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  1. Hmmmm...well I seem to remember that evening being electric, a concert like no other that I've attended (and I did see Led Zeppelin twice in the 70's as well as many others). Simply amazing. Sorry you couldn't be there to witness it first hand yourself
  2. We were at the Bad Co. show as well...hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!! Burning Sky was my favorite of the night...can't wait for the DVD
  3. Bad Company. Amazing!! Hope they decide to do more :-), although it was filmed for dvd release later this year...
  4. Happy Birthday to you, Jason! Thank you for the love that pours out through you while playing the drums - hope you have an amazing birthday!
  5. Wow, great thread!! Lots of memories here. I didn't get to see Led Zeppelin at the Whiskey, but did see T-Rex and Van Halen. My sister was at the Rainbow Room around that time and I remember her seeing Robert Plant (I was just still a bit too young - darn it) Does anyone remember the Corral on Topanga?
  6. Tinkerbell, your words are beautiful. Thank you for posting this.
  7. I really wanted to see Robert and Alison when they play in Santa Barbara - but, unfortunately when they announced the date it didn't mesh with our calendar (we'll be out of the country) :-( Also, Ev has it right in saying what a talent Alison is. We LOVE Sister Rosetta off the new CD. I'm envious of all you that are getting to go to see the two of them (and Ev I hope the Greek works out for you! we'll keep our fingers crossed)
  8. After reading this thread I wasn't sure if weighing in was smart but here goes...We were sitting in the block of seats with "celebs" and I know people have said they looked bored, etc...all of them that we saw seemed to be having a fantastic time - really into it! Now, on the other hand...some of the "fans" that were sitting in the same row as us got so drunk and spent so much time going back and forth to get beer (and spilling it all over the rest of us in the process) that I wonder if they even remember the show. That is shameful! We are true fans and felt extremely lucky to go! Hop
  9. All my stuff came from Belgium as well and we live in California. Sorry, I don't have the packaging any more to forward you the address. ~ T
  10. If they do decide to play more shows (keeping my fingers crossed!) , it most likely will not be set up in the way of the O2 which was a charity event for the Ahmet Ertegun Foundation. That being said, tickets will probably go on sale to the general public through ticketmaster on a first come first serve basis. Hopefully, they will do a few shows as the tickets will probably surface on the secondary market for much, much more then face value with the best seats going to those with the deepest pockets. I do like the idea of keeping the floor general admission as it gives all the fans a real
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