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  1. GAAAHHHH! He looks like Rod Stewart!
  2. aww one of my favorites!
  3. Oh how the mighty fell It brings tears to the eye, so very sad
  4. they have their ep now on itunes for 99 cents a song (there are two)
  5. I was under the impression that Robert has some sort of large birthmark on his lower back, I dont see any in this photo
  6. "'ow you know he's a king?" "He 'asn't got shit all over 'im." I love that movie
  7. I read an interview back in September I think with the two children that did the pictures for the album cover. Ill see if I can find a link to it
  8. remember "Time Bandits?" Another Harrison-Gilliam Connection.. Thanks for the confirmations guys!
  9. I got to see the great play "Spamalot" today, and during one of the songs, a character breaks into "STH" and it triggered something I had read long ago. Did Zeppelin help bankroll "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", or am I mistaken?
  10. the tour was amazing...but when i got to take my kids to see the theatrical release a few years ago and i got to see The Rain Song on the big screen, it brought tears to my eyes
  11. I concur. That pained scream at the end of the song brings tears to my eyes, every time
  12. Pictures of a Lemon, excuse me, At Eleven. Just for "Like I've Never Been Gone." One of my all time favorite songs.
  13. feh..don't like it. I'm rather disappointed by it actually.
  14. anita1967

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    sigh..you always have the best ones! Thanks for the fix!
  15. cool shots, some of mine are almost identical, but blurry . loved jimmy's shirt, I wore one just like it to the show!
  16. you've got me there, i just put that one on and went back out and its right on the money.
  17. After fainting, I would thank them for what their music has meant to me and done for me in every aspect of my life, be it good or bad...then I would bow before all of them
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