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  1. I know it's a long shot, but if there are any keyboard players in the area interested in a fun gig, have a listen and contact me through the site if interested: http://www.shadowcircusmusic.com
  2. ELP fans should take a listen to the excerpt from The Seduction of Harold Lauder"...one of the sickest Hammond solos I've heard in a long time! Too bad it looks like I missed the pre-sale for the new CD at $9.99... :-( but $11.99 is still pretty cheap...
  3. Transatlantic - "The Whirlwind"...a fantastic comeback from a fantastic band....
  4. With all the recent discussion about ELP, I thought some of you might be interested in checking out this group: http://www.shadowcircusmusic.com/audio Of particular interest to Zeppelin fans would be the clip "The Horsemen Ride", which has a nice open-tuning Black Mountainside kind of vibe to it...other tunes like The Seduction of Harold Lauder have great keyboards, very reminiscent of ELP, Jethro Tull, Yes, etc...definitely a band with some good 70's influences...
  5. Thanks for the welcome! I had joined long ago but can't remember why I didn't post - I think I might have had to reinstall Windows and lost my bookmarks...
  6. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned him already (sorry I'm coming to this thread as it's alreday 8 pages long), but how about Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes? I thought their live album with Jimmy Page was the best live vocals that had ever been recorded on Led Zeppelin material...
  7. "Hey, is someone flame-broiling 100% US Grade A ground beef?" "No - that's my cologne" http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/28284679?GT1=43001
  8. Every bit of outpouring of praise here is so well-deserved. Thanks Jason, for making this reunion possible...John B. lives on in spirit.
  9. xanadude


    Hi All! John Fontana here, 39, from Wallington NJ. Huge LZ fan since 8 years old. Never got to see LZ play in their heyday, but I did get to see The Firm once, and RP several times. I have a very 70's-sounding progressive rock band called Shadow Circus, but I don't want my first post to look like spam, so Google the name for more info, or I'll chat about the band in an appropriate thread after a while...Suffice it to say that Jimmy Page is one of my greatest influences as a guitarist, and John Paul Jones one of the most inspiring keyboardists to me. Nice to be among LZ fans, as I've lost patience with the naysayers who hang around Blabbermouth...This reunion is the single most exciting musical event I have lived through, although I was not fortunate enough to attend...
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