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  1. awesome photos, thanks for sharing!!!!
  2. brilliant. made my day. just like those viking kitties singing immigrant song...
  3. Is that the hat that Robert had to kick out of Jimmy's way during Kashmir?
  4. I loved their set. It had some real surprises, pleasant ones but still surprises. Would still love the set to include: Custard Pie Thank You I'm Gonna Crawl Achiless Last Stand Going To California Possibly more but then they'd have to play for much much longer than 2 hours 10 mins :-) There're not so many bands that can boast such a great variety of songs that would all sound amazing live. What the heck, would love them to play all the albums, begining to end, live!
  5. Brian May said very kind words about Led Zep gig on his website. 'The joy of joys' he called it and 'a triumph even beyond expectations.'
  6. everyone should just ignore this topic to keep it from bumping up (which i am doing now, shit - but it's definitely my last posting in it).
  7. yeah it was pretty cool! that's when it started to dawn on me that led zep are actually going to perform on that very stage...
  8. you didn't miss anything..they were horrendous with their soppy ballad. but there's another thread dedicated to that. Paul Rogers was awesome though. i think the warm up set finished around 8.15-8.20 pm cuz I remember thinking wow, Zep are taking 40 min to change. Remember the crowd roarng as well when Jason's drums and especially Jimmy's ZoSo amps were revealed.
  9. seems like they gathered that he was using the 'karaoke machine' from the same picture posted above. cool review though. esp. bit about page having a pact with the devil, cracked me up.
  10. Another drunk member on the forum...or? saturday night i guess..
  11. Ooh, I was just stopped by 'flood control' on the forum, exciting... Anyway I think the reference is to the moment when Robert kicked something off stage during Kashmir. But that thing, whatever it was, was right behind Page and he didn't see it so it seemed to me like he was just kicking shit out of the way. And the throwing of the mic was cool to say the least.
  12. Back in 2003 at a Strange Sensation gig in Happsalu, Estonia he whacked a security guard on the head with a microphone for taking away a massive led zeppelin banner from a fan. That was funny! May be he just got more aggressive with age :-) Hey, it's rock'n'roll.
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