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  1. hey, thanks! I poke my head in from time to time but each time I come back I am reminded of why I don't stick around...

  2. yeah, I could care less.

  3. haha, I just now saw your comment. thanks! :D

  4. I'm up too late.... I should go to bed.... I SEE YOU IN TWO DAYS!!!

  5. oh no! I'll have to avoid you for the first month of school, then. eep. You skeer me.

  6. what the hell? LOL.... looks like Becca's had a bit too much Bailey's....

  7. why weren't we there? WHY?! :(

  8. poke. poke. poke. you're doing PChem and I should be writing a paper and I'M NOT. obviously. to be fair, I'm finishing my sactater....

  9. as you should!! He's so wonderful...

  10. yes ma'am, it is! :)

  11. aw, only 40 members away! at least I only have 4s, right? (oh god, that looks like 4s... like 4s orbitals.... I need a life)

  12. because you love some really good music... I've added you as a friend. haha.

  13. hello to my other WS fanatic! :)

  14. I see youuuuuuu!

    Happy Thanksgiving, darlin'!

  15. so, um, your name is a lyric in a soledad brothers song and i want to know if you stole it from them or if i got my hopes up about someone hearing of them for nothing.

  16. Kyna is awesome! :)


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