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  1. Happy Birthday Jonesy!!! Sorry I'm a little late... Throughout your life you've made so much people happy with your music and we all respect and love you for that so much...
  2. How can you believe The Sun? They always write absolute crap...
  3. Wow! Just played GH3 today, it's great but I was disappointed no LZ was there... and now we get the cool news! When it's gonna be released?
  4. OMG!!! Medvedev at Zeppelin Forums!))) So cool & funny!) I'm really proud that such a LZ-fan is our president now! And he really has a huge vinyl collection, it was even shown on tv. Btw i'm pretty sure he attended O2 gig. And... there are rumors that sometimes they invite guys from deep purple and other hard rock bands here for closed private shows. But taking into account that Plant turnes down a £100 million tour offer, I don't think a one-off show or anything else is possible here, and no government money can help(( P.S. Inga May, maureen - it's really nice to see u here!!
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