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  1. MISSING YOU HERMIT!!! Hoping you and yours have a happy and peaceful holiday season!


  2. thanks for covering for me with drunk while i was off...couldnt have said it better...

  3. Why the secret as to what state you live in? I dont get it. Its not like anyone will know where you live. I live in E Rochester, NY

  4. Thank Buddah you are back!

    I count on you being here!!

    YaY Hermit!



  5. Miss yah, kiddo

  6. I was so glad you returned after that long absence, only to have you snatched away from us. A keen mind, a quick wit, and a sometimes sharp tongue... couldn't ask for more.

  7. May the road rise to meet you, Hermit. Your presence is deeply missed!

  8. Hermit, I dont' know what to say. There's no excuse for your being banned from here. You are sorely missed mate.

  9. This is another UNSOLICITED comment--we need Hermit back! It's disgraceful that a member like you should be banned!

  10. I miss you, my little friend. (sniff)

    This place is really, really different without you, it's a pity you've been forced to leave.

  11. This Board Needs Hermit!!!!

    I don't know what happened, but c'mon.

    We love you Hermit!

  12. MS1

    So it's come to this. If there's any justice, they wont go through with it. You've always been a credit to this site. And in case anyone is reading, this is an UNSOLICITED compliment.

  13. hello there. It amazes me how a tragic thread automatically turns into a humorous and ridiculous rampage. Only here!

  14. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away, and you have their shoes.

    Stay cool and have a bitchin summer!


  15. Hermit

    Welcome Sam!

    hurry up and get that sarcasm thread started, will ya! :P


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