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  1. Hiya hope you are well and enjoy the site

  2. A very, very, very funny man.Also a very underrated actor. RIP Norman
  3. Bonham rocks with Bonamassa and BCC in NYC ahead of Led Zeppelin Experience Fresh off a brief break from a grueling world tour and recording his next album in Santorini, Greece, Joe Bonamassa was in New York City last week rehearsing with Black Country Communion. The band (Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian) also found the time to stop by the Sirius-XM studios to share stories and tracks from their upcoming album on Eddie Trunk’s Boneyard show. Getting all four rock superstars in the same room at the same time is no easy feat, particularly with Jason Bonham gearin
  4. Wonderful stuff Sam, thanks for these. :D :D
  5. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics., they are ab fab.
  6. Great news.Good luck to them for the future
  7. GOOD EVENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Welcome and enjoy yourself :)
  8. The interview will be available on BBC iplayer and is usually around for a week or so after. :)
  9. Well said, I hope it's not just a ploy to force the Tories to accept PR or something.Good to see Brown going though!!!!!!!!
  10. Spain or Italy to win it outright. England to make it to the semis's and go out on penalties(again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). At least one team will be a surprise package and I think it might be Ivory Coast.Hope you enjoy it mate and the US should qualify for the second round at least.
  11. Don't know if this has been posted elsewhere,if so apologies but this is a nice interview with Robert and John
  12. "I honestly consider Jimmy Page to be a modern day "Bach" or "Beethoven". That is, Music that will played and enjoyed for generations to come... " I think many years from now this quote will be true.But at the moment Jimmy is still (hopefully) a productive musician and will be for many years.I do agree that he is up there with the best of those who are still around, and has very few peers.
  13. Breaking News Led Zep track 'favourite rock song' 51 mins ago Press Assoc. It is supposedly banned in some guitar shops and has become the stuff of cliche, but Led Zeppelin track Stairway To Heaven has been named the UK's favourite rock song. The song, first released in 1971, was one of three Led Zep tracks which made the top 10 in a poll by digital station Absolute Classic Rock. The Who were named runners-up with Won't Get Fooled Again, with their track Baba O'Reilly also notching up sixth position. Stairway To Heaven started life when the band's Jimmy Page a
  14. The films are good, but you should read the books and let your own imagination paint the pictures for you.Nothing can compare to your own imagination when Tolkien paints a scene for you.Not an easy read but well worth it.
  15. Saturday 03/04 22.00 GMT BBC Radio 2.Johnny Walker hosts a special to be played on Saturday at the BBC of Paul and Bad Company in concert, should be good. Here is a link to An interview with Paul and Simon Mayo all about the gig. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rs6yc#p007452b Enjoy :D
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