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  1. Just more roommate stuff I have to contend with, and plus my current apartment lease is over at the end of the month and I have to move again. It seems to be a common thing here but I'm so tired of it- the continual moving. More importantly, I have no idea where I'm going to move to next month... I thought I knew earlier this week, but today everything changed again. It's so draining! Hey, I know it's late by you- have a good night & I'll talk to you later! It's only 12:20 here, so still early!!
  2. Excellent! I'm still fighting with L.A... I'm fighting all the time.
  3. Yes, he would! You want to patent the idea? Hurry now! I want one... Well, that's just a bad picture of Hillary. Any politician could be presented here as a "weird animal", Dubya is a prime example of that. I probably won't be voting for Hillary, I'm scoping things out and I'm definitely team Obama. But this anti-Hillary crap drives me nuts... I find it *often* (operative word here) to be nothing more than thinly-veiled sexism, and it stinks like lutefisk. My dad is one of the worst offenders- always sending me anti-Hillary diatribes about how she looks, how "emotional" she is,
  4. Good for you Sarah. I bet you have lots to write about! Did your Jimmy poem ever make it into that special gift book for Jimmy? My random fact: I'm de-lurking myself. I'm undergoing the process of de-lurkification and it's a bit awkward for me... hand me a life preserver!
  5. Ahahaha... wonderful thread! I love this creature, I never knew such a neat, strange-looking being existed. Here is a video of a tarsier, perhaps not as obscure as some of these critters, but delightful anyhow.
  6. Betsie


    He's just great isn't he? Love it! And Good ole Joney on the bouncy ball! Thanks Kneb for the wonderful scans! Also to desirezep for relaying the info- much appreciated!
  7. Betsie

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Yes, they're nicey-nice aren't they? I think my favorite new Jimmy picture is the one that Kneb scanned from the Daily Mail- where Jimmy is all geeked & chic with glee! Do you know the one I speak of? It's delightful!
  8. Betsie

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Hi everyone! Many great photos in here! I used to post in the old forum under the name Poopoonecka- it's nice to be here. It's also nice to be posting under a poopoo-free moniker, might I add. I have many images of Jimmy and the boys that I've scanned or have cleaned watermarks from, and I might as well post them here... they're just languishing in my photobucket. Here's some truly wonderful photos from musicpictures- de-watermarked. Jimmy goodness!
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