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  1. Just more roommate stuff I have to contend with, and plus my current apartment lease is over at the end of the month and I have to move again. It seems to be a common thing here but I'm so tired of it- the continual moving. More importantly, I have no idea where I'm going to move to next month... I thought I knew earlier this week, but today everything changed again. It's so draining! Hey, I know it's late by you- have a good night & I'll talk to you later! It's only 12:20 here, so still early!!
  2. Excellent! I'm still fighting with L.A... I'm fighting all the time.
  3. Good for you Sarah. I bet you have lots to write about! Did your Jimmy poem ever make it into that special gift book for Jimmy? My random fact: I'm de-lurking myself. I'm undergoing the process of de-lurkification and it's a bit awkward for me... hand me a life preserver!
  4. Betsie

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Yes, they're nicey-nice aren't they? I think my favorite new Jimmy picture is the one that Kneb scanned from the Daily Mail- where Jimmy is all geeked & chic with glee! Do you know the one I speak of? It's delightful!
  5. Betsie

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Hi everyone! Many great photos in here! I used to post in the old forum under the name Poopoonecka- it's nice to be here. It's also nice to be posting under a poopoo-free moniker, might I add. I have many images of Jimmy and the boys that I've scanned or have cleaned watermarks from, and I might as well post them here... they're just languishing in my photobucket. Here's some truly wonderful photos from musicpictures- de-watermarked. Jimmy goodness!
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