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  1. In the late 70's my first soundboard was Destroyer 27/4/77 ....and I was SO disappointed. I already had the audience Destroyer of the next night 28/4/77 and the difference stunned me. To this day I would much rather have a decent audience recording than any soundboard. As Jimmy said himself about Zeppelin...."above all else an ambient band " In my opinion soundboards had an inflated reputation for many years when it came to Zep....( and a lot of people confuse sound board with multi track ) and my go to was Destroyer 28/4/77 and the Millard LA shows. The 1980 original soundboards just confirmed my belief. Having said that, I am old school and confess I have lost track of all the stuff that can be done now with new technology, Matrixes, new sources, mixing of xources etc....so much out there now.
  2. It was Mick Hinton on the Europe 80 tour. ( per Dave Lewis book "Feather In The Wind --Over Europe 80 )
  3. That dark area above Bonzo's right hand is the pattern on his shirt. ( I can't see a drumstick though the pic may have caught him in the middle of twirling the stick and it is pointing downwards ?? _)
  4. Hammersmith Jeff Beck gig 10th March 1981 ??
  5. The 'undated photo you mention is Jimmy at the Rock Garden in Covent Garden London on 24/11.84. The leather jacket seems to have been a fave of Jimmy's from 82 to 84.....he is wearing it in this pic when I met him in April 82
  6. The stormtrooper 'look' was inspired by Charlotte Rampling as a slave of the Nazi's in the film 'The Night Porter'. Page and Grant were apparently obsessed with her in that film and watched it over and over. (and Jimmy's skeletal appearance on the 77 tour added to the 'look.)
  7. Am well aware of where Rotterdam is but are you ? It is closer to some of the German cities and the US Army bases than they are to each other. eg. .Cologne to Rotterdam is 160 miles. Munich to Bremen is 465 miles. As for the US base in Frankfurt...it is 285 miles from Rotterdam. It's also 246 miles from Munich...not that much difference. Look, I just disagreed that it was stated as "fact" that the "majority" of the attendees on the Euro dates were US Service personnel. You are the one that got worked up about it and have the ;delicate ego'.
  8. Yes, your friend is wrong. The "majority" of the attendance at Frankfurt and Munich were not American service personnel. You are wrong saying it was a "fact" saying the whole tour was in the "majority" attended by American service personnel. I was at Rotterdam...attendance was between 10 and 15,000.....if the majority of that was US army personnel it would have been a whole different atmosphere and gig. If you think over half of that attendance was American service personnel then that is quite a troop movement from the base in Germany and the Russians would have gone to Defcon 1. Joking aside, it only takes a few hundred "hollerin and yee haw" americans to vastly impove the atmosphere at a low key euro gig. Dave Lewis is the best source for this. Have known him personally for over 35 years..he was on the tour with the band. The American personnel thing is acknowledged at Frankfurt and maybe Munich but not the whole tour. .
  9. Sorry, have to disagree with this. It's not a "fact" at all. There were a notable contingent of US service personnel at Frankfurt and maybe Munich but even on those nights they were not the " majority" of the audience. As for the other 10 or so dates it was definitely not the case
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