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  1. they said they were going to but I just watched kashmir about an hour ago.
  2. I hope everyone got a chance to see the You Tube clips because they have been removed.
  3. I hope everyone got a chance to see the You Tube clips because they have been removed.
  4. Led Zeppelin Consider Playing New York? Published: 12/12/07, 9:03 AM EDT Author WENN Led Zeppelin are keen to return to New York's Madison Square Garden to relive the experience of 1973, when they played three sold out gigs at the venue. The legendary rockers spent their time after their London reunion gig on Monday (10Dec07) reminiscing about the old days when their drummer John Bonham was still alive. And the group - with Bonham's son Jason taking the place of his father - is reportedly mulling over the idea of going to the U.S. to sell out the venue all over again. A source backstage at Monday's gig says, "The band were really fired up and were talking about their late drummer John Bonham and what he would have thought about it - it was a time for reflection. "Then the talk went to, 'What next? Was this it or would there be something else?' One of the guys started talking about their three concerts at the Garden. "There was a consensus of, 'Why not?' It is one of the best live music venues in the world. I have no doubt after their reaction backstage that they will be there next year playing to a sell-out crowd." The band has so far refused to speculate on whether they would play any more live dates, despite The Cult frontman Ian Astbury recently claiming he would be playing a series of live dates with the music legends next year (08). Copyright 2007 WENN. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
  5. Robert, Jimmy, John,.........You guys still Rock! Incredible! I was not one of the privledged few that attended Monday nights concert however, I was fortunet enough to view both Stairway to Heaven and Kashmir on You Tube. Talk about making the hair on the back of your neck stand up! I firmly believe that the spirit of John Bonham is flowing through the hands of Jason, Its amazing to watch. I think it would have been next to impossible for any other drummer to keep pace with Page/Plant/Jones through these songs. He didn't skip a beat and you can see Page at the end of Kashmir giving him the nod, truly incredible! Additionally, I would like to give credit to Page, Plant and Jones..... At 60 ish they still rock! Zep at this age will put any modern era band to shame. I truly enjoyed the videos. I wanted to roll a couple of doobs and start chasing some girls around High School, however at my age I would definately get arrested.......LOL In closing I would also like to ask the band should they read this entry, Please consider a world tour.... don't deprive the world and the younger generations the opportunity to be part of your history/legacy. I would bet you would sell-out stadiums around the globe for multiple nights each city. While I,m sure none of you need the money, it may be a way to raise alot of money for charity. Please consider it? I know I for one, would love to take my 10 year old son to see your concert and if you can believe this he is already a fan. He has a Zep shirt, multiple songs on his Ipod and would love to see you in concert (Not my influence either). History repeating itself. I know there is for sure new generations of fans that are dying to see you live. I truly enjoyed the video clips. I will certainly buy a DVD if it becomes available. Best regards, Eagerly Awaiting Tour Announcement in Miami
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