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  1. I was there too. What hotel did you stay at? it was one big crazy party! We came up from Hollywood we got to the stadium early in the morning and by the time they opened up we were sunburned. we were in the stands stage left. We had a great view of the stage and the field where they were bouncing chics into the air on blankets. Did you see the parachute flare and doves during Stairway? Tell me about your trip!
  2. With out a doubt its Hammer of the Gods! check out ther website or CD not only do they sound like them they look like them. If your in the north east I think they are still touring up here.
  3. There is a cover band thats been making the rounds here in the North East. New York, Long Island. They are called believe it or not, Hammer of the Gods. They not only sound like them, but on stage look like the old Zep! They are awesome. they have a web site and cd's and I here that Page had given them his blessing. {Im not sure about that, rumor} but they are great. Get your head right and you would swear you were in a concert hall in 73 listening to the real Zep
  4. Well, it is very easy to tell that you are a brain dead idiot! if you feel that way what the F__K are you doing here? You should be at a Barry Manilow site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Back in those days it was not all that unusual. Besides, alot of the transactions they made needed to be off the books ya know
  6. Have you ever heard of "filing a false police report" I dont think old Pete was that stupid
  7. What ever happened with the ripoff of Zeppelin during the 73 show in New York that was in The song remains the same movie?
  8. Your nuts!!!Zeppelin without Plant is like sex without a woman
  9. you missed the sportatorium in hollywood fla. in1971
  10. Well, im 52 and ive been going to concerts ever since I saw grand funk in 1969. Ive seen Pink floyd, black sabbath,uriah heep,free, it goes on and on I guess its been around a 100 shows and the zep concert in Tampa 1973 was the greatest by far!!!!
  11. Well I first saw them at the Hollywood Sportatorium in 1971, they were doing their 1st 3 albums then. Thats when the love affair with them started. I was 15. Then I was lucky enough to head to Tampa with my buddy Ron L. [you ou there man] That concert was a trip in more then one way!! I still remember girls being bounced into the air on blankets. running into friends old and new at all the motels before the show. watching as the sun set behind them as they started the show with rock and roll and the parachute flare floating over them as they did stairway to Heaven. Then set loose hundreds of d
  12. Im interested in any stories about Peter Grant, Zeps tour manager back in the day. And what ever happened about the rip off from their deposit box in New York? Still haven't heard about the safety deposit box rip off in NY 1973. Thanks for all the info on Grant.
  13. How about dropping your jaw fhen listening to Page whail during Since ive been loving you live
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