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  1. i just dug up this corpse to say i saw them live last thursday in LA. they were epic. if you get a chance to catch them on this tour they are still in their prime. The setlist is epic, all the old favs, and helps the new album is pretty frikkin good, and they are playing smallish venues that they are waaayy to good to be playing. http://www.laweekly.com/slideshow/the-darkness-kick-off-their-tour-at-the-fonda-theatre-9310510/45
  2. ooooh yup, thats it! hehehe yeah its bonzos b-day, i heard the plant/crowd singalong. holy ballsface. thats on point. thanks all
  3. This is probably the most succinct explanation. Its been done post zep. The Clash did it. They went from aping the sex pistols in 76 to putting out albums in 79-82 that had more eclecticism than most 40 yr bands have in a career. But the OP probably meant within the safe confines of classic rock sounding or something. Yea its hard. All your influences had been heard already. T-Bone/BGuy -> Hendrix is easier than Vhalen/Hendrix -> anyone now. You dive bomb or tap now and boom we know where that came from. You use a slide in a medieval/metal context, thats probably from Ritchie Blackmore. etc Just refering to sound, and excusing the songwriting aspect. Im generally amazed when people get seduced by the retro bands that get the sound down (the gretafleet, wolfmother types) but cant actually write anything original/great/good/passable/decent/un-crabby.
  4. I recently got a hold of a recently deceased relative's vinyl collection and pretty stoked to find some zep bootlegs in there. not a crazy surprise as he had baddass taste (uriah heep, dpurple, rundgren, early genesis, mahavishnu, sparks, humble pie)..all that great not-overplayed by classic rock radio type of stuff. i only collected zep boots in the digital age so i got some questions for vinyl era peoples! - artsy packaging is practically non-existent, blank sleeves with maybe a label stamped written or typed/ glued on. in some cases its just a basic center label on the record that tells whats on it. good luck knowing the actual date of the gig. are these just janky boots, knockoff boots, or actually kinda what you'd expect at the time? - this version of blueberry hill 70 i have is way under-speed to my ears. were weird speed variations just expected with bootlegs? - the art of not effing up the inner-sleeve paper when putting back records will be mastered by me ?? anyways what i think i have are [after trying to figure out what disc went with what sleeve] blueberry hill 70 mudslide 70 ...something from 73 usa tour. not sure what this one is. listen to this eddie 77 so yea 'common' stuff, but its cool have the real deals from way back when.
  5. wildwest-style lz.com were the days. good times! I get nostalgic and come by occasionally. and those times i guess my password right, actually post.
  6. yea! these are my go-to's at home. if they have any flaws at all, its that the padding flakes off with moderate use. sony g45's are my outdoor ones. over the ear,/behind neck and feel like youre wearing nothing.
  7. Holy dogface, 2003 is a long effing time ago. hell...2011 is a long effing time ago. yep i quote-boxed myself. Why am i here? cause this band greta van fleet has a dude that sounds like robert plant and i thought, hey didnt wolfmother already do this?
  8. im gonna hit up the LA show in april. it would be epic if glenn showed since he did for the new york area shows. even if he dosent, its still gonna be kickass....i mean cmon, they're playing saints in hell, didnt know rob still had it in him.
  9. Ha. Back when I was getting hardcore into older music I asked my dad (who pretty much saw everyone who was great from '68-'78) about them and he said "they sucked". Years later when I finally got into them*, and I slipped some of their tunes in his mp3 player and he told me he liked the stuff...and he asked who are they? I told him it was maiden and priest, and I was like WTHell, you said you didn't like them years ago? He says "like them? I never heard them! i thought they were a religious band and a chick band! *thanks to metallica covering bits of their tunes (i was collecting their live bootlegs). hilariously, it was dad who converted me to metallica (took the dive cause he liked the 'Justice' album cover)!
  10. Still an Angels fan? meh. for some reason ive been in lakers mode for 2 years. the bad news is they crapped out. the good news is they might bring dunleavy back. that means we can get elden, sedale threatt and terry teagle back also!

  11. Holy ballsacks, the last time i posted here Obama was some obscure senator and the Lakers hadnt gone back to back. You are all creepy strangers to me. why am i here? to grab my avatar cause i get lost in this new fangled backend user settings crap and cant find it. Back in 2003, all i had to do was walk 10 miles in the snow to find my avatar on here.
  12. I ignored 2 years of HS Spanish and then went with ENG1B Lit and Composition... ...just so I could stare blankly to comments such as these. Thus, I am truly a gaijin.
  13. I'd be lying if I said no.........so, no. ..so whatthe hell are you saing no to...isometric mudpuddles or floating chicken mcnuggets?
  14. Rent reduction for not adding any new nail holes to the premises! I'd feel sorry for the Jazz.....but not as long as their name is 'the jazz', while their logo is a freaking mountain.
  15. Bad picture.... good Laker solidarity.
  16. I know I'm threadshitting at this point, but another board had this...totally cosmic timing: straight dope bbs
  17. Their keyboard tones sounded like ass, the lyrics were blargh, and the drummer was too fill-happy. Other than that, they were pretty rockin!!
  18. Echo & The Bunnymen - Show of Strength stupid name, great band
  19. Opeth is awesome band. Unfortunately the cookiemonster singer fucks up the music. There needs to be a formal term for this singing issue.....maybe 'The Corgan/Mustaine Syndrome'.
  20. They invented the term 'best song with the worst solo ever'. ...or I invented it, and they inspired it. yea.
  21. It was the media that broke the story and rode it. Thats their nature. Strange you'd absolve the media of furorcism when they created and sustained the furorosity. Every press conference on the 66 tour they elicited an obligatory 'john semi-apology'. Heh? The plan was to play the Get Back stuff live and record that one performance as the album; they would not have made it a tour setlist. Never mind that it would be ridiculous to tour live with a setlist identical to a new live album, or that bands virtually never tour with only new material, but that the Beatles wouldn't tour playing stuff from the best career discography of all time would never happen. The BBC asked them to represent Britain and they delivered. If it was a shit song, then you could say they were overrated. Of course they weren't because they delivered. As for hippiedom, I didnt say they invented flower power....it was you said "others shot past them as far as relevance by '67". Well...apparently not, since you seem to indicate they were hippie bandwagoners....in '67(!). I dont have any solo albums for either Zep or the Beatles...a smattering of mp3s does me fine. McCartneys album sold big because he basically broke up the band with/for it. The self-interview and such. I think Pepper is the weakest of the post Rubber Soul era...so...no argument here. Pink Floyd wasn't rolling in dough and 'Piper' is comparable. Beach Boys too. What most bands didn't have was George Martin. What credit did the media give to them that they didn't deserve? That Apple Corps was a well run business ? I were Lennon at that point, had done practically everything and everyone, conquered my chosen field, was rich for life, all before turning 30, and I'd probably chill out and go freaky from 70-75 too.
  22. ok...I must now lay down the whoopass. The beatles werent overrated in '67. The magical mystery tour film bombed in Britain and the bigger than jesus comment didnt go over well in the US. As for the live element.....whatthefuckingfuck? Ed Sullivan and the rooftop gig are so obscenely seminal, you must have taken them for granted. I suppose you meant LA forum or boston garden bootleg like shit. ANyone who has beatle boots knows you can't hear a damn thing cause of the chicks. Marshall stacks were coming in just as they stopped touring. Thats not their fault. Relevance in '67? They were part of the 1st ever live satellite hookup, the 'all you need is love' event......and since that summer is called the 'summer of love'......yeah, yer right, no relevance there. Yea I'm not an expert on the stones, but I dont know that theres a consensus of what a "modern live rock show is". They were breaking up and playing on a freezing roof....still... the rooftop gig is great. If they had Marshalls and played their latter day material with more a more mature/non screaming audience they would have owned, no doubt about it. Yeah, lets base the validity of zeppelin with death wish 2 or the Firm ....I dont see the relevance here. More solo shittalkin. Successful solo careers after huge bands are rare, thats like a universal constant. The Beatles definitely win over zep in this category anyway. 'Imagine' alone is worth more than most artists' entire discography. indeed, good sir.
  23. holy fock, where'd this come from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBSnwi94ANQ
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