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    Illigitimate child of Led Zeppelin.
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    Southampton, England.
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    I'm a drummer of 7 years, and I'm currently looking for a band in the UK that play; Rock Blues, Funk Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Indie Rock, and just plain old Rock. <br /><br />My main interests include just sitting around either behind a drumkit, or behind a PC monitor. And I love to eat shit loads (who doesn't?). So that's me anyway.
  1. zdr

    Happy B-Day!

  2. Wow... I haven't been on this site since mid-2009. Still madly in love with Zep though - our affair shall never end. Anyway, for those of you that <i>do</i> remember me, or not, I like to share some photos with you. Some old, some new, some good, some bad. Here's a couple of me jamming at my local bar the Hamptons. Here's one of me looking rougher than usual(lol. I don't know why I'm displaying it...). Ask my friend what this is supposed to be. Robin Gibb's SX acoustic(apparantly) given to my friend Trigo whilst he was his touring caterer. The
  3. Lmao. Yea, he told me already. But it's from him, not me!
  4. My friend Trigo says he knows Finnish and says: Mina rakastran sinua
  5. You're still as beautiful as ever, Noora. Remember the fun we had, lol? x
  6. God, it's been a while since I've been here, but since I've dropped in, I'll pop off a few updates of me for ya's:
  7. Rock & Roll Star - Nickleback Sorry, lmao.
  8. I personally enjoy the games, not to the extent that I take them seriously, but to play each note on the good songs is a fun feeling. Especially when you don't play for the speed or intensity, although I do play on Expert, lol. I would love to play Zep songs on GH or RB, I think it would be an enriching experience, I also understand the catastrophic consequences of Jimmy releasing his fragile master tapes to disconcerning corporate types.
  9. I don't know where to start with this one, and I don't want it to sound like like boasting either. But, I think me and Robert Plant have shared the same woman. There's a woman I met about 5-6 weeks ago by the name of Shea. She's about 37, and we had a one night stand. We kept in touch for a while afterwards and then met up a few times again. Well, we got into a conversation about music and she just so happened to bring Led Zeppelin up, to my joy, I pointed out they were a favourite band of mine. And then to my disbelief, she said she KNEW Robert Plant. I had to find out how, so I
  10. Isn't she the girl currently dating Anthony Caleb Followill out of Kings of Leon?
  11. A very important piece of advice is that you should always remember to practice certain beats and fills in your head and tap on different surfaces to practice - usually this sort of thing comes naturally after some time, but incase, ya know... Also, play along to some of your favourite songs.
  12. It's easy to isolate the drums when you're a drummer, it's even easier to isolate the drums when they're tinny and played poorly (Lars Ulrich). I considered Metallica more of a guitarists' band, cause if you're influenced by Lars, then good luck with that.
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