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  1. an american sounding woman in front of me reckons she paid $60000 for her 2 tickets
  2. hey paul i reckon you must have been stood on my feet when you took the pics, i was stood in exactly that spot. i was the tall guy with the stupid dumbstruck look on his face. did you see Natalie imbruglia she was in the same place, as was one of the galagher brothers. great photos by the way
  3. if you expected Rock and Roll as the opener. everyone i spoke to on the night was 100% certain. got talking to the guy who runs Tight but Loose just before the gig. jammy sod watched a rehearsal the day before, and he said they were playing better than 79. we told him he must be talking crap. HE WASNT i still cant beleive Kashmir
  4. hey Stormpilot my mate and i were among the people who moved from in front of the stage towards the back before the first encore trust me man you would not have wanted me to stay. the equation goes something like 2x 40 year old plus blokes copious amounts of food and drink from an early breakfast thru till 11pm 3 hours standing and rockin out at the gig pissing like a shire horse as the flood gates open. we went to the back to ablute we then came back in for the Finale
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