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  1. I think I ought to try and find a copy of ''in for a quick garden' can you tell me if it has the full no quarter guitar solo as on the soundtrack or is it the same as in the original film? thanks
  2. I re-read recently an interview with Kevin Shirley in which he said Planty had been a lot more hands on with this release than others, which probably explains the removal of some of his adlibs in the songs, particularly TSRTS, and in-between song chatter. Page's explanation that the soundtrack needed to match the film doesn't hold up fully as there are some glitches in the film that have been repaired on the soundtrack, so why not have repaired them all? Even after all these years it still frustrates the fuck out of me. It is the worst album I've ever heard in my life. Consider that, a band as huge as Zeppelin, releasing an album full of edits so amateurishly bad a deaf man would sense a change in the timing and groove. I can't think of any other album that contains one edit as bad as the ones in D&C, WLL, NQ etc, let alone a group of them. if anyone does know of one please let me know as I'd love to check it out. I know some weren't happy with HTWWW, but at least it didn't have shocking edits included The addition of the new songs is fantastic, but the trashing of the songs previously releases is unforgivable. I can't see that it will ever be revisited to be improved as its been done twice now. What a fuck up all round. Whoever gave the go ahead for releasing it wants locking up for crimes against music
  3. I had forgotten that Planty’s mention of JPJ was omitted. But if that’s your gripe against the newer version of No Quarter, you’re lucky. I can’t play it without wanting to smash my stereo. My favourite solo butchered I only play the songs that weren’t originally included, for the the others I play the original album
  4. but he plays in a band with another guitar player, two keyboards, horns and backing singers, and doesn't play complex pieces. there's quite a difference. my opinion is that Keith has been hopeless fir decades and Ronnie does most the work anyway. make Keith play the gig on his own without all the add on players and then we'll see what he's capable of
  5. jsj

    Jimmy Page Pickups

    last night I chanced upon a youtube clip of Joe Bonammassa playing Tea For One and I noticed that his pickups were also pretty much flush with the pick up surround. I checked mine (tokai mid 80s copy) and that is also, though all my other guitars with pick ups are raised higher, and one or two quite a bit higher.
  6. jsj

    Jimmy Page Pickups

    What size gap would that create between strings and pick up cover?
  7. I remember SAJ commenting something like -some of us want a Jaguar, not a Ford- when the first signed Page luxury edition book was released, ten years ago? and some forum commenters wondered why it was better to buy that instead of the unsigned plain version. Which was fair enough at that time Now it seems Page is signing Fords and passing them off as Jaguars
  8. You’re probably right. They sell for more than double the price I paid for them now. My plan was to sell one when they reached this price, so effectively getting one for free. I paid £750 framed each, now they’re £1500+. I’ll do so when the gallery sell the last one and they’ve increased the price more But a signed photo for £1600? To buy all four of these signed photos will cost £6400! It’s nuts. No one on this forum, so far, seems to think it’s a good thing. What was the price of a signed J.P. book, however many years ago it was? At least that had substance to it. Now it’s all just cashing in, and he has a very high rating of his own signature’s worth. Seemingly higher than most of us on here agree with
  9. There was a recent video from an American making English tea and getting it all very wrong. The water must be boiled in a kettle, not a microwave, then it’s poured over the teabag and left to brew, usually a minute or two. Then, the milk and sugar is added, not before. The milk is only added first if the tea is first brewed in a teapot, which doesn’t happen much these days i don’t drink the stuff
  10. He’s sold so many autographed things now, and will probably continue to do so that I believe he’s devaluing them. I bought two Led Zeppelin 4 signed prints around 2002, before he started selling polo shirts and signed anything-he-could-find-lying-around I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have bothered. Maybe he should get a shop and just sell signed stuff for the rest of his days. It all seems quite tawdry to me
  11. jsj

    40 years ago today

    I fully agree. It’s ridiculous
  12. I used to play my LP stupidly low and enjoyed it. You certainly have to get more physical with it to get your hands to where they need to be. However I was just power riffing and easy stuff soloing. I certainly wouldn’t or couldn’t have attempted anything intricate or complicated. Nowadays I play it in a more normal position
  13. I’m surprised that no one has commented on the fact that it was forty years ago today that Zeppelin played their final gig. forty years! and still some people speculate on whether they‘ll play again, while others seem to think they’re doing fans a disservice by not doing so.
  14. Having looked at my post I think I meant to type Selmer, not Supro, did he even use Supros? Anyway I think it was in a magazine special (classic rock, mojo or similar) on the 4th album. I’ll dig it out.
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