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  1. MISSING YOU HERMIT!!! Hoping you and yours have a happy and peaceful holiday season!


  2. Huckabee quips about gun aimed at Obama 47 minutes ago LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Republican Mike Huckabee responded to an offstage noise during his speech to the National Rifle Association by suggesting it was Barack Obama diving to the floor because someone had aimed a gun at him. Hearing a loud noise and interrupting his speech, Huckabee said: "That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He's getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him and he — he dove for the floor." There were only a few murmurs in the crowd after the remark. The Obama campaign had no comment. *source* ------------- real funny, Mike.
  3. His Holiness The 17th Karmapa's arrival in the US makes me happy. Young Spiritual Leader Arrives in New York, Ready to Teach and Be Taught May 16, 2008 The 22-year-old living Buddha seemed joyfully aware to feel no jet lag whatsoever. So far. “Maybe tonight,” he said in English on Thursday. “But not yet.” He had just arrived at a Midtown hotel with his security detail after a 14-hour flight from New Delhi to Newark. Ugyen Trinley Dorje, 22, widely admired as an enlightened being, arrived in New York to start an 18-day American tour. “It is the first time I’ve ever visited the United States, and it’s a bit like a dream,” said His Holiness, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje, one of the most important leaders in Tibetan Buddhism. Despite his youth, he is revered by followers as a master teacher, and on Thursday he began his whirlwind tour of the United States, an 18-day visit to New York, New Jersey, Boulder, Colo., and Seattle. Yes, he is that Karmapa: the young master who made headlines across the world at age 14 with his daring escape from China to India across the Himalayas in 1999. His followers regard him not only as the reincarnation of his predecessor, the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, who died in 1981, but also as the 17th incarnation of the first Karmapa in the 12th century, in an unbroken lineage going back 900 years. They revere him as leader of the Kagyu sect — called the black hat or black crown sect — one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. *source: NY Times* Eh Ma Ho!! [How Wondrous!]
  4. Ahh.. ok. That's what I figured. ..which is why I didn't check that one.
  5. You mean "Heaven" as "a literal place in the clouds".. as "an afterlife destination".. as "a state of being".. or what? And why did you make "God and Heaven" once choice, Gaines? What if one believes in "something that might be called 'God'", but not in the sense that God is a human-formed being with a human gender who is perched in the clouds in a place called 'Heaven' and who serves as creator/judger? What if one believes "God" (if you wanna call it that) is 'Existence Itself'.. is 'Existence-Awareness-Bliss Inseparable'.. is 'Emptiness Itself'? I guess my question is: How in this poll does one indicate a belief in something that might be called "God" but not a belief in some literal place called "Heaven"? anyway.. fun topic.
  6. The thought does occur to me that Hillary might be worth considering as VP afterall. VPs are traditionally the president's attack dog; they go out and say things that president's tend not to say; things that might be considered 'beneath the dignity' of the president to say. Well, if Hillary's proven anything throughout this primary season it's been that she's not just willing to bare her fangs, she's willing to actually go on the attack. I'd even go so far as to say she seems like a real natural for the position. Growwwwwwl!!! Slobber-slobber-snap-snap! I'm gonna fuck you up! Yeah,.. you! Seriously though.. as much as I do admire Hillary's "never quit" attitude and her "I'll bite yer ass, mutherf-er!" tenacity.. I dont think she's gonna be tapped for VP. But we democrats do love her and we do want her out there campaigning hard for Obama and we look forward to her continuing.. as she has been for many years.. to be a leading voice in the democratic party. Hillary.. you've fought hard.. and you've proven that you're no quitter *cough*John Kerry*cough*. I'm very proud of you.. and when the dust settles from this primary campaign, the entire democratic party will be very, very proud of you! You rock, girl! Cheers! [fwiw.. I say screw Harry 'the wimp' Reid; I'd much rather have Hillary Clinton in the position of dem majority leader! ]
  7. thanks for covering for me with drunk while i was off...couldnt have said it better...

  8. Suz,.. to be clear.. I never suggested,.. or even meant to so much as infer.. that our friends Rock Action or Dzl are wrong side of the racism fence; afaic they're both good, decent people. If any other impression came across from my posts, I deeply regret that and I do apologize to them both. I was merely challenging their "reverse discrimination" claims which were made in response to my pointing out the fact that racism is alive an well in the republican party. While "reverse discrimination" (a complete misnomer,..but I'll overlook that right now) does exist, it pales in comparison to the violent, ugly, oppressive racism, discrimination, and segregation that's been experienced by Blacks throughout the history of America.. though certainly to a lesser degree today than in the past. The existence of so-called "reverse discrimination" should not serve as a distraction from the point that racism is alive and well in the "America is not ready for a Black POTUS" republican party. btw.. c'mon people.. lets' give Desperate-ado a chance. ..afterall, so far [] he's been on his best behavior.
  9. ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) is not a state law.. it's a federal law. You said your lawyer told you had no case under ADA.. because you're White. But under ADA there is NO exclusionary criteria based on race. There simply isn't. That's the fact, Jack. Just for kicks.. tell me.. what would the basis of the suit have been.. had you been Black.. that would have enabled your lawyer to "fry" the company?
  10. [ would anyone care to dispute that there is a racist element of the republican party? ] What do you mean "this may or may not be true", CRB? Is it true,.. or isnt it? Do you (of all people) dispute it,.. or not? Clinton said: "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here [in SC]". What do you make of that comment, CRB?
  11. Reality check time: Barack does not "need" Hillary as VP to win the general election. Desperate though repubs are to see her on the dem ticket,.. she's not going to be. And even though Hillary won't be on the ticket, Hillary supporters WILL come around to supporting Obama. Hillary and Bill will tell them to, and they will. Besides.. Hillary supporters are die-hard democrats. What are they gonna do.. vote for a republican candidate?.. or not vote at all and watch another republican get elected? Puh-lease. Stop pretending you know how democrats think and how they'll vote. You don't. You might be better served by trying to figure out how your own party is going to deal with its many McCain-related divisions and weaknesses, bud. The republican party is the party in a desperate situation rght now,.. not the dems. oh,.. and btw.. you're (still) wrong about ADA. There is NO exclusionary criteria based on race. Whatever the reason was that you didn't have a case under ADA, it was NOT because you're White. Please do prove me wrong by citing the part of the ADA law that refers to race as an exclusionary criteria. I'll save you the time of looking for it: it aint there. It does not exist. Or please cite exactly what your lawyer told you.. verbatim. I'm sure she put it in writing, right? I'm sorry you lost your job due to an OTJ injury. That really does suck. But I assure you, it wasn't because you're White that you didn't have a case against your employer under ADA.
  12. Wtf?!?.. you telling me that Rock Action nepotism lost out to Affirmative Action? Well dammit all to hell! For the umpteeth time.. I never said racism and/or discrimination against Whites doesn't exist; it does. [Lemme make sure you get this point before I proceed..] I never said racism and/or discrimination against Whites doesn't exist; it does. I never said racism and/or discrimination against Whites doesn't exist; it does. I never said racism and/or discrimination against Whites doesn't exist; it does. I never said racism and/or discrimination against Whites doesn't exist; it does. I never said racism and/or discrimination against Whites doesn't exist; it does. [ok? is that clear now?] My main point [which I can't help but notice no one has disputed] was that "I will never vote for a White man to be president" and "hang that Whitey candidate from a tree" are not sentiments that are held or expressed by many Blacks, whereas "I will never vote for a Black man to be president" and "hang that darky from a tree" are sentiments that are (sadly) still quite common in the republican party. In other words, there is still a lot of overt racism.. anti-Black sentiment.. in the republican party. Even among those republicans who don't "hate" Blacks, there is the widely held sentiment that "America is not ready for a Black president", which in actuality means "I am not ready to vote for a Black man to be president". That is the rejection of candidate based souly.. oops, did it again *wink*.. based solely on his race. That is racism. Would anyone care to dispute the fact that there is a racist element of the republican party? As an add-on point,.. in response to the hue and cry of "reverse discrimination!" made by the downtrodden victims of White discrimination in this thread (all republicans I can't help but notice), I pointed out that Whites have not been subjected to systemic discrimination and racism in the country like Blacks have. Affirmative action (in America) was started by JFK in 1961 and served as a precursor to the Civil Rights Act [Executive Order 10925 was signed by President John F. Kennedy requiring government contractors to "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin." It established the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, which later became the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.]. Given the fact that violent racism toward Blacks, discrimination against Blacks, and segregation of Blacks were all an everyday fact of life in America at that time.. and had been for the entire almost-200 year history of America.., I don't think anyone would argue that affirmative action wasn't perfectly appropriate.. and just.. when it was implemented in 1961. Over the last 70 years there have been enormous and wonderful strides forward made with regard to equal opportunities for all races. Case in point: Barack Obama is now in a very realistic position of becoming the first ever African American POTUS in American history. His candidacy represents a success story.. not just for himself, but for America. But along the way.. over those 70 years.. Whites have been stung by Affirmative Action; Whites have missed out on job opportunities on account of affirmative action. That sucks. But in the bigger picture, America has been made better by it... by the lessening of the divide of opportunity based on race. Barack Obama addressed affirmative action in his "More Perfect Union" speech. He acknowledged and validated the resentment and anger that many Whites feel on account of it. And he encouraged his fellow Blacks to also acknowledge and validate it, just as he asked us.. his fellow Whites (his is mixed race afterall, right? *wink*).. to acknowledge and validate the anger and resentment felt by Blacks as a result of the long history of racial violence and oppression that Blacks have experienced in this country. Racial segregation of Blacks ('back of the bus' type shit and 'Colored only/White only' drinking fountains) is not ancient American history; that stuff was alive and well.. was the status quo.. barely over 50 years ago. There are African Americans alive today who lived through it and who are still quite angry and bitter about it *cough*Rev Wright*cough*. "Hang that darky from a tree" does not harken back to some time in ancient American history. Racist lynch mob hate sentiments evoke, for many African Americans, vivid memories of events that transpired in their own lifetimes. Do Whites get stung by affirmative action sometimes? Unfortunately, yes. But you might see how "I didn't get a job because of affirmative action" as a claim of racial victimization pales (pardon the pun) in comparison to the dark (pardon the pun), ugly, hateful racism that is conveyed by sentiments like "hang that darky from a tree" and "I would never vote for as Black man to be president." ..eh? The democratic party believes in "..requiring government contractors to "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin." It established the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, which later became the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the Civil Rights Act of 1964".. and is very enthusiastic about the prospect of electing an African American man to serve as POTUS (and was also enthusiastic about the prospect of electing a woman to serve as POTUS). The democratic party's priority is addressing the needs of working class Americans and the less-fortunate among us; the dem party is based on humanistic values; the dem party is the party of environmental awareness, the protection of civil liberties, and national security. The republican party believes "America is not ready for a Black man to be president" and includes a good number of members who hold the position that "I would never vote for a Black man to be POTUS" and many of whom would (and do) say things like "hang that darky from a tree". The repub party agenda serves the needs of the wealthy at the expense of working class Americans; turns a blind eye to the less-fortunate among us; stomps on civil liberties; and.. under the guise of patriotism.. undermines national security and profiteers from war mongering. The democratic party's values and principles are certainly more in line with my personal values and principles. But I understand that others feel the republican party values and principles are more in line with their personal values and principles. To each, his/her own! Go Obama!!
  13. Yes, of course racism toward Blacks/minorities and racism toward Whites both do exist in America. I have never denied that or suggested otherwise. I merely said that Whites have never been the victims of widespread systemic racism/discrimination in our country whereas Blacks definitely have.. and in many ways still are. And I pointed out that "I would never vote for a White man to POTUS" and "hang that whitey candidate from a tree" are not beliefs held, or expressed, by many Blacks; whereas those kinds of sentiments made by Whites (usually, but not exclusively, republicans) about a Black candidate are not uncommon at all. Heck, republicans in this very thread have suggested over and over again that Obama cannot win because voters in America will not elect a Black man to serve as POTUS. They say this despite the incredible support Obama has garnered by White people all across this country. Republicans who maintain that 'America will not vote for a Black candidate to be POTUS' are merely projecting their own beliefs onto America as a whole; they refuse to recognize that the widespread enthusiasm and support that Barack Obama has garnered all throughout this country is evidence in direct contradiction of their claim. Millions of White Americans iARE willing to vote for a Black man to be POTUS.. and have made it perfectly clear that they do in fact intend to vote for a Black man in this upcoming election. Look.. it's no secret that republicans are going to make race an issue in the general election. They are going to repeat the claim that "America is not ready to elect a Black president" as many times as they can in the hopes that America's dumbed-down population will believe the claim to be true, despite the evidence to the contrary. And of course there are those.. in the republican party.. who really do believe it to be true.. and why?.. because THEY themselves would never vote for a Black man to be POTUS... simply because he's Black. I think its great that we're discussing race. If those of you who dislike Barack Obama would take the time to listen to his *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWe7wTVbLUU* speech, you would hear that he does not dismiss or discount your anger and resentment over racial issues; in fact he validates your anger, resentment, and mistrust. He also acknowledges the basis for Black anger an resentment. Its an issue that does cut both ways; and Obama addresses the issue head-on. Are you (generic sense) willing to set your racial biases (however subtle they may be) aside and give him a chance?.. enough to hear him out on this one topic at least: 'race issues in America'? If you're not willing him to grant him 30 minutes of your time to hear him out on this issue, then you gotta ask yourself why that is. You gotta ask yourself with ruthless self-honesty: is it simply because he's Black that I won't take 30 measly minutes to listen to what he.. a presidential candidate.. has to say about race in America? Do I discount him.. or distrust him.. simply because he's Black? If there's some other reason you wont grant him 30 minutes of your time,.. what is it? Like him or not.. it is undeniably a damn good speech. It's fair; it's balanced; it's thought-provoking; it's honest; and it's certainly quite inspiring.. for all Americans. It's a speech worth watching/listening to. Its a speech that has the potential to start us on the path toward racial healing. That is, afterall, what we all.. well, most of us anyway.. want, isn't it? Racial healing?
  14. I know plenty about the *ADA*, Desperado, and I know for a fact there is NO exclusionary criteria based on race. There is simply no.. such.. criteria. What your lawyer may have meant was that you had no claim under ADA based on disability, but if you were Black she might have been willing to roll the dice playing the race card in trying to file a racial discrimination suit. Who knows? Then again.. maybe "your" lawyer simply outright lied to you. I cant help but wonder: do you think it was wise to hire the company's lawyer to file a suit against the company on your behalf? How much money do you think she saved her boss (the company),.. and how much do you think she bolstered her position within the company's legal department,.. by telling you that you didn't have a case against the company? I bet she got a nice big Christmas bonus from the company that year. Sorry about your OTJ injury and you being replaced, bud. That totally sucks. Blame your former boss who let you go though,.. not "reverse discrimination".
  15. What experience do you have of actually being a victim of racial discrimination in your life? Tell me, Rock,.. what opportunities in life have been denied you because you're White? How often do you go out into your community and feel that you're in the racial minority? How often have you been in the racial minority at the schools you've attended? How often do you go out into your community and feel unsafe from people of other races? How often do you see a cop and fear that you're going be hassled simply because you're White? Do you feel that you are systemically discriminated against in your life? FYI.. figures from the US Census Bureau, year 2000: White persons: Bend, OR: 94.0%; OR: 86.6% African Americans: Bend, OR: 0.3%; OR: 1.6% Hispanic/Latino: Bend, OR: 4.6%; OR: 8.0% 94 out of every 100 people in your community are White. And yet you're complaining about "reverse racism"? Dude.. cry me a Deschutes.
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