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  1. Is my eyesight going or did Liam Gallagher greet Jimmy just before Gallagher took to the stage at Reading festival. ? Watch the opening minute of the You tube video.
  2. He wasn't involved in the Band Aid single. Geldof only contacted Plant when it came to Live Aid. So I would say it's either Princes Trust 1982 concert or Freddie Mercury tribute concert much later.
  3. perhaps it is the Princes Trust 1982 concert you are referring to ?
  4. For me...any awkwardness here is due to the restrictive elements of miming on a TV show. Something he was not used to. They all break into smiles when Rob misses his "ohhh" at 1.11. I do not think at all it has anything to do with Page not being there. I saw a few Honeydrippers live shows in 1981 and Plant was as confident as ever. Plant has never suffered from stage fright...that was more Jimmy's problem.
  5. I think that is Richard Cole in the middle.
  6. Here you go Steve. This one I took of the other Steve Jones in Vegas May 95.
  7. They had the promo clip showing on the giant screen on the huge MGM sign outside the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas for the days leading up to the gig complete with voiceover giving date of the gig etc.
  8. I'm fortunate. I've met Robert and Jimmy many many times over the years . JPJ only twice. Never met Bonzo.
  9. The bar in this video is a studio built set according to a band member reply to a You Tube comment.
  10. yes, Page. Plant, Jones and others are Company Directors of Mythgem
  11. In the late 70's my first soundboard was Destroyer 27/4/77 ....and I was SO disappointed. I already had the audience Destroyer of the next night 28/4/77 and the difference stunned me. To this day I would much rather have a decent audience recording than any soundboard. As Jimmy said himself about Zeppelin...."above all else an ambient band " In my opinion soundboards had an inflated reputation for many years when it came to Zep....( and a lot of people confuse sound board with multi track ) and my go to was Destroyer 28/4/77 and the Millard LA shows. The 1980 original soundboards just confirmed my belief. Having said that, I am old school and confess I have lost track of all the stuff that can be done now with new technology, Matrixes, new sources, mixing of xources etc....so much out there now.
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