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  1. And I have to say that, yes I am guilty of using You Tube to seeing videos and Tv/Movie clips I haven't seen in years, along with using it to post my own videos. Also the real major reason why copyrighted material and or trademarked material cannot be used on You Tube, is because in the agreement it clearly states any videos posted are owned by You Tube, so if you post a video of your band, or family member, realize you are giving You Tube full ownership and rights to do whatever they want with it. And since having such (Copyrighted/tradmarked) material on there that an idividual posted, it
  2. "Led Zeppelin concert videos are being removed from you tube now!!!!!!!!!!!!! so download em while you can.......................... " They're not being removed, You Tube's policies are no copyrighted or trademarked material, or material owned by any other company, artisit is allowed to be on there ie, stuff from the Song Remains the Same. That is copyrighted material to Warner Brothers & Led Zeppelin, footage you get with your camera phone, or digital cameras w/ video capabilities will not be taken off, for it is not copyrighted material. If you posted the professional footage that
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