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  1. To all the assclowns of the world, especially you Helen and Li---

    Eat my big American Shorts



  2. The entire state of Georgia is a shithole and you know it. You've got more white supremacists and people of color than a Spike Lee film. Who are you trying to impress cupcake?
  3. It's beginning to look a lot like assclowns everywhere I go
  4. It's raining like assclowns and mods outside right now.
  5. Here Lies Del Zeppnile 2002 - 2009
  6. My epitaph: BRING BACK SPATS!
  7. Spats said that he had a crush on one of the mods. He didn't say he had actually had a relationship with the mod, and didn't even know if the mod was a man or a female. He just liked the tone of the warnings he used to get. I think the guy was just lonely and wanted friends.
  8. Spats once confided in me that he was so afraid of catching VD from a woman because of something that happened to his older brother during Vietnam; that he would wear a condom even when he went swimming in public pool.
  9. Spats would sometimes PM me and ask me questions about some of the women on the forum. He usually wanted to know if I thought he had a chance at any of them. When I said, "sure why not" since many of them seemed interested in everything he posted. Spat then just said, "they are probably beneath me" -- if they would even consider a relationship with him.
  10. I think they ought to bring back Spats. At least he was more interesting than Song Name Games and other crapola.
  11. What's all this then! No egg with your spam today Tommy?
  12. Actually success is much easier objective within a political climate where the policies are geared towards growing the economy. I don't know anyone who did not prosper in the 1980s. That's unless they were sitting around waiting for the goverment cheese to be delivered straight to their door.
  13. You mean the subdivision YOUR PARENTS live in don't you? What the hell do you know about which neighborhoods are better? But I do think the HOA in Richmond has gone too far. You wouldn't think there would be that kind of attitude anywhere in the great state of ol' Virginy. But it just goes to show what happens when a city becomes a 'suburb' of Washington D.C. with all those liberal assclowns. Almost as bad as living in Berkley California. I live in a gated HOA and I have no problems with most of the rules. Much of it comes down to common sense stuff aimed at keeping dumbasses from doing nusiance things with their property. Low-life stuff like parking a boat or camper in you driveway; building a skateboard ramp on the front lawn; parking on the front lawn; painting a Mexican mural on your garage door of our Lady of whatever that is, and leaving your friggin Christmas tree lights up for 20 YEARS. Our HOA has no restrictions on the American Flag either hung on your home or on a pole. We do however require that the flag be lighted if it is flown after sunset(which is the standard flag etiquette), and also retiring flags that are faded or torn. What we don't allow are 'banners' like those stupid seasonal crap things that have everything from easter bunnies to sports team affiliations. Hang that shit inside your house! Btw, in my neigborhood I would say of the 250 homes inside the gates, a good 30% or more fly the flag --- myself included. Usually you can tell a good neighborhood full of upstanding patriotic God fearing Americans by the amount of households that fly the flag.
  14. My question would be why a 27 year old college graduate is "not making any money"? When I was 27 I was married; had no bills; paid CASH for two new cars; had just bought a home (putting 20%) down, and still had money left over to invest in the stock market. ...and I only had a high school diploma and was working at a supermarket chain. By the way I own Nike stock. Have bought and sold it several times over the years, and it has always made me a lot of money. As to the Tiger Woods incident: I blame his wife. A happy man at home doesn't look outside the marriage. It's all her fault.
  15. It's just a great classic film. It really is a well directed and acted scene. Probably the best Hollywood scene of that type in my opinion. Danny Kaye was very talented, but I don't think he compares to Fred Astair. Plus I didn't like the repetition (2X) of the "Sisters" song. It get's sort of boring. Now I'm sure 59 is going to call me a wuss for not picking Bad Santa or something.
  16. That is true. But I don't know why Obama would care? I'm sure these two knuckleheads probably voted for him.
  17. Men aren't as weird about having personal gift items as women. A woman will piss and moan all year about the chipped up mixing bowls in the kitchen; but when you buy them some new ones for Christmas... there is all hell to pay. For me anything that I use in the garage or in the yard is fine with me. I'd be happy with a case of synthetic motor oil for my truck, or 50lbs of Scott's lawn fertilizer... that shit is expensive! But if you really want to please him -- buy something from the Victoria's Secret catalog and really make his day. You know we men didn't hook up with you gals because we wanted you to give us ties and watches for Christmas. Next time you are all 'dolled up' have a look in the mirror --- and there is the answer. ...not that we don't enjoy the conversation too. It's the whole package of course. And the woman is the package. Just put a pretty bow on top of the 'gift'
  18. ^^^ Deborah, My post was just in fun as well. I guess I got it all wrong... I should have figured you had dogs at home. Southerners usually are not cat people. So what kind of dogs? Little poodles or some other toy dog like that? You know the thing is that women are really a lot like cars... vintage or whatever. And since they are like cars it's very important to maintain them the way you would maintain a car. And besides the normal stuff like rotating tires, you have to really take care of them. Because if you don't take care of them... eventually they are going to find a new mechanic. so when is the last time you had 'your tires rotated' Deborah? I mean really "rotated" good? You know... 'front to back, back to front'
  19. Well first of all I was directing my comment to Lizard (Lizzyphile); and mainly because she is such a ray of sunshine and good vibes. But since you want to discuss this... I'm your Huckleberry. So you were married twice and both marriages failed huh? Now I'm not a prude, and I suppose the first one could be marked off as a "starter marriage" -- but two stike outs? Are you damaged goods or something? Trust me, I know women. Especially women of your vintage. And when I hear the, "I've now reached a point in my life..." song, I know what that really means. It means 'Oh God, I'm so lonely and desperate for a man, what will become of me?' And except for the probably four or so cats living in the house, nobody is there to hear the screams into your pillow at night, right? Truth is that the first man who walks into your life with a gameplan to woo you off your feet; dine you; romance you, and be there to cuddle with you on those long lonely nights... you will fall for him. It's just that by now, the guy has to have a longer 'gameplan' or 'long con' as they say. Rather than just dinner and a movie, and wham-bam... Trust me I know these things. I've read the operating manual on your model. I have a PHD in 40 something females. I know exactly how you women are. Especially the ones who feel compelled to tell the whole world that "I'm single and I'm happy." BTW, I hope you don't include that line on your Match.com profile about the cancer research and animal shelters... that's a red flag if I've ever heard one.
  20. No offense to any PETA people, but they really don't matter to me in the least. And people who are really cold would probably take a coat made out of puppy fur if they could get one.
  21. No they didn't really go into any detail other than to point out that the strategy during the Berlin raids just prior to the Normandy invasion was to draw out the German fighters so that the P-51s could have a crack at them. It was just that this got me thinking about the strategic bombing vs. tactical bombing debate. I know Harris was always in favor of carpet bombing German cities believing that this would be the best way to cripple German industry. And I believe General Arnold held the same view as well, despite whatever ineffectivness may have been the actual case with that type of bombing. I suppose however for political reasons at the time (prior to the Normandy invasion), it was one way to appease the Soviets who were complaining that the Africa and Italy campaings did little to ease their pain. I just was not aware until it was mentioned in the documentary, that even after the introduction of long range fighter support aircraft into the Allied war; that there may have already been some consideration at Allied Command that carpet (area) bombing was not the main objective. Which would mean that it was actually the 'tactical' benefit of dimminishing the German fighter capablity over targeting German industry which I assumed was the strategy all along. Yes, and I believe that Air Command under Harris was promising that this would be the result. And of course hindsight is 20/20 as they say, but I believe it was shown after the war that German industry was not as damaged by the concentrated bombing as was the beleif during he war. Partly due to the inaccuracy of much of the bombing. But also because the bombs weren't really big enough to actually destroy all of the machine tools in German industry, as much as the buildings they were in. Whereas bombing rail lines and other transportation with much smaller aircraft probably did more to disrupt the German war efforts than the larger bombing raids with the heavy bombers. And with much less resources required by the Allied airforce. It may have been a better strategy to flood the skies over Germany with fighters and dive bombers than with medium or heavy bombers and their large crews. There is something to be argued for taking the fight directtly to the soldiers, armor and artillery. Which in the case of the Germans, was their strongest offensive weapon. Could be. And had it not been for Speer's plan to have German industry as dispersed as it was; maybe it would have only taken a few more raids. But all of that becomes academic, because no matter what else, it always ends up being the "boots on the ground" that actually go in and finish the job. Had there been more close in air support for infantry, armor and artillery; maybe the war would have moved at a bit faster pace. That is a good arguement. But it could also worked the other way in that had the Allies realocated their efforts toward more tactical targets with regard to the ground campaings; that would have freed up a lot of resources. I agree. By that time the Allied airforces has shifted from having air superiority to having air supremacy -- they could do whatever they pleased. And of course the "strategic" bombing by then had the added effect of demonstrating to the Soviets that we (the British and Americans) could hit ANY target in Europe. However, I don't think Stalin was really too worried, because despite him knowing the Americans were close to deploying atomic bombs (we know this now from declassified Soviet reports), Stalin never indicated that he had any reason to fear the delivery of such a bomb by the Allies. He just acted like he did not know about the a-bomb, thus taking away any deterent threat that Truman and Churchill may have hoped to use against Stalin and the Soviets. They should have just told Stalin outright what they had. Although, and eventually that fact needed to be demonstrated. And of course I believe that was one of the reasons that bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki may have been more about the Russians than the Japanese. Japan was already beaten by that point. All they needed was the assurance that their emporer would not be molested, and they were ready to surrender. I suppose Dresden may have had it worse had the A-Bomb been ready prior to the German defeat. Looking back and trying to judge the decisions of our commanders and leaders during WW2 without being there to know what it was like ... especially for the people of London... is almost impossible now to fathom. But one thing is certain, and that is the war forged a strong national will in the Allied nations to use whatever means necessary to secure complete victory. We have not experienced that actual threat, or the pain required in a long time to have that will again. I suppose even in the case of the United States in ww2; that will had to have a "ramping up effect" before all hell broke loose. Today I don't see us wanting to really defeat our enemies anymore. We keep playing the same limited conflict game like we did in Vietnam. And even with gains, we still leave our enemies to possibly one day return to do us harm. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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