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  1. Onto Harper as well, I hope. ...I wonder why this picture always has that 1/2 cropped out. Makes me sad, it does. Bigger scans from the Mail:
  2. Queen of the Highway (The Doors)
  3. High in a Room (The Smoke)
  4. Robert Plant Jim Morrison Joe Cocker John Lennon Eric Burdon Van Morrison Maddy Prior Sandy Denny Janis Joplin Grace Slick Least? Geddy Lee and Ann Wilson spring to mind.
  5. I have spent far too much time not having seen that picture.
  6. 905

    Roberts Jeans

    It was on the cover of a bootleg from 7 March 1970, in Montreux. There's a possibility that that's wrong, but I've seen other pictures of him in that shirt that all say they're from the same time/place.
  7. 905

    Roberts Jeans

    This is one of those threads that sort of makes me hope Robert doesn't get curious about the forum, haha. That being said however, definitely time for more "jeans"!
  8. 905

    Roberts Jeans

    ...clearly only for the ornate stitching, hmm? Well, I'm never one to ignore a talent. As a side note: I'm quite glad tinypic scrambles the file names, .
  9. Thanks for all of those great scans, Otto! I'm pitifully lacking in Jonesy pictures. That one is miraculously sexy. I see my favourite picture of him hasn't been posted yet! Well, must get to remedying that:
  10. Send a Picture of Mother (Johnny Cash)
  11. The Obvious Child (Paul Simon)
  12. (I really, really like this one.) And I'm sure you've seen these, but these particular versions are gigantic.
  13. These are all taken by Ron Pownall:
  14. Oh, I love that more recent one to death. He's just gorgeous there; very dignified. I'm also not averse to the one of him with Harper, . In case you've not got this, another of him in drag, only this time with Richard Cole: Lovely arms, I must say.
  15. Can I just say I love Redferns? (Graham Wiltshire) (John Lynn Kirk) (David Warner Ellis)
  16. Found in my Photobucket, de-watermarked by me, and all photographed by Michael Ochs:
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