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  1. Disintegration is another one that I'd recommend! I prefer them because they're very dark and less commercial sounding IMO. But the ones you got are great too! Enjoy - great era of music
  2. ^Great purchases! I'm a big fan of Zero 7 If you like the Cure and don't already have it, I think their best album is Pornography.
  3. Brad was a formerly banned member who returned under this alias.
  4. I also highly recommend it. Amazing country - Tangiers is lovely as Knebby said. So is Rabat and Fes. Also worth a day trip which you can do from Marrakech is Essaouira. I hope to go back again some day and also visit the Southern part.
  5. Love em all for different reasons but would have to say Fate of Nations and Mighty Rearranger rate tops on the list - some of his best songwriting in both IMO.
  6. I agree - I'm just more aware of what's happening on the east coast than west, which is why I said what I did.
  7. I don't know about the West Coast but on the East Coast, there have been and continue to be major funding cutbacks to education.
  8. My observations on the system in the US is that for starters, we teach to take these standardized tests which measure nothing more than how well you test. So kids are learning how to take a test but not learning concepts - basic grammar, math, history for the purpose of bettering themselves and for us to develop critical thinkers. Kids are getting turned off to learning and with what I see, I can't blame them. There is also the whole "no child left behind" program which pushes kids forward when they really would benefit from being held back and repeating the grade. By the time they reach high school, they're so far behind academically that sadly, many end up dropping out. I also think that technology, video games, the internet has impacted students' ability to retain, think creatively, analyse. They have information at their fingertips and what they grow up with is video - lots of images, fast moving etc. and that's what holds their interest. Many educators (teachers) feel things need to return to the basics. All this whole language, grouping, data driven instruction etc. isn't working and I don't know why the powers that be are afraid to admit it and make changes.
  9. Love all of the above so will definitely check into it.
  10. Haven't heard this but I'm sure it's amazing.
  11. I think that book is full of inaccuracies and whether it's true or not isn't any of our concern and I don't think should be a topic of discussion.
  12. Thanks! Very cool pics. I didn't know you were in a band - where have I been
  13. Forgive my ignorance but which one is you?
  14. No it's a Bendir from Morocco.
  15. They donated proceeds from the Unledded DVD to charity in lieu of including their own performance on the Live Aid DVD.
  16. Also an excellent album/song. Really hard to say absolute fave because each one moved me in a different way since they're all so different. But something about FoN and Mighty Rearranger grabbed me a wee bit more
  17. Definitely that and Mighty Rearranger are tops, though I am loving Band of Joy immensely so that may soon be added to the list
  18. It would be interesting to hear Justin's early works. Bummer it's out of print. Thanks for the tip on Megafaun! Will definitely check them out
  19. Recently discovered Bon Iver and am enjoying his music a lot.
  20. ^ Blast from the past - always loved that song and Midnight Oil in general
  21. Those types of festivals still exist. How do you know nothing resembles them if you haven't been? I love those settings as well but there's something special about a small club - much more intimate setting IMO.
  22. No problem - it's classical music which I love. Galway: Rampal:
  23. I agree that Ian Anderson is an amazing and unique flute player still (his voice, however is shot) but as a flutist myself, I'd have to say Jean Pierre Rampal and James Galway would take the title
  24. Really? I was at both and I thought Live Aid was the lesser performance. Jimmy's guitar hadn't been tuned, Robert's voice was rough from having played several shows (he was on tour), they barely rehearsed. It was a combination of a lot of factors, not just Phil. Anyways, the spirit of the event and for them to come together was what I take from it, same with Atlantic's 40th anniversary show.
  25. The point of this thread isn't another bash Phil Collins - it's about why their performance wasn't on the dvd.
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