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  1. Would anyone know by any chance who took those 2 photos? http://www.jimmypage.co.uk/jimmypagehome.bmp http://lh4.google.com/soundofmusic01/Rs7_L....jpg?imgmax=512
  2. That's the only one I've seen, and he looks damn hot in it!! So just checking if there's more..
  3. Where did you listen to/watch them playing it in the Blueberry Hill Show?
  4. Never seen those before. Where do you guys get those photos from!
  5. Are there any Zeppelin DVDs, apart from TSRTS and their official DVD, worth getting? I saw a list of DVDs on stryder.de, but I couldn't find out if they were good or worth buying.
  6. I use VLC media player. There's a snapshot option there. Very simple
  7. Any photos of Robert drinking?
  8. Those are the photos I'm talking about! But I think you guys are right about them not being in Bron Yr Aur.. I guess there are no photos of the band inside the cottage..?
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