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    Art, Architecture, Decorative Arts especially Aesthetic and Arts & Crafts Movement ceramics...PotBound! <br /><br />Culture and Cultural Influences, Travel...when I can...so often I'm PotBound!
  1. Thanks much for this excellent post. Pagey seems more expansive than usual. Love it!
  2. Wish I could turn back the clock exactly 1 year, right now - we'd all be in Dudley getting ready for the gig!!!! Lol xxx

  3. Hiya, hun

    Sorry I missed you online today.

    Yep, nearly a year since that wonderful night in Dudley - I was looking at the piccies myself, last night!

    Will never forget the great time we shared - your composure under the 'lost luggage'circumstances

    was examplery, my dear xxx

  4. I think we must have passed each other on a railway somewhere?

    The shiraz was lovely, btw. Your glass is half full


  5. I'm sure I know you from....somewhere.

  6. Will be thinking of you!

    May you and Kelly have a wonderful stay in the UK and France and may the'happening'and this monumental LZ occasion fill your hearts (and ears) with joy!

    Rock your socks off, girls!!! xxx

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