not have had that terrible flange/phase effect on, and had a tuner onstage, they may have got away with it. Here, the sound was better, but he, as a player was worse. i shalln’t be watching it again that’s for sure. Live aid I can watch every 5 - 10 years if I’m drunk enough, at least there was some excitement there.
  4. i've only watched this once since its original showing. i'll have to watch it again now you've detailed it. I've just watched the intro and I really didn't remember that at all. very cringey indeed. my memory was that a the time I thought it was pretty bad, especially the heartbreaker solo, which was terrible. although some of that opinion may have been because of the poor mix of guitar/keyboard in Kashmir. i'll watch it later
  5. Page said he used the Supro amp on the studio recording of stairway
  6. I remember watching this at the time aged 20. As soon as Page hit his guitar I knew we were in for a rough ride. Whether he wanted the heavy effect laden sound by choice, I don’t think we know, but if he did, it was a terrible decision. Maybe he was out of tune also, but the effect was so heavy it was/is hard to tell Overall, I don’t think it’s as bad as is sometimes written. I think had Page have had a good sound, they’d have got away with it. His playing wasn’t great, but it was alright and good enough. Even Planty cutting in early before the end of the stairway solo is ok to regular non Zeppelin fans. Had Phil Collins have just played on the first song and left the stage, would also have helped i think Page was very lucky not to have tripped over his own scarf, and he was looking close to achieving it. Now that really would have been a disaster. He nearly butted a stagehand while bowing to the crowd, and almost got into a fight with a mic stand before they’d even started playing. I think that by not permitting it to be included on the official DVD has added to the general opinion that they were worse than they actually were.
  7. I know it’s been raised before but I don’t understand why WS/BMS was included in the set in its full form. Often Page couldn’t play it well, it was passed its sell by date, and why not just play another better song instead? I think if he’d have just played a very short version of it as a tease it could have been a great intro to Kashmir. But to string it out so long when he was struggling was just daft. Did anyone hope for its inclusion in a set after 1970?
  8. I seem to remember Ian Anderson having a dig at Planty in the press for being a tax exile
  9. it may have just been a bad cassette copy but back in the early 80s I was given Oakland 77 and it was very muffled. the worst I ever heard.
  10. Rose62 can you give us any examples of any band that hVe done contemporaneous covers? Zeppelin weren’t known for being fans of Tull. Plant and Ian Anderson had a bit of a falling out once. And there’s the comment Page(?) made about a live recording in L.A, referring to it as “Bore ’em at the Forum” So I think the chances of them doing Locomotive Breath were probably nil
  11. I’m struggling to think of any artist that has done this. Albums of older covers are common obviously, but not contemporaneous ones sounds like a terrible idea to me
  12. I just found this quote on the Tight but Loose site. where it says Bonzo used his hands on drums John Bonham said: ‘’You get a lovely little tone out of the drums that you couldn’t get with the sticks. You get an absolute true drum sound because there’s no wood involved’’
  13. I stopped believing anything Page says many years ago. if live releases come, either audio or visual I’ll be very happy, but until they actually arrive I’m wasting no time thinking about them
  14. I’m going a little off topic but Rose62 is right about Mick Taylor. At one time he was writing begging letters to Keith Richards to get some financial reward for what he’d contributed to the songwriting process but never got a credit for
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