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  1. AMEN AND THANK YOU!!! I was out so I missed Jimmy's induction speech but I got home in time to watch him perform with Beck and he looked and sounded great to me. He seemed so happy to be there for a friend! Unfortunately I tanked out and missed the jam so thanks to those who posted youtube links. The jam was wonderful....very rare that you would ever see all that talent on one stage so I'd say sit back, enjoy and stop nitpicking!!! ...
  2. So Jimmy's appearance has been confirmed? If so, that's wonderful news. I believe I get the FUSE channel through my cable provider so I will definitely try to catch it.
  3. Have you read it yet? What does it say? Sounds fascinating...I'll keep my eyes open for this issue. Thanks for the 411.
  4. Never. My thing is...until or unless the band or their reps make an official announcement, take these stories w/a grain of salt.
  5. I see a concoction of speculation and rumors....nothing substantive to make me believe there is anything in the works at this point.....
  6. I'm not surprised the rumors are surfacing again considering the latest interviews.....I think I'll just wait until or if ever, Robert, JPJ and Jimmy make an official annoucement either in person or through their authorized reps.
  7. I've never seen the MTV unplugged episode but I did buy the album and I have to agree....it's one of the best acoustic cds I've heard in awhile. I put a bunch of songs from this unplugged on my ipod....
  8. Alison Krause/Robert Plant...not sure which show I'll be attending but that's my next concert.
  9. You are one of the nicest, kindest and most knowledgeable persons here and it's not the same w/o you.

    I hope you return soon!

    Thank you for being you. :-)

  10. I do too.....and it's about that time again. I'm already uncomfortable from the bloating.
  11. Interesting discussion PageAngel My username is a combo of the intials of my last/middle/first name (in that order) plus I'm a reborn Zep fan!
  12. I recently saw Led Zepagain at the HOB in West Hollywood....awesome as usual! They recreated the O2 show; it was fantastic, awesome, wonderful......for those interested, if they come to your town and recreate this show, definitely check it out. My next show is Heart and hopefully AK/RP (whenever they announce southern california/west coast dates).
  13. Off topic...I love the picture of the dog in your sig. I don't know the sex but it's a cutey!
  14. Great story!!! Robert is so gracious. What a moment to treasure for you!!! Thanks for sharing!
  15. It has a little of everything doesn't it? For A 1000 Mothers is such a great song!!!
  16. I searched for the gold disc of "Living In The Past" on Amazon and the lowest price for this cd is $150!!! That is such a great album however that price is a tad too steep for my budget. I'll keep looking for it...maybe one day I'll find one for a reasonable price.
  17. That's the one I've been looking for......thanks!!!
  18. Here's the article: "LED Zeppelin is ready for a world tour and a Brisbane gig is almost certain to be on the itinerary - but it won't be until early next year at the earliest. The British hard-rock legends put on a two-hour concert last month at London's 02 Arena for 20,000 fans, and speculation has swirled a fully fledged world tour. Guitarist Jimmy Page confirmed plans for a tour were being made but refused to be pinned down to definite plans, saying any tour would depend on front man Robert Plant's busy schedule. Radio reports suggest Brisbane would be on any schedule for an Australian leg of a tour but other confirmation has come from a source much closer to the band. My comment/question: I read the press release and I don't recall Jimmy ever saying or hinting that tour plans were being made. When I took from the press release that after September, there may and I underscore may be discussions only....nothing concrete. biographer and Brisbane-based rock writer Ritchie Yorke said the band wouldn't come all this way and not play Brisbane, where the band played a sellout Festival Hall in 1972. ``They see themselves as a band that brought a lot of change to rock’n’roll and took it to another level after the Beatles", Yorke said. "They didn’t want to mess with that, so that’s what held them back from doing this before." "There’s always been big money for them to get back together but they’ve felt it was just too special a thing to be tossed out again just for money. " ``They’re not going to wait till they’re 66." ``My understanding is Toronto-based promoter Michael Cohl has a $200millon dollar offer on the table and that’s just for North America. And I also heard that Madison Square Garden has been booked for 14 nights.’’ Comment: 14 nights??!! :lol: Sorry, that does not seem believable....certainly not 2 weeks (not that they couldn't do it but......) ``They’ll do Australia because they’re quite fond of Australia but it may not be till later. Every country in the world wants dates and they’ll only do so many, but I reckon they’ll do four or five in Australia and Brisbane will get one.’’ Page has explained that Plant "has a parallel project and he's really busy with that, certainly until September". Page, who is visiting Japan to promote a greatest-hits album, acknowledged that the three surviving members of the iconic 1970s band had laid the groundwork for a world tour. Comment: The London gig came 27 years after the band split up following the death of drummer John Bonham." Good example of how the media takes a story and runs with it...in this case, they sprinted!!!!
  19. There is a Living in the Past DVD???!! I have the Living WITH the Past DVD and that is quite good. I have a music documentary JT VHS. I think it was taped in the '80;s. There are interviews, performances, videos. Ian has this long beard. He didn't look as good as he does now.
  20. How about the tale of major venues being reserved for a concert by a "mega" group this yearl-these venues include Giants Stadium, MSG, Wembly? And what's that old saying about never assuming??
  21. About a hundred perhaps!!! :lol: No matter how many times or ways you say it (NOTHING IS IN THE WORKS AT THIS TIME!!), the tour "it's going to happen" threads just keep popping up. Sometimes, I feel as if my head is going to explode... Do we still have the exploding emoticons anywhere.
  22. I'm a Tull fan too!!! I'm more of a fan of their early music (Stand Up, Benefit, Aqualung) than the later prog music. I liked the material they released in the 90's though it doesn't hold up as well as the old material imho. What I'm looking for is the full CD version of Living In The Past, not the edited version. Is it still in print? I've seen it on Amazon for $$$$. I hope they eventually re-release the full version of the cd. This was my first JT purchase and I went from there.
  23. I liked most of Sting's solo work, specifically his first solo albums. The highpoint of his solo work for me was the "Soul Cages" cd. However it dropped off to me after that album.
  24. Andy's performance really impressed me; he's an excellent guitarist.
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