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  1. I'm delighted for you. Almost 28 years here. As a particular fan of IMTOD, I offer a from the O2. It's, er, the climatic, 'Oh My Jesus' moment. May it bring you both much joy.
  2. Thanks for the posting. Looking forward to seeing your piccies. Cheers!
  3. It's a great school. A Great Books university and excellent for those seeking a broad topical range with the ability to explore specific areas of interest in depth. Not for everyone. For those who are 'wired' this way, a thrilling way to learn and grow. Thanks for posting the update!
  4. Is it not a remarkable thing to be admired by so many industry insiders? Surely that is a noteworthy tribute the man. Seems that he was remarkably consistent in his approach: one may not always agree with Mr. Russert, but he was fair and tough. Honorable. Sadly, 'honorable' behavior seems to be in short supply. Makes the passing of one who behaved so even sadder. Appreciated Doc Watson's [thanks EL] lovely Your Long Journey offered in tribute to Mr. Russert by Plant, Krauss, T Bone, et al last night at their gig in Columbia, MD.
  5. Edited for accuracy [thanks ebk]. Shouldn't write posts in the middle of the night! Added a tidbit, too.
  6. Thanks for the correction, ebk, and the great shots. Cheers!
  7. Another forum member astutely observed some media reviews have appeared similar in tone, offering less detail to the well-informed fan. Thought it might be interesting if forum members shared their thoughts after attending a gig. As Zep/Plant fans, they are likely to have additional insights that may be missed by others. Here's my start: 2008. 13 June, Columbia, MD- Merriweather Post Pavilion Oh, friends... you really should have heard the gig tonight in Columbia, MD. For those who may not like bluegrass, I say, 'Wait, there's more!' This was no sleep-inducing, boredom-creating even
  8. Here's the NY Daily review. P-K WAMU Theater Review 10 June performance
  9. Would be great. Plant really loves that song, judging from comments made after the Montreux gig. Me? I'd enjoy what ever they wanted to play! They wouldn't ever pick crap and would always make it interesting.
  10. Indeed. Not only help from unexpected sources mentioned by Aquamarine, but surely from those with a far, far closer connection to G**. [heavy scarasm intended]
  11. Good point. On another thread- somewhere- a Krauss fan attending a recent P-K gig was really quite perturbed listening to a gig of 'Hard core Rock and Roll', if I remember the quote correctly. Gulp. Interesting how some folks categorize the work, huh? Did really appreciate T Bone underscoring that folks tend to want to lump the performers into one group or another. Why? I really hope in time there is an interesting and fluid working arrangement between several of the 'bands' Plant has worked with in recent years. Just imagine. Heck, fans have now enjoyed the P-K version of BOE.
  12. Sad to learn of Jon's health issues. We were really looking forward to attending the Baltimore gig. Crossed fingers for his full recovery. Perhaps they'll reschedule in a couple of months? Hope so.
  13. Wow. I always thought you were an interesting and intelligent person of great depth. Just didn't realise the exponential degree! Thanks for sharing, Ev. Amazing how opportunities 'randomly' occur. Even more fascinating: what makes some folks see and others blind, and emboldens few and makes meek many? Glad you took the leap, friend.
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