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  1. Totally agree, not many "rock stars" would do that. I dont see the big pissy about grohl, why do people NOT like him? Frankly, i dont trust anyone that doesnt! Haha! He's friendly, funny and a great drummer. Not much more to it. Someone mentioned above, Bonhams finesse, well personally i love Bonhams style, but i sometimes think , hit them harder!
  2. Well this is pretty damn good drumming considering grohl was 16 at the time..take a look DAIN BRAMAGE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObODzB7h8MI Got there album a while back, some great punk songs on there!
  3. No Mercury, no Queen. They still managed a show haha!
  4. In light of recent bands coming back..i thought.. What would everyone think to a Nirvana reunion? I mean with Dave on drums, Krist on Bass, Pat Smear guitar.. AND ***** on vocals. I think ***** would be great if it was the crowd..how unique would that be? A whole tour of the crowd singing! Haha I know its "frowned upon" normally the idea of a Nirvana reunion, but ive been a fan for years, and would love the chance to even see 80% of the band playing, just to be able to sing along and enjoy the music. Damn, one can dream i guess.
  5. I heard there was a cd at the back of the program, what was on it out of interest?
  6. I would fly over just for that. I hope its in February im actually in new york then!
  7. People like P Diddy shouldn't even be covering KASHMIR, damn man. He doesn't deserve to even lick the boots of Zeppelin, haha.
  8. Cool, like i said im not here to start arguments with people over anything, just to talk/debate the greatness of Zeppelin. (And just so happens Grohl too this time)
  9. What more can you contribute to being a Zeppelin other than having the records, (gold ones too)? Seeing them live? Having JPJ playing on one of your albums? Meeting/interviewing them quite a few times? Learning to drum from listening to Bonham, stating them as an influence (most do)? Im pretty sure everyone has the albums, and quite a few seen them live, even the last one, but.. ..Grohl has had one of the Zep's play on his bands album, JPJ was on the side stage the other day when i was at the 02 Arena, hanging out with the Foo Fighters before and after, i mean he's a big fan, and he is definatly a big fan, im not saying BIGGER than anyone on here though, but he's definatly a big, lucky fan.
  10. Right, i dont want to be rude to someone i dont know/havent got the chance to know. So basically, please read it again. And you'll basically see i called Fred Durst a dick, based on the fact i dont like him for other reasons, not that he's a fanboy of Zeppelin. So i didnt call any users of this site dicks and didnt start any arguments, just stated my opinon.
  11. I think if it wasnt Jason it probably would have been Grohl, of course i am a fan of Grohl, but many who are not even say he is a great, hard hitting drummer. Listening to him live in Nirvana, and Queens of the Stone Age, even Probot, you can hear it.
  12. Im not sure though who i would think is more crazy, the touts selling the tickets for high prices, or the people paying those high prices. Fair enough a one off gig like this people will do ALOT to get a ticket, but some guy paid £83,000 for two, thats a bit over the top, especially as he said it was his savings.
  13. Haha, its funny you voice your opinion to someone on the board, they disagree with it.. and suddenly your a dick.. Come on man, im just telling you what i think about it, if you disagree, great, makes it all the better to me, something to talk about, would be boring if we all thought the same. But dont label me over my amount of posts, or especially by my first few. Also FLAME WARS? Im just voicing my say dude, im not flaming anyone.
  14. Not sure how Jimmy got on with Fred, he seems a bit of a dick to me. Telling Puddle of Mudd "Ill make you the next Nirvana" haha! What a laugh. As for Grohl using the media, i couldnt be bothered to repeat what i've said a few times, but it bases around, Grohl = Zeppelin Fan/Normal Human, i would do the same.
  15. A tour would be fabulous, doesnt bother me if celebs are there, but they should pay damnit. I HAVE to get tour tickets, just HAVE to. I must see them, i've been a big fan for a while now, i mean im 20, wasnt even born when they were around but my dads a fan and got me into them, really want to see them live, seen Deep Purple, they rocked.
  16. I dont think he ever himself said he WOULD be drummer, he was just dreaming (like i would) that they might ask. Heck why are people slating him for dreaming of that? I bet everyone on this board would love to be involved (apart from crowd) someway or another?
  17. People moan about Grohl wanting to drum for Zeppelin, what in gods name would they say about some dick like Fred Durst being a big fanboy?
  18. Damn man, i mean it would have been great to have seen zeppelin, but to have one of my favourite rockers sat BEHIND me too, damn, just damn.
  19. If you had ANY chance at all to even tour with Zeppelin im sure you'd kiss some ass to get there.
  20. Lucky! Grohl's a great guy and people shouldnt slate him for just being a big fan and wanting to drum for his favourite band, heck i want to drum for them, but theres obviously hell of alot more of a chance they would ask grohl.
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