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  1. I love going to the arclight hollywood though I don't go as often since the Landmark theatre opened in WLA. The movie will be opening at that theater this Friday for those who live on the westside and don't want to travel far. I think it's playing in other theatres locally but not sure. I too was at the screening and I want to see it again before it's released to DVD.
  2. I was perusing RH's diary when I came across the wedding item. He hadn't posted pics at that time and then I saw them here yesterday. Scarlet was a beautiful bride; she is almost the splitting image of Jimmy in the pic w/Ross. And Jimmy looked very distinguished and handsome. I wonder if Jimmy got a tad "misty" when he had to give his baby away. Congrats and best wishes to to the wonderful couple and their families!
  3. Are/were you in the standby line or you have tix? Enjoy!
  4. myledzep

    A big project?

    Great interview; thanks for posting the link. Not only do I plan to see this movie (again), I'm going to get the DVD when it comes out (I'm curious about those extras). And it's nice to hear that Jimmy is working on something; I hope we get glimpses of that project soon.
  5. don't get me wrong...he is tall. I guess my view of someone "tall" = taller than me. :lol:
  6. Just an FYI, there's another screening of the film this afternoon @ the Landmark Theatres in West LA; it starts at 2pm. I'm wonder if cast and crew will be at this screening as well because I saw this in RH's diary entry yesterday: June 21Had a late night last night (and this morning). Started with dinner at XIV, the new trendy eating spot. Outside is a huge hedge cut in the shape of Roman numeral letters. We were looked after, it was fun to go just to watch the room. Afterwards we stopped at Teddy's in Hollywood where Josh, Richmon and Wendell looked after us all night. There was a lot to look at, or ogle. Finished at the Bar at the Sunset Marquis. Fathers Day today - spent it at the pool. The Love Gun Paul Stanley was at the hotel for lunch with his family. Jimmy and I chatted with him and his son Evan. Paul showed me the new Kiss album cover on his iphone and I'm still not saying what it's called, but it's old school Kiss... The Sunset Marquis was swamped with bikini-clad women which made the ogling a father's day treat. Saw my friends Amy and Tim from the band What Would Jesus Drive, who are playing next Friday at Silversun Studios (I think that's right) in Downtown LA - go and see them. Off home tonight on the last flight to London. Again, I emphasize that I'm not sure if it means they'll be there. But if any locals are interested in catching another screening of the film, head over to the landmark. Advanced tix are sold out however there may be line for standby tix.
  7. Jimmy didn't seem that tall to me...I'm tall (5'11.5) but then again I was sitting so.....
  8. Hi Staci and welcome, so glad to have you here and I'm looking forward to your interviews/photos/blogs. I was at the screening Friday night and I enjoyed it. I thought it was well organized and the Q&A at the beginning and especially the end w/the 2 stars of the film and the filmmakers was icing on the cake. I wished the Edge was there. I'm not a big U2 fan but he really impressed me.
  9. Great report Moonmaid and excellent photo!!! . I was also at this screening. I arrived in Westwood around 5:40pm (I'm glad I left early; rush hour traffic was bumper to bumper coming from the beach). No hassle or line to pick up my tix @ will call then I waited in line for about 20-25 minutes before they let ticketholders in. I had enough time to go to the restroom then look for a seat. It was packed; I found a seat on the right hand side, second row, nearest to the wall. A few minutes after I got settled, I heard all the commotion, etc. then noticed a bunch of people hanging around the reserved seating. I got a glimpse of Jimmy for a second then lost view because he was surrounded by fans, media, friends, bodyguards but I did manage to catch him take his seat with his BMF RH. . Davis Guggenheim said a few words before the screening then the film started. After the film ended and standing ovation, Davis Guggenheim, Jimmy, Jack White (who I didn't realize was there), and the rest of the film makers came to the front of the stage. I was literally feet away from Jimmy & Co. Jimmy looked in our direction and smiled. I wished I had given a "thumbs up" at that point. LOL!! Jimmy looked great; he was tanned (as if he just returned from holiday). The moderator asked a few questions then they had to leave. Jimmy & Co. walked right past me. The film was very good and I want to see it again when it opens in theaters. Jimmy was great of course and Jack White is an interesting, talented musician but I really came away from the film impressed with the Edge. I also want to applaud the LA Film fest; this whole screening was very organized and moved somewhat smoothly. Overall, a great night and a chance to see one of my favorite guitarist up close and personal!!
  10. myledzep

    JP in LA last night

    Actually going to the screening is making me feel much better. You were smart to get your tix ahead of time. That's the reason I'm leaving work early today. I came in early so I get to leave early. Enjoy!
  11. myledzep

    JP in LA last night

    If you bought your tickets in advance (will call), it shouldn't be a problem. I have a friend who decided to go at the last minute but was uable to buy tix in advance. He's going to try and get standby tix. They advised those individuals to line up one hour prior to the film start. My tix are at will call; wished I had picked them up earlier this week. I'm sure there will be a line for ticket holders as well.
  12. myledzep

    JP in LA last night

    Though I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I'll be there tonight! Thought I doubt I'll see Mr. Page and his warty companion. I work in SM so I'm leaving work early as well (around 4). Traffic can be a bear in LA around rush hour.
  13. myledzep

    New photos.

    Forgive my confusion....is Jimmy going to be at the LA Film Fest screening of the documentary Friday?
  14. If you live in LA or in the LA area, you can see it in about two weeks. Here's the info.: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?showtopic=10882
  15. FYI southern california fans and others, the documentary "It Might get Loud" will be screened at the LA Film Fest in June. It will be shown the following dates: Friday, 6/19/2009 7pm Mann Festival theatre in Westwood Monday, 6/22/09 2pm Landmark Theatres in West LA Tickets @ Mann Festival are $12 plus $2.50 on call = $14.50 Tickets are on sale now! go to http://www.lafilmfest.com/2009/
  16. myledzep

    New photos.

    Very Sexy Men!!!!
  17. myledzep

    New photos.

    I read this statement on Mr. Halfin's diary...."....and I'm not putting more of the session up so you sad people who run fan sites can steal it..." One Word: WAH!!!!!
  18. I don't come here as often but was intrigued by this bit of news. I shouldn't be surprised but it's interesting how it's assumed/speculated that JPJ's secret project is "Zeppelin related". No problem here.....it's fun to speculate....carry on!
  19. isn't that website (jimmypageonline) basically a fan site and is not associated or connected with Jimmy Page?
  20. AMEN AND THANK YOU!!! I was out so I missed Jimmy's induction speech but I got home in time to watch him perform with Beck and he looked and sounded great to me. He seemed so happy to be there for a friend! Unfortunately I tanked out and missed the jam so thanks to those who posted youtube links. The jam was wonderful....very rare that you would ever see all that talent on one stage so I'd say sit back, enjoy and stop nitpicking!!! ...
  21. Waaaah!!! I can't make it this weekend dangbungit!! But Steve I KNOW you guys will put on a kick-ass show! I hope Jason joins you guys on stage.....can't wait to hear the details, see some pics.....have fun. Anyone who lives in LA and has free time this weekend needs to check out this band....you won't regret it!!!
  22. And from what I see, it won't be too long!
  23. myledzep

    GRAMMY Results

    I'm watching it now.....well, I've been tuning in and out.....have the TV on but with the sound down....waiting for Robert & Alison....hope I didn't miss them.......
  24. Hmm...I thought Ms. Krauss had already had a large following..........my pov....the collaboration was mutually beneficial for both parties!
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