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  1. Well I saw them here in May-ish? And on their 30th anniversary tour 2 years before that at he same place (Tampa). Before that I saw the Counterparts tour in Orlando - not sure of the year - been a while. And the Grace Under Pressure tour 20something years ago. I think they tour pretty steady. I just read that they are gonna tour again in 2008 due to the success of the Snakes and Arrows tour.
  2. I bought Obituary's Xecutioner's Return form my birthday last week. Good old fashioned Florida Death Metal.
  3. I am slowly getting into Devin's older solo stuff. Ziltoid has the funny (it's funny to me anyway) and it was the first solo DT I heard so I think I have a whole lotta awesome to discover yet. I think Chuck will forgive you since you did eventually remember (lol). I think I left out Pestilence and Terrorizer too - I hope Jesse will forgive me...
  4. I live in Orlando, FL - I hope you are right. I can't imagine they plan a World tour with only 2 US dates. Plus I just found out that King Diamond has a herniated disc so his 2008 tour is cancelled which crushes me. I can't even describe how disappointed that makes me.
  5. Saw them in Tampa this tour and last tour and a few times before that. Probably my second favorite band after Zep. There just aren't enough superlatives to describe Rush so I'll just leave it at I love them. From beginning to end. Their album of covers, Feedback, was pretty hip too.
  6. I love death metal, a bit of black metal, tons of thrash metal and lots of grind, gore and goregrind and, of course, most old school heavy metal. Among my favorite bands are; Morbid Angel, Carcass, Napalm Death, Death, Deicide, Bathory, Atheist, Kreator, Exodus, Pungent Stench, Prong, Voivod, Nocturnus, Entombed, King Diamond (his 2008 USA tour has been cancelled and that hurts me way more than it probably should). Some other bands I either just now got around to loving or are newer: Mekong Delta, Orange Goblin, Anaal Nathrakh, Ackercocke, Autopsy, Wormed, Insect Warfare, Gorerotted, Death Breath, Necrophagist, Immortal (and Abbath's side project I), Dying Fetus, Nailshitter, Meshuggah, Aborted, Pig Destroyer, Devin Townsend (The Ziltoid album kills me - I don't know why it took me so long to stumble across Devy), Death By Dawn, Lock Up, and tons more... I like that y'all started a metal thread because when I'm not jamming to Led Zep, this is what I do. Zep was my first and favorite band but they led me to all these other kinds of music.
  7. I believe the most recent CD was the new Foo Fighters. Good CD but I haven't had a chance to really let it soak in yet.
  8. I has a jealousy. I don't think they have announced anything in my part of the world yet. Hoping they do. I am looking forward to King Diamond in March and Exodus/Kreator early 2008 (I know they're coming - can't remember when) And I fully intend to see the Moody Blues in April - I expect that to be brilliant.
  9. Rush always deliver. I have never seen a bad Rush show and I have seen 'em a few times. On a completely unrelated note, this flood control warning message is gonna irritate the crap outta me sooner than later.
  10. Queensryche/Alice Cooper/Heaven and Hell or maybe Megadeth - I can't remember which was last. My first time to see Tony Iommi and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Every time I tried to see Sabbath before something happened to ruin it but this time was the charm. Good sets from QR and AC too. That was also my first time to see MegaDave - and I must say I was well and truly impressed. He may have never achieved the popularity his old band did but he remained more true to his music and art.
  11. LeeMcC

    The pub

    Damn! Geddy ain't going thirsty anytime soon. I'm jealous of you Brits who can get Hobgoblin on tap. But at least I have reasonably priced access to Guinness.
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