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  1. Paganini

    Current music recommendations

    So are there any decent modern rock bands at all? My new years resolution was to start listening to something from more recent than 1979. Can I have any younger chaps point me in the right direction please, my wife and daughter despair at me only ever listening to Zeppelin and the Stones ! PS if anyone says Greta Van Shit I’m going to put a contract out on them 😉
  2. Paganini

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    ..give it time and there certainly will be 😉
  3. Paganini

    Original Celebration Day on TSRTS Cassette

    The cassette version and LP 76 versions are surely the same ?
  4. Can you send me please, thanks

  5. Paganini

    Original Celebration Day on TSRTS Cassette

    In a nutshell the reissued 2007 version of TSRTS was butchered by the producer Kevin Shirley (and Page) so that amongst other things the original solo from NQ is edited as is the original second solo on CD. Dont’t ask why...there is no sensible answer !
  6. Paganini

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Haha ..yes ..maybe OMD or Depech Mode.😱. ..probably first -and last-time -those “bands” ever mentioned on this forum !
  7. Paganini

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Now this kid in the audience from UK Channel 4 News last night -HAS to be related to Jimmy ?? See his 1960 (ish) pic below. (sorry I posted this previously in the wrong place —maybe this is still not it)
  8. Paganini

    How do the latest Zeppelin Books stack up

    To be honest most of the current crop of books are just a rehash of older stuff ..my favourite is Heaven and Hell from ‘91
  9. Paganini

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    https://reverb.com/uk/item/14922235-gibson-les-paul-standard-burst-1958-sunburst now I just need those lotto no’s to come up this weekend !
  10. Paganini

    Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER! - Jimmy Sakurai

    Simply awesome stuff !
  11. Paganini

    Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER! - Jimmy Sakurai

    Absolutely agree with you on this- Sakurai is phenomenally good at not just the technical stuff but also the look and the moves. I would like to see him put the odd bum note in tho-just to be totally authentic 😉
  12. Paganini

    Guitar TAB books

    I have recently come across two guitar tab books -Jimmy Page Super Rock Guitarist Vol 1&2 published in 1989 by Warner Chappell Music with text & copyright Rittor Music Inc.Tokyo. These are very good quality and detailed on Jimmy’s technique, equipment and comprehensive performance notes for the individual tracks. The author is Setsuo Saito and I wondered if anyone had heard of him or could throw any more light on these publications?
  13. Paganini

    Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER! - Jimmy Sakurai

    The closest you’ll ever see to the real thing...come to the U.K. !
  14. Paganini

    Beautiful Women

  15. Paganini

    Guitar TAB books

    Yep it’s all a bit of a mystery-typical of Jimmy not to have a standard serial number!
  16. Would have thought IF there was something big in the pipeline Jimmy would announce today -on his 75th birthday........
  17. Paganini

    Guitar TAB books

    Yes well spotted .. The reference to the 59 models is in Volume One, which was possibly a typo, has been amended in Volume Two to the 58 model only. Looking at the Les Paul boffin website there is still much debate about which year Jimmy’s no.1 is as there’s no serial number on the headstock.
  18. Paganini

    Guitar TAB books

    Hi Christopher-glad you like the books, you will be pleased with them -especially if you are a Page wannabe like me! I would just go for the cheaper option as I don’t think there will be any difference. let me know how you get on.
  19. Paganini

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    As someone once said ..”disappointment I can live with ...it’s the hoping that kills ..”