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  1. You know, Steve, there isn't anything wrong with being a "librarian."
  2. Aren't you charming, Steve? You just ooze charisma and class.
  3. what is this, facebook?

  4. It's natural to fret and worry about that stuff when you're a parent. The thing to remember is that the chances of that happening are very small. I do carry hand sanitizer with me in my backpack, it's probably helped me a lot, haha. Hey, you might get crazy looks, but there's no harm in being careful.
  5. That's not good. I hope she doesn't have it, and that if she does, your child doesn't get it. That would be terrifying. I'm really surprised I haven't caught it, yet, too: half the people on campus have it. Yuck.
  6. Beatles, by a million. Spanish or french?
  7. Coincidental. laptops or desktops?
  8. While my guitar gently weeps - the Beatles
  9. My room is clean(ish) and that's nice. And I'm getting a new laptop, I just have to wait a few days for it to get here. :D :D
  10. Don't worry, I didn't miss a SINGLE episode this season, and I'm still wondering what the hell is going on. I'm so excited for season 6, though, and I'm sad it's the last one. Gah...even with the DVD, February is still a long, long way away... At least Michael Emerson FINALLY won the Emmy this year! :D
  11. I like cantaloupe. I don't know why I hate Coconut, I just do. I'm not a huge fan of pineapple, cauliflower, and tomatoes. Coconuts are the only ones I really, absolutely cannot stand in anything, though.
  12. I'm Mona I'm currently working on getting my BA in Anthropology. When I get my MA, I'll be concentrating either on Archeology or Forensic Anthropology. I've been on this board since I was 15. I'm currently 21. I'm also obsessed with the TV show "Lost" I hate the taste and smell of coconut.
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