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  1. Robert Plant did make a good point we he said he would not like to perform live with the band again unless they have new material. To me, that is integrity. My question at this point is this: How do we know the surviving members aren't rehearsing and recording new material as we speak?
  2. All, Thanks for the replies to my posting about that Peter Grant t-shirt. I'm not sure if I got a definite answer to what "In for a quick garden" really means, but it's obviously sexual. I hope someone can chime in and solve this mystery!
  3. Hi, I just got the new collector's edition of "The Song Remains the Same." I have a question about one of the clips on the bonus DVD. In one clip, Robert Plant and Peter Grant are being interviewed while on a boat cruising down the Thames River. In the clip, Peter Grant is wearing a white t-shirt that reads "In for a quick garden." Can someone please tell me what that means? Is that a British quip of some sort? Thanks!
  4. Hi Everyone, I am a die-hard Led Zeppelin fan in my early thirties. Like almost everyone else on this forum, I dream of the prospect of actually being able to see my favorite band perform live at least once before I depart this Earth. I am clearly not old enough to have seen Led Zeppelin perform in concert in the 70s, but I was hoping others who did see them would share their experiences. When I see those grungy, long-haired 70s teens in the audience at Madison Square Garden in "The Song Remains the Same," I get jealous. What I wouldn't do for a time machine to take me back to 1973 (the
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