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  1. Robert Plant: Flames - Johnny Volcano/MAS Records
  2. Robert Plant: Grease Monkey - Jeff Beck Lord Is My Shotgun - Primal Scream 12 Harps - Scott Matthews
  3. A definite read! I was lucky enough to have worked for him and even before that, he has been someone I greatly admired. The first time I walked through the halls of Atlantic Records, I was floored at the thought of all the great artists that were part of this family. He never lost his genuine passion for music despite the growing changes in the industry.
  4. Interesting - when I met her she was an utter biotch
  5. I don't know who elected him and the fact he got away with allowing himself to run a 3rd term and then has the nerve to say no one should be allowed to do that is beyond me. He is destroying the city with every stupid thing he does. Sadly it's no secret he hates the police and fire departments as well as teachers because they are unionized and he'd like nothing better than to absolve them. All three have been at a stand still with their contracts for way too long.
  6. Disintegration is another one that I'd recommend! I prefer them because they're very dark and less commercial sounding IMO. But the ones you got are great too! Enjoy - great era of music
  7. ^Great purchases! I'm a big fan of Zero 7 If you like the Cure and don't already have it, I think their best album is Pornography.
  8. Bloomberg buys his votes - he is a travesty to the city on so many levels
  9. They should have been first on the list of invites! What they did that day and the weeks/months after was beyond words and they, along with families of those who lost their lives should be there. Bloomberg is an ass - he keeps digging a deeper hole for himself and sadly has two more years in office Oh - my comment was in response to Steve's insensitive remarks....
  10. He just came off a lengthy tour promoting his last album - I think he's allowed a break yes?
  11. Terrible loss of two amazing songwriters - they're contributions are innumerable.
  12. Brad was a formerly banned member who returned under this alias.
  13. I only have it on a bootleg, but there's a fantastic remix of the song Mighty Rearranger with Black Dog that RP used to open some of the latter shows in 2006.
  14. I think his version of The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn was superb! I was sorry they never performed it on tour. I saw Alison Krauss with Union Station recently and they did but wasn't quite the same
  15. ninelives


    Yeah right Del _ you're fooling no one. I was comparing the HISTORY of each in the sense of the United States having less, being a younger nation than Paris which is a much older city. Out
  16. ninelives


    Yes I know Del, er Brad - I was talking about Paris as that was what you brought up and compared it to the history of the US.
  17. I also highly recommend it. Amazing country - Tangiers is lovely as Knebby said. So is Rabat and Fes. Also worth a day trip which you can do from Marrakech is Essaouira. I hope to go back again some day and also visit the Southern part.
  18. It doesn't to me either. It's fine you hear similarities but others don't. There isn't a right or wrong here. It's what each person hears. All good
  19. ninelives


    Er - the history of Paris and France is far more extensive than the United States - the museums etc. are going to reflect their culture. Which is one of the best things about traveling: learning about the history and ways of different countries
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