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  1. Maybe Page has finally realised, after fifteen years or so, that no one believes any of his solo new album bullshit so he's decided to change over to talking nonsense about a new live Zepoelin album next year. It's always next year with Page. He's lost all credibility through spending year after year talking rubbish about forthcoming plans that never materialise. Anything to keep his picture in the front of music magazines. It's time a journalist called him out on this even if it meant he won't speak to them in the future. After all he hasn't really anything to say anyway
  2. He's changed his signature a few times over the years and they look to me to be deliberate changes rather than just a natural evolution. This newest signature looks like a natural handwriting style, so maybe he's given up designing signatures. he is a strange fish in many ways. How many men decide to create a new signature for themselves?
  3. Good stuff. It was nice to see more stage action replacing the fantasy stuff, especially in TSRTS and rain song
  4. Planty's over the top wailing for the first year or so An hour of one man only on stage in the 77 tour. Over the top, noise solo, and WS/ BMS. Just overblown nonsense, particularly with Page often way below par. I think taking the bow section out of D&C reduced its effectiveness by being exposed as silly without the bookending of the riff and verses. Probably by 75 he needed a new showcase, or maybe shortening D&C instead of extending it even further when they'd lost its vitality. It got turgid. Some good bits obviously but unnecessary. i wonder how it would have been had Planty ever taken a poll at the 75 and 77 US gigs "who wants to hear 20 - 30 minutes of drums? Hands up" surely there couldn't have been too many in favour? Maybe I'm wrong. All this at a time when Page claimed to be excited by the spirit of the Damned etc. They could have played a whole set and encores in the time of just the OTP drum solo. The black dragon and white poppy suits partly turned Page into a cartoon. He dressed better on the 75 tour before Earls Court I think. Wearing the new suit there was cool, but only wearing the suits on the 77 tour seemed as though he just wanted to look like his caracature Not preparing more for Knebworth, given that they knew they were going to record it on film for possible use. The second night warm up at Copenhagen was great and maybe if they played a dozen more gigs or so before the main event they'd have been more consistent on the night, like Copenhagen There were some great bits but also some not so. Page looked dreadful, like a sweating corpse. Again I'd say drop or severely shorten the noise solo and likewise WS/BMS. Instead of dragging it out, just play it for a minute or two and then when folk think they're going to have to go for a piss or drink, trick them by going straight into Kashmir. Same with the 80 tour. WS at Berlin is one of the worst things I think Ive ever heard. If you're struggling to do something, don't drag it out, trim it back. with rice paper for skin and
  5. jsj

    The space before the live decline

    I named those bands just because they were bands around the 77 - 80 period, which is mostly the period named as being zeppelins weaker era. I can see I have mistaken your use of *many* bands for *most* bands. but, so I’m clued in, what bands are you including in the term - many bands who even on a good night can’t match a band night zeppelin?
  6. jsj

    The space before the live decline

    I think the rot set in after the 73 tour. For the first time they had a year off, in 74, and then later a early two years off in Kate 75/ 76 and then again in 78 and most of 79. 1968 through to 73 they were pretty much always touring and were on top of their game. 1973 in Europe was in many ways a pinnacle in musicianship even if they had lost an element of spontaneity and by the time they got to the US they'd introduced the showbiz element of presenting shows. after the end of the 73 tour and the start of the 75 tour, they'd changed. They still had some great shows and even in poorer shows still some great moments but they had become a different beast
  7. jsj

    The space before the live decline

    I've heard this line said many times and find it a ridiculous statement. At their worst ( '77 - 80) Zeppelin were terribly self indulgent with Page at times inept for large parts of some shows. To say other bands at their peak couldn't match them is silly talk I'd expect a teenage Justin Beiber fan to say. Their peers at that time included the stones, the who, Bowie, Steve wonder, wings, floyd, the ramones, the clash etc, all capable of a great gig without an hour of their set spent with just one member on the stage addled and showboating
  8. 1. Jimmy, why did you authorise the rerelease of TSRTS with the atrocious edits? 2. Did no one in the camp point out that the edits sound shit? If so, why did you override them? 3. Do you now feel a little silly at spending the last fifteen years claiming you're releasing a solo, album soon?
  9. jsj

    Guitar TAB books

    When Gibson did the replica of his guitar they concluded it probably was a 59
  10. jsj

    Guitar TAB books

    On page one it states Page uses two ‘59 Les Paul’s but then later on the page describing his sound discusses ‘58s
  11. jsj

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    He may be a very good guitar player but he looks like a fool with his wig
  12. jsj

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    On my copy of listen to this Eddie it states the title is a reference to Eddie Kramer
  13. Page was at his most consistent high quality playing on the 98 tour than any tour since 75. he was good at the O2, certainly good enough to make up for the mishaps of live aid and Atlantic shows, but he was nowhere near as on form as he was in 98 just my opinion obviously
  14. jsj

    Jimmy's mystery necklace

    that was in the new page book thread. in which the author suggested that someone (I forget who) was "partially gay"
  15. jsj


    yeah I'm with you. lets have Page back in the dragon suit duck walking across the stage as though the last 38 years since the band split up haven't happened. no doubt Plant will still have the groupies creaming with him strutting about bare chested Lets see who else we can bring back from the 70s and expect them to still be as good as they were in their heyday Arnold Schwarzenegger. he was one of the best bodybuilders ever. get him entered for next years world competition Pele. probably the greatest footballer ever. he was fantastic in the 70s. get him back in the Brazilian league and national squad to show the new boys how to play Sylvester Stallone. I don't like him personally but he was pretty fit in he first Rocky film. lets have another sequel with Stallone back in the ring Jimmy Carter. he was president in the 70's. the US is in turmoil with Trump. lets have Carter back in office to sort it out Ivan Mauger. best speedway rider ever. no doubt he can still tear it up around the track I cant see any problem with any of the above returning to former levels of glory. so why not Zeppelin? .