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  1. Any word on Jimmy Page? Now that is the tour that I want to see -- I hope Page tours(with anyone!) at least one more time. Anywhere in the world, I am there! I couldn't care any less about Plant touring. I hope the rest of you see him and enjoy it to your heart's content. I want to see Page and Jones myself.
  2. check out the link: http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/led-zeppelin-say-no-to-download-festival-get-together_1136520
  3. Too bad there wan't a third option besides "Yes" or "No". How about adding a radio button stating "His ego is still in the way" or something along those lines?
  4. the interview is posted now: http://www.inthestudio.net/
  5. Sorry if this was already posted. Please view the below link: http://www.inthestudio.net/
  6. Same two songs for me -- they are still among my faves -- likely my top two Led Zep songs.
  7. I think you may be missing the point of my post, but good post, nonetheless. I won't beat a dead horse.
  8. Thats the Knebby way -- nevers adds anything constructive -- just attacks posters with differing viewpoints. I am surprised that kind of attitude is tolerated on the forum, but to each their own. I tend to skip over Knebby's posts, partly due to Knebby's poor attitude and partly due to Knebby's ignorance. I usually don't lower myself to reply to/about Knebby, but for this one time I will. Feel free to attack away at me Knebby -- I know your style, but I am not on the forum for that reason -- thus I will not respond to your usual childish antics, so enjoy yourself.
  9. ziggyp22


    Place the blame squarely where it needs to be -- on Robert.
  10. I won't even bother getting into his attitude, but if you read his quotes at all, it is clear that he has a chip on his shoulder. How is Plant not being selfish????? I understand that he needs to do what makes him happy, what his heart into, etc. That is VERY true, but when you have 20 million people fighting to get into one show, then one would think that if you had an unselfish person, then he would re-group with the rest of the band for at least a handful of concerts and it probably wouldn't kill him to do so. To say Plant is not selfish defies all logic. I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan too, as I assume most are that post here, so it never makes sense when you have all these Plant lovers going on about him and defending him because of his past. I was a huge Plant fan myself, but I can't kid myself -- he is selfish. Sad, but true -- the people who justify his selfish stance are the people that tend to be unable to see any negatives with their own team, players, singers, etc regardless of the facts -- there are many people like it; it is not a bad thing, just people using their hearts more than their heads. I tend to do the reverse -- that could be a bad thing? Say, for example, I was great at something that millions of people were literally begging me to do, but I had little interest in doing it. I would feel compelled to at least satisfy some of them, rather than none of them. Perhaps that is a bad thing on my part -- maybe it is weakness, but it would be very selfish of me not to please some people when it hardly puts me out. I really cannot understand Plant's stance, other than it is an ego thing and, at this point, extreme stubbornness. Clearly he is not a giving person -- anyone can see that. So, I guess myself and Plant are different people in that regard. Now I need to brace myself for the rebuttals from the Plant backers who will tell me he owes us nothing, he is honourable, he is a man among men, let the past be the past, what about the legacy, etc, etc, etc. I guess we will have to agree to disagree -- I use logic and not emotion when it comes to situations. Emotion in yearning to see Led Zeppelin play, but logic in evaluating the entire situation.
  11. Great post -- I am along your lines: few postings, but enormous readings on the net and elsewhere. I too feel that the band tends to try to lead us astray. For Page's manager to speak about the tour with a new singer, then come out later and say everything is off makes me think that he "slipped up" somehow and was told to cover his tracks. There clearly is something afoot. This is similiar to Plant saying in June of 2007 that there wouldn't be enough doctors to support Led Zeppelin, then magically they were performing in December. Were they able to find enough doctors -- doubtful. Was Plant twisting the truth -- very probable. The way the press spins things and flip flops from day to day, it is difficult to believe anything that is printed. I still wouldn't count out Led Zeppelin or at worst, the three J's uniting to record a new album and/or tour.
  12. I wondered that myself -- I guess the poster wanted to be the first one out of the gates with the birthday wish. Oh well, Happy early birthday to Jimmy Page.
  13. I mostly agree with this comment zoso75. If Plant isn't into it, it just isn't worth it -- for him or Led Zeppelin fans. I support that 110%. To add to that point, I hate to say it , but Plant's poor attitude the past year has soured me so much, that I have no interest in buying or witnessing anything that he does. The Plant backers can justify it all they want, but I (and many others) feel that he has no equal when it comes to selfishness. Sad, but true. People can go on all they want about "he owes us nothing", "it is his life", etc, etc, etc, which is all VERY true comments by the way, but mark it down -- he will regret it one day. One day, it will be too late to reform one of the world's last supergroups for one last go-around. He can always look back and applaud his "honourable" stance though. I am praying/hoping/looking forward to the three J's carrying on without him and doing spectacular. With that being said, I wish Plant and the three J's all the luck in the world on their respective projects.
  14. This was a typical Plant comment yet again. Ego, ego, ego.....big surprise. Anyone shocked?
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