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  1. although perhaps slightly racist, that made me chuckle. now i feel like a bad person. oh well, that's nothing new. anyway, the only zeppelin tribute i've seen is just a local one in oregon that recently broke up called Stairway Denied. They did not try to imitate the look at all. I liked that because to me it seems cheesy and never comes out quite right. Instead they did an excellent job of capturing the intricacies of the studio recordings by adding a second guitarist, combined with the intensity and improvisation from the live stuff. And although the singer's tone was not exactly identica
  2. Try listening to those without looking at the lyrics that they post for you. You will no longer hear much of what is claimed to be there. It is just lyrics played backwards that sound vaguely similar to what they have posted. If you listen while reading the given lyrics it sounds plausible, but if you just listen to it by itself without the predisposition of the suggested lyrics, then it sounds like a song played backward.
  3. Awesome. Go Zeppelin. Almost 30 years after they broke up they top the European charts. Has any other band ever done that? I'm curious.
  4. Whole Lotta Love. The solo is like the best 20 seconds of rock guitar ever. I have no idea how Jimmy managed to get that INSANE tone.
  5. isn't it some kind of magic rune or something? something to do with astrology.
  6. Tom Morello= my 2nd favorite modern guitarist (behind Jack White, slightly ahead of John Frusciante and Derek Trucks) (Of course Page and Hendrix win in the all time category) I'm so glad it seems like Rage is back. I loved Audioslave, but Rage is where the intensity is at.
  7. Am I wrong, or did Meg's mysterious anxiety occur at the same time that sex tape of her surfaced. (I never heard if it was confirmed that was really her or not.)
  8. They are different now. But still amazing. And isn't that what really matters? Had the concert gone poorly it would not have been Led Zeppelin. But it had that air of magic. Of power. Of the greatest band of all time. It was Led Zeppelin that played on Monday.
  9. 18, and they've been my favorite band since I was about 14. And I don't think that will ever change.
  10. you get violently angry when you make the statement that led zeppelin is the greatest band ever and someone disagrees with you.
  11. The news shot of black dog proves that somebody was professionally recording the concert, and because the concert went so well, I think we can rest assured that a DVD will surface at some time or another.
  12. The first band I ever graced with the designation of my favorite band was Queen (I was about 10). Then I heard Led Zeppelin. I have never looked back. These days I enjoy Queen for lighthearted entertainment, not serious musical appeal. Listening to Queen is like watching a cheesy movie like Evil Dead. It is wonderfully entertaining, but when compared to seriously powerful cinema, it is almost laughable. Comparing Queen to Led Zeppelin is like comparing Evil Dead to The Godfather.
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