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  1. It makes me happy to do it to. The squirrels and chipmunks come running up to you. It's very cute. I can't say anything negative about animals. They are wonders of nature and should be taken care of and protected.
  2. I saw The Proposal (was talked into that one) and Transformers. Both were bad. The only good thing about Transformers was Megan Fox.
  3. Whenever i go out for walks or down to Harbourfront or to the movies, etc, i bring along peanuts, etc and feed the birds and squirrels that i pass or come across.
  4. I didn't have a great weekend. Just another weekend at harbourfront by myself pigging out in the food tent.
  5. spats

    Oh CANADA!

    Here in Toronto we have a garbage strike going on. There is garbage everywhere, This city is a joke.
  6. He wasn't. He was talking about the dating world.
  7. Over the weekend i went to the harbourfront centre with some friends. They met a couple women there and i was the odd man out so i had to go eat perogies and sour cream all by myself. The perogies were good. But still...
  8. :rolleyes: I just acted differently than i normally do and i got USED. I thought the girl liked me THAT way and she didn't. I fell for it like a damn fool. She got what she wanted and i got nothing. And i just feel ashamed of myself. I betrayed myself.
  9. Yes you are right it does sound funny. :lol:
  10. My Mothers side - English My Father's side - Irish. I was born in Canada though.
  11. I compromised one of my principals and got fooled by someone i met when i was out with some friends. I guess i shouldn't be mad at her because i guess that's her nature. But i am very angry with myself for letting my guard down. I don't usually do it. I protect myself very well and one of the rare times i let it down i get screwed over. I am disapppointed in myself and it reaffirms my belief in some things. I have made fun of other guys for falling for it and i turn around and do it myself.
  12. I never see women better looking than Megan Fox or Sienna Miller or Eva Mendes walking down the street up here.
  13. Cool women are not into "The Dance" as you call it. I don't want a woman who is. So i am not missing out on anything great there. No one should advocate game playing.
  14. The Jays got blown out 10-0 to the Phillies today. The Jays really know how to lose ugly.
  15. I wasn't calling him that myself. I was saying that's how he has been viewed for a few years now. He has been one of the most joked about stars ever through his actions. before his death you would be hard pressed to find good things said about him. I am not making this up.
  16. I am not disrespecting him. I am just stating how public opinion has been ever since the allegations started. I am allowed my opinion on it.
  17. Dude, in recent years he was not the most beloved living entertainer on the planet. Back in his prime but not in recent years.
  18. I am going to see the Jays-Phillies game tonight.
  19. The fact that it's really humid out.
  20. We are in the middle of a huge thunderstorm. It's really dark out and pouring down. It's a refreshing break from the heatwave we have been in.
  21. On August 12 1969 at the first show Elvis performed... Blue Suede Shoes I Got A Woman All Shook Up Love Me Tender Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel Heartbreak Hotel Hound Dog Memories Mystery Train/Tiger Man (Elvis tells how he started in show business) Baby What You Want Me To Do Runaway Are You Lonesome Tonight? Yesterday/Hey Jude -Band Intros- In The Ghetto Suspicious Minds What Did I Say Can't Help Falling in Love And he wore a Black Oufit that night. But the stage outfits he wore in 69 were mostly black and occasionally white.I don't know the setlist for the second show that day.
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