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  1. Can't believe how cold it is here today in London... I know visiting folks from sunnier climbs must be feeling it more than I, but flippin heck! Just back from the boozer, and a joint first in the pub quiz... damned tiebreaker, but hey, we won a box of Toblerone! Offski...
  2. Tis a lovely dram, and as my Uncle Peter would say, 'be rude not to...' And on that bombshell, I'll return my glass to the bar, and call it a night.....
  3. Good shout - and mine's the same, as long as there's a good wedge of lime handy..
  4. From Communication Breakdown - live version I think... "I don't know what it is I like about you, but I like it a lot"
  5. I think there was a whammy pedal being used also, which gave me the impression he was using Transperformance (towards the end of the track). The Whammy also was used during Trampled Underfoot (I think)..
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