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    Illigitimate child of Led Zeppelin.
  • Birthday 07/28/1988

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    Southampton, England.
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    I'm a drummer of 7 years, and I'm currently looking for a band in the UK that play; Rock Blues, Funk Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Indie Rock, and just plain old Rock. <br /><br />My main interests include just sitting around either behind a drumkit, or behind a PC monitor. And I love to eat shit loads (who doesn't?). So that's me anyway.
  1. zdr

    Happy B-Day!

  2. holy crap, haven't talked to you in forever! how are you?

  3. Sweet name, my surname is Hudson too!

  4. Goodnight to you too, gorgeous.

  5. goodnight, sexy

  6. Wow, small world eh? Yeh, I was in there stocking up for the first BBQ of the year! I had the worst hangover ever on Sunday...

  7. Saw you in Tescos yesterday! Haha :D

  8. Sweet name, mate! I love the Han Dynasty and all that!

  9. I enjoy this banter between you and Noora. And I knew Peggy Sue was a song :P

  10. yes I'm Sue,

  11. Peggy Sue is a song, and you're Sue, right? You're the crazy one. :rolleyes::P

  12. Peggy sue? what's that

    you're crazy (in a good way) =)

  13. I want to eat you...........r cookies :P

  14. Peggy Sue =)

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