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  1. I think it's really sad that you want to play Led Zep and Queen off against each other. They both have a distinctive sound that is unmatched. I love Queen and Led Zep....skilled musicians with fire in their belly! It would be better if you compared them both against the meaningless dribble that we are force fed evey day right now! As for Rob Plant ... yeah like I said fire in his belly...a one off.
  2. A great Summer gig would be them blasting out over 'the sound' from Plymouth Hoe.
  3. Actors: Jason Donovan Robbie Williams Gareth Gates & Jason Boham Film Title: 'Stairway'
  4. I don't think anyone was having a go at Hollywood. I am sure these comments have more to do with our experience of the press. They're just being protective. As for music rights...oooh a few donations to 'Warchild' might swing it?
  5. I am sure we would all love to see a documentary/film from Led Zep. But we don't want tabloid fodder! We need a burst of energy and inspiration from the past to give the present a kick up the rear! It would be great if we could get a few gigs and a film. We are not being greedy..it's more a case of neccessity.
  6. Of course they are aware. They have rather let the geainie out of the bottle, and I am sure they are prepared to meet us half way despite their commitments. Todays music scene needs more inspiration from bands who aren't manufactured, and furthermore stand the test of time. There is such alot of energy and committment from all that Led Zep that has produced. It would be really good if they could pay it forward just that little bit more. (Isle of White 2008?)
  7. Bloody Hell! Poor You! You don't just listen to it...you feel it. Close your eyes and they will take you there!!!
  8. I very much doubt that Jimmy Page would bother composing anything that would last less than 5 minutes, unless under duress! He started his symphony more than 40 years ago and I don't think he's finished! I am a resurrected fan and looking back over the tracks it is quite obvious that there is fluidity and passion in all that Led Zep has produced. Real music has nothing to do with style. It's fluid and creative, and takes alot of dedication. A true composer absorbes all that is around him and is not inward looking. And anyway, I very much doubt that Mozart had any time for ideas, he was to
  9. You know you have to! Definatley Glastonbury. Too many new fans to ignore. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
  10. I would rather pay to see them from start to finish. However, guest appearences would be good. Robert Plant and Annie Lennox would go down a storm. How about inviting a few music college students in on the act?
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