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  1. Sooner

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    WoW!! Amazing Pics!! Thanks for sharing! I don't find long hair attractive on men (guys etc) ... but I do have to admit, I think Jimmy Page is the only guy who actually looks good with long hair.
  2. Sooner


    Hey Blue! I'm also one who doesn't eat meat. I do eat cheese, and egg (beaters). And speaking of vegetarian pizza? Although I'm not much of a pizza person, I was craving a veggie pizza last nite. So I threw away my lady-like manners and ate a whole medium veggie pizza all by my lonesome self. I ate the whole thing. And I loved every bite. I ordered extra cheese and pineapple too. I'll admit, I didn't eat all the surrounding crust because thats just too filling, but for the most part, I ate most of it. ---insert embarrassed icon here)
  3. Well there isn't anything I really need. I'm blessed to have all that I could really want; as far as it goes to material things. So I guess will just ask for music. Some good ole fashion RockNRoll, to keep me satisfied for the next year.. haha
  4. Sooner

    Hi from Cali

    Hi Cali and welcome! I am from California and you would love it there. I'm a coastal gal, from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach, to SD. I'm currently residing on the East Coast, not far from New York, but I often visit California from time to time (actually I'll be there in Febuary) Going to Vegas for a few days then heading over to Californa for about a week or so. Calif Coast Rocks!!!
  5. My name is Rebecca and I LOVE music... REAL music! Led Zep is of course my all time favorite band/musicians. I love God, I love the Ocean and I love LOVE. I don't eat meat and I don't eat fish, but I do drink haha... You can visit or drop me a message anytime ya like at my myspace account or here at LZ.com.
  6. Ha Nice story! his reply was "But all I do is play the guitar'' ... those are indeed the words of a humble man. I would be so honored to meet Mr. Jimmy Page, myself.
  7. You can see my pic at MySpace: www.myspace.com/rebecca4real
  8. Thanks! Jasons character seems that of a humble man. But what you say about Neil Peart (one of the worlds best drummers) being an ass? ha thats funny
  9. ^ ... well welcome to you too, newbie. but you've got alot of posts already... haha
  10. For allowing me to be a part of this site. I love Led Zeppelin! As my sig says; If there were two words only that could describe Music, they would be, LED.ZEPPELIN. Hola!
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