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  1. Try to find the Austin City Limits Episode they did...phenomenal!
  2. What about Ian Thornley? Ive picked up on a Zeppelinesque vibe from Big Wreck, but I havent heard any of his solo stuff.
  3. wow, this thing is getting out of hand again... sit and wait. don't speculate. whatever music JJandJ make regardless of the singer or the band name, it will be incredible, we will all buy it and if we can afford it, we will go to see them on tour. Quit beating up on Robert already. Let it go. He has.
  4. chris robinson? anyone other than Steven Tyler. feh.
  5. how many more dopey smileys can one person use??? IMO Steven Tyler is a sad caricature of himself. He's ridiculous. If he can put aside the lame music he's made in the last few years and sing with his balls again like he did in the 70's I may get on board.
  6. what kind of fool posts "is zeppelin your favorite band" poll with one of the responses being "Zeppa who?" on the band's official forum?
  7. Im heartbroken, but Im glad there is an end to the speculation once and for all.
  8. im anita im 41 im missing a few keys on my laptop im a new yorker, now living in the hell that is south carolina im a lefty i play guitar righty
  9. new band name- the three j's and that guy
  10. thanks to you im glad it made sense to more than just me
  11. then im a dork right next to you!
  12. Thanks! I expect the lashings to ensue any minute now.
  13. If I may be permitted, a few observations. Jimmy found the perfect unknown singer the first time around. whos to say he cant do it again? Steve Jones is spot on. No one has said yet that "Led Zeppelin" would be touring again, and most are assuming it since JP JPJ and JB are in a studio that it would be the natural progression. Robert's done. He's happy doing his own thing, and he's damned good at it. To label it Led Zeppelin on here or in your head and stick another singer in there expecting Robert to come oozing out of him (or her) is setting yourself up for disappointment when its NOT Led Zeppelin, in every sense of what LZ mean to each of us. BTW, I personally want Robert back. I want Zeppelin back. We need Zeppelin right now. Music, The World, and Mankind in general need Zeppelin one last time. I just don't think its ever going to happen again, sadly. I will take what I can get and be happy! This has got to be the most ridiculous post Ive ever made, but I dont get on here much lately and I had to let it out.
  14. when the show at the 02 was announced, I heard Martha Quinn on Sirius announce that there was going to be a world tour. Not till I hear it from Robert will I belive it.
  15. was it this show that Virginia Woolfe opened? I cant remember anymore if it was this show or not that I came thisclose to catching Jason's sticks when he threw them into the crowd!
  16. damn, that posters been hanging in my daughters room for years and I never noticed that the cigarette was missing!
  17. that was the first one my 21 year old got, but on his right wrist
  18. anita1967

    Logan Plant 2006

    well I see very similar features in both pictures, nothing to start a war over, please
  19. anita1967

    Logan Plant 2006

    I can see his other son J in this picture
  20. what a nice thing to do for your son! do tell us if it came to fruition. BTW, I named my 21 year old after him too
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