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  1. Sorry you were banned Spats. That's really unfair :(.

  2. Why were you banned bro?

    What the hell happened?

  3. Spats you are the KING OF ALL TROLLS.

    I salute you for what you do and the masterfull way that you do it.

    I'm not worthy--


  4. I saw The Proposal (was talked into that one) and Transformers. Both were bad. The only good thing about Transformers was Megan Fox.
  5. I didn't have a great weekend. Just another weekend at harbourfront by myself pigging out in the food tent.
  6. spats

    Oh CANADA!

    Here in Toronto we have a garbage strike going on. There is garbage everywhere, This city is a joke.
  7. He wasn't. He was talking about the dating world.
  8. Over the weekend i went to the harbourfront centre with some friends. They met a couple women there and i was the odd man out so i had to go eat perogies and sour cream all by myself. The perogies were good. But still...
  9. welcome to your 285th view

  10. :rolleyes: I just acted differently than i normally do and i got USED. I thought the girl liked me THAT way and she didn't. I fell for it like a damn fool. She got what she wanted and i got nothing. And i just feel ashamed of myself. I betrayed myself.
  11. Yes you are right it does sound funny. :lol:
  12. My Mothers side - English My Father's side - Irish. I was born in Canada though.
  13. I compromised one of my principals and got fooled by someone i met when i was out with some friends. I guess i shouldn't be mad at her because i guess that's her nature. But i am very angry with myself for letting my guard down. I don't usually do it. I protect myself very well and one of the rare times i let it down i get screwed over. I am disapppointed in myself and it reaffirms my belief in some things. I have made fun of other guys for falling for it and i turn around and do it myself.
  14. I never see women better looking than Megan Fox or Sienna Miller or Eva Mendes walking down the street up here.
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