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  1. I had a quick look through the article while in the shop today. Does he say he will write an autobiography? I didn't have my gasses on
  2. How do you know it already exists? And when will be the right time to expose it do you think?
  3. No one is blaming Jimmy for his inactivity, not me anyway. I have no problem whether he does or doesn't have a new musical project. But he is responsible for fifteen years or more of promising he will release new music "next year" and not delivering it. Either do it or stop saying it will happen when he knows very well it won't.
  4. It’s been about 10 - 15 years of Jimmy claiming there’ll be something “next year”. He’s just a bullshitter
  5. they certainly look realistic but could be fakes. Planty and Jonesy's ar a little easier to check as they haven't changed too much over the years whereas Pagey's has. though that could make he a little easier to fake. is there any other info or evidence that comes with them to help strengthen the claim?
  6. As far as I'm aware this event hasn't played in the UK yet and I'm curious as to whether there's a reason for that i wouldn't attend it myself so it's not a complaint, it just seems odd to me that it hasn't happened
  7. Yes you can have both on. This allows the one that isn’t being played to resonate
  8. Given that Freddie pretty much set up the Knebworth festivals to book Zeppelin its shameful the way Peter grant dealt with him ultimately leading to Freddie's bankruptcy after Zeppelin eventually did play the festival
  9. Any '58 or '59 sunburst could sell for £100000 to £200000 easily. They are extremely sought after. At auction Page's would sell for many times more
  10. you can get very small tube/valve amps which create great tone and crunch at a low volume so you can play in your home. Blackstar do a 1W model, which I have and use at home and they do an even better 5 watt model. Many amp companies now do a small size valve model Epiphone, Orange. Fender do a 15 watt valve amp - blues junior and may do even smaller not all of them will give the tone you're maybe looking for are worth trying. you can also utilise pedals to enhance your sound - overdrive or distortion
  11. my wife saw Whitesnake just last week at a festival. she's not a fan (she took her little brother )but before she went she did check out some older stuff of theirs so she'd know what to expect and although she didn't like their material she did say his voice was good. when she came home from the gig she said his voice hadn't stood up well and sounded pretty shot
  12. I don't know what Coverdale has had done to his face but he's looking pretty strange these days
  13. lovely. but your "Jimmy" needs to get different shoes to go with the suit
  14. yep and he could also get in a plug for the polo shirts and mugs available from his site maybe he should just open a shop to sell his tat
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