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  1. Hey “moron” you have any proof of that.? .if so post it and if not shut the fuck up !
  2. So a man who’s worth minimum £150million donates a ....cushion-seriously?!!
  3. No I’ve not heard that one ..I’ll take your word for it’s quality but personally I’m happy to go with whatever the band, ie Jimmy, saw fit to release officially.
  4. I don’t think Jimmy has ever been connected to the real world ...that’s what set him apart as a musical genius.
  5. Personally I can’t stand bootlegs ..they all sound sound awful to my ears. I’d rather just stick to the official releases ...I’ve never heard anything better than either TSRTS or HTWWW.
  6. Mainly because they were useless- unlike like Jimmy Sakurai who is supremely talented-as is the rest of his band.
  7. You simply won’t get any better than this ...end of !
  8. Can you get him to come and play in UK then 😁
  9. Mr Sakurai even has the right amount of sweat...enjoy folks !
  10. Nice try kid but your timing is a bit off...Jimmy is playing slightly before and sometimes after the beat..very rare he’s on top of it like you. Keep at it tho!
  11. Can’t argue with that ...Mr Jimmy rocks 😀
  12. I agree...really love Bonamassa, the album Blues of Desperation is the album Jimmy could have made in the early 80s
  13. As close as you will ever see or hear to the real thing..simply Awesome ..love Jimmy Sakurai!
  14. A great story and thanks for sharing ...personally I would have kept the case tho 😉
  15. ....er yes anyway, it’s a nice picture of Jimmy with a dog..a black one.
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