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  1. i had heard that Jason will be joining the band in the UAA early next year for a tour
  2. thanks, I havent been able to get on here much and I pretty much figured it had been tossed around....
  3. My brother worked for a company in NYC that rented out alot of equipment and instruments to various venues and tv shows in the area and got close to meeting Robert accidentally but ended up meeting his road manager forcibly when he didnt have his credentials on him...and he worked with a girl that met jimmy when he set her hair on fire for ignoring him at some awards show
  4. I spent the summer I turned 12 in Little Rock Arkansas in an apartment complex where there was nothing much to do but get high and listen to music with the older kids. One that lived below me was always belting out Zeppelin and I had never heard anything like it being raised on a steady diet of Tammy Wynette and George Jones. Ive been hooked ever since
  5. Robert has said in the last few weeks that he doesnt want to rehash the same old thing by going out on tour......and Jimmy has said in interviews that new material has come out of the rehearsals. Could this point to a tour after they possibly go to the studio and lay down tracks? And wouldn't that work out perfectly with a 40th anniversary tour starting in September?
  6. while you are entitled to your own opinion, the word you're looking for is "world" and in fact, at this moment in time and space, it VERY much does.
  7. I played that song my last day. I also requested it at my local rock station on the tenth anniversary of John's death, and I had to tell the DJ what day it was. What a sap
  8. thanks god my kids are all musical. Oldest son, bassist in a punk/rock band. Does Dazed and Confused before shows for me. Has Zoso on his inner wrist. Younger son, drummer in a rock band. Loves John's fills and points things out in the songs that I never knew. Daughter. Singer. Screamer. Could give Percy a run for his money.
  9. Robert likes the monitors up waaaay tooo high...remember Live Aid? Same thing. Good thread!
  10. I feel like im 17 again....im LOVING this!
  11. my brother called me at work back in September to tell me he heard Martha Quinn say on Sirius that there was going to be a definate stadium tour next year. I started screaming and jumping up and down...looking like a total nutter. My close friends understood when I told them the news, but my boss chewed my ass (hes a nucountry fan) for being unprofessional. I was there for ten years, I quit three weeks ago!
  12. thanks for an interesting discussion, guys! Have a good night!
  13. amen. thats why I'd rather take pictures than write. because I cant put thoughts into words
  14. dont let that phase you....the fanpolice are on here. if its a good topic, who gives a monkey's if its posted in the wrong forum?! whats going to happen, I wont ever get to meet the band? Gimme a break.
  15. if this is being sick, I dont want the cure! I have defended the faith over the years, and I feel that the rest of the world is catching up to us!
  16. dude, its late, and I put it in the wrong place. sorry bout that , but, relax
  17. she's a fan too...I watched TSRTS for the googolplex umteenth time the other day and out of the corner of my eye I could see she was watching it, then asking me questions. She's not the one who asks how I still listen over and over, but she does give me the usual, "Oh my god mom, your obsessed" You're absolutely right about them seeming like a part of the family, because they are a huge part of my life just like my kids. Spot on!
  18. oh my god, i laughed till i cried!
  19. yeah, i had heard that too...but I had heard that it was when he was "speaking" to Ahmet that he started to well up if you dream it, they will tour!
  20. I always get the "dont you ever get tired of listening to that over and over?"....no! Even after almost 30 years of listening I still make sure I listen to a different part of each song every time I listen to it and pull it apart to its barest elements. I am still suprised by some of the things I hear even though its engraved into my memories.. i saw this in another post and im borrowing it--if you dream it they will tour!
  21. 40....a year older than the mighty zep
  22. when I arrive home from work, I usually have some Zeppelin related topic to share with my daughter, be it about the band as a whole, or a member. She tells me I act like I know them personally, and I reply that I know them as well as any other obsessed fan can who has grown up with their music constantly on their mind... has anyone else got someone telling them that they're obsessed? What is your response? I know what mine is..Ive been this way since I was 12 and Im not going to change now!
  23. they are really laying low, arent they? this is killing 20 million+ people around the world right now...we need some sort of contact from the Mothership so to speak ~upon us all, a little rain must fall
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