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  1. His Holiness The 17th Karmapa's arrival in the US makes me happy. Young Spiritual Leader Arrives in New York, Ready to Teach and Be Taught May 16, 2008 The 22-year-old living Buddha seemed joyfully aware to feel no jet lag whatsoever. So far. “Maybe tonight,” he said in English on Thursday. “But not yet.” He had just arrived at a Midtown hotel with his security detail after a 14-hour flight from New Delhi to Newark. Ugyen Trinley Dorje, 22, widely admired as an enlightened being, arrived in New York to start an 18-day American tour. “It is the first time I’ve ever visited the United States, and it’s a bit like a dream,” said His Holiness, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje, one of the most important leaders in Tibetan Buddhism. Despite his youth, he is revered by followers as a master teacher, and on Thursday he began his whirlwind tour of the United States, an 18-day visit to New York, New Jersey, Boulder, Colo., and Seattle. Yes, he is that Karmapa: the young master who made headlines across the world at age 14 with his daring escape from China to India across the Himalayas in 1999. His followers regard him not only as the reincarnation of his predecessor, the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, who died in 1981, but also as the 17th incarnation of the first Karmapa in the 12th century, in an unbroken lineage going back 900 years. They revere him as leader of the Kagyu sect — called the black hat or black crown sect — one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. *source: NY Times* Eh Ma Ho!! [How Wondrous!]
  2. Seeing *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKax7euEM5Q* in concert made me happy today. ..so did getting tickets to see * (Al DiMeola, Chick Corea, Lenny White, & Stanley Clarke) on June 8th!
  3. You've seen Robert Fripp smile.. and laugh? No way!! A "warmup gig", eh? Cool! That means a tour is forthcoming. I shall keep my eyes/ears open for ticket announcements! Thanks for the heads up! Adrian Belew is touring with The AB Power Trio right up until July 5th. I guess he'll have a couple of weeks to rest up, and a couple weeks of practice with King Crimson, and then.. off they go!
  4. Sweet! ..and only $25?! Wow! *goes looking for Seattle dates* none yet. [i just bought *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKax7euEM5Q* tickets though. ]
  5. *crossover from other thread as this seem the more proper (original) place for KC discussion* Yeah,.. Discipline is my favorite of the 3 too. If you dig (Three Of A Perfect Pair pun intended ) Discipline as much as I do.. as it seems you do.. then I highly suggest you get 'ConstruKtion Of Light', 'The Power To Believe', and 'Eyes Wide Open' (DVD). Kick-ass King Crimson! Fwiw.. although I like In The Court Of The Crimson King quite abit, and some of the other earlier material.., my KC interest is mostly from Discipline and thereafter (1981 - present). My first experience of KC was the Fripp, Belew, Bruford, and Levin lineup and that's the lineup that's always been the nearest and dearest to my KC heart. Having saisd that, I also really dig the lineup with Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto too. They jam! You can imagine how thrilled I was in 1994 when I saw the "double-trio" lineup of Belew, Fripp, Levin, Gunn, Bruford, and Mastelotto! -->
  6. Yeah, I liked it; it was a lot of fun. There were several times my nieces had to cover their eyes cuz they couldn't watch. too cute! After the movie they were all hyped up. ..Good times.
  7. I'm taking my nieces to see *Spiderwick Chronicles* today. I got them the "Field Guide" and the 4 books for Christmas,.. they've been reading them and are real excited for the movie. It should be fun.
  8. I thought it came from this song Adrian Belew - I Am What I Am Friends seen an' unseen...to you that are ridin' along In your automobile...to you that are sitting at you table I greet you with the holy word 'peace'... For with my infinite mind I thinks constructively... And I'm able to draw whatsaever I want into my immediate Surroundin'...for yo' minds are my mind And my mind is yo' mind and I'm sendin' out My mind to you, an' you, an' you... You've got to remain to bein' yourself...you cannot be Nobody else, it ain't no use tryin' bein' no whirlwind An' uh, jumpin' here an' an' playin' checkers with Your own life.. that ain't gonna work, baby... Now repeat these words behind me: 'i am what I am'...now that's all you are... You are what you believe you are...stretch out So many of you all in radioland, you're not stretchin' out... But I want to say one thing to you today...it makes no Differen' who you are, what you're doin', what you're Tryin' to do or want to do, repeat these words 'i am what I am and that's all I am...is what I am'... That's all i, look, that, that's all I am is what I am...and I'm it Make no differen' whether it's in the mornin', The evenin', or in the night time... Hair breakin' out, bald headed...it's the same thing... You are what you believe you are 'cause some of you all are sittin' there right now, Amen, an' tell if you had a necktie on yo', on now, right now, A whirlwind would come along an' choke you to death, That's how bad luck some of you all in... Some of you all in such a bad luck right now That you couldn't hit a barn with a baseball bat... Some of you all in such a bad luck right now, amen, If you was to sit down by-a-by-men, by a pond, amen, Somethin' would come up an' stick ya' You just in that bad a' luck... I am what I am...now repeat this behind me: 'i am what I am and that is all I am and I am it'... Yes, I know what you're sayin'...stretch out...oh, yes...stretch out [aside] Q: What can you tell me about the Prophet Omega who does the spoken word lyrics on "I am what I am?" Adrian Belew: The Prophet Omega grabbed hold of my brain and I wasn't able to get rid of him. He is—or was—a radio evangelist who worked out of his apartment in Nashville. I got ahold of some tapes of his radio show, but haven't been able to locate him or determine the age of the tapes. I think they're about 15-20 years old. I felt his voice was so contagious and charismatic that I thought he should live on in one of my songs. So, I spent a day in the studio dropping my favorite lines carefully in the right place in the music so they would make sense and work rhythmically. I've listed him as a co-author, so in case a couple of hefty guys drop by my place someday, I can say "here's your money." [laughs] stretch out!
  9. I like your grandma's sense of humor, Fuzzy. merkin |ˈmərkən| noun an artificial covering of hair for the pubic area. wikipedia: a pubic wig, originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia to eliminate lice or to disguise the marks of syphilis. There are many different ways of wearing a merkin, although most involve placing the merkin on the vulva or the scrotum. The term is also applied to decorative (typically sequinned) patches commonly sold in sets with nipple tassels or "pasties" and are enjoying new popularity as part of the costume of new burlesque adult entertainment. "Merkin" is also used to refer to a male sex-toy in the humorous novels of Tom Sharpe. Both the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary and The Joy of Sex define the Merkin as an "artificial vagina." to Fuzzy's granny!
  10. and then.. Les Claypool March 14th * But first things first.. BOC.. tonight!!
  11. Reach Down - Chris Cornell
  12. and then.. The Adrian Belew Power Trio February 19th *http://youtube.com/watch?v=5qsqDl8_nQQ* fyi for Adrian Belew fans in the US.. 02/19/08 The Triple Door Seattle, WA 02/20/08 Aladdin Theater Portland, OR 02/22/08 The Crystal Bay Club Casino Crystal Bay, NV 02/23/08 Slim's San Francisco, CA 02/24/08 The Coach House San Juan Cap., CA 02/26/08 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA 02/28/08 Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ 02/29/08 Santa Fe Brewing Company Santa Fe, NM 03/01/08 Belly Up Aspen, CO 03/02/08 The Fox Theatre And Cafe Boulder, CO 03/04/08 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI 03/05/08 Martyr's Chicago, IL 03/06/08 The Magic Bag Ferndale, MI 03/07/08 Beachland Ballroom & Tavern Cleveland, OH 03/08/08 Tralfamadore Music Hall Buffalo, NY 03/09/08 Center for the Arts Natick, MA 03/11/08 Iron Horse Northampton, MA 03/12/08 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, PA 03/13/08 B.B. King's Blues Club New York, NY 03/14/08 Sunoco Performance Theatre Harrisburg, PA 03/15/08 Jammin' Java Vienna, VA
  13. *looks at clock* holy hell!.. yes, I do need to get to bed! ..an hour ago!! g'nite. [ps.. good eye on the font. its close enough, right? ]
  14. oh yeah, manders?.. well I see your O2 "rehearsal" picture desktop offer and raise you a bar! [the date on your pic should be "December 9, 2007".. shouldn't it? ]
  15. seems someone made the age old mistake of taking Scratch seriously.
  16. Van Halen.. tonight! It was a great show! The band fully delivered!
  17. Hermit

    Welcome Sam!

    hurry up and get that sarcasm thread started, will ya! :P


  18. Why, Baby, Why? - Sir Spammalot
  19. Hiya Hotplant! ...friend! :)

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