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  1. was jamming to NFBM this morning and notes turned into this this xmas song so i recorded it to send out a holiday wish to you all http://www.geocities.com/mrjams/WWYAMC.mp3 Peace Mj
  2. yesterday i thought it was a diff boot than slowburns,, i take that back, now i think that its his after hearing the whole show. The radio must have had a mic on when they did the level check during TSRTS yesterday. man how awesome is that Big Kudos to slowburn and the folks @ wysp i recorded the whole thing and maybe 2 or 3 1/2 second drop outs during the whole stream. =]
  3. right on,,i was just answering qestion of what boot it was. Not dissin any one particular recording,, Im happy to have any,, my only goal is to close in on the sound that came off the stage. After 25 yrs as a taper its nice to have the tools to tweak the music
  4. hey all,, this is not a doctor of the slowburn boot,, there was a mic check in TSRTS that wasnt in the boot from last tuesday. I spent several hrs last week tweaking the 1st boot w/sonar home studio, added some compression/limiting and some eq and it sounds better. But this radio is playing a boot with much better midrange (vox & guitar) while the 1st boot has more bass & drum "presence". So hopefully after i get all the radio recorded i can sync the 2 and make a good mix ,,we will see. =] in the meantime enjoy the ride Mj
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