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  1. Dear Readers, May I humbly ask you all, just for fun, and for the band to see maybe (We Hope?), to post a reply here with 'YES' or 'NO' for a Led Zeppelin Tour 2008/9....Lets make your votes reach the ears of the band? Please just say 'YES' or 'NO' in your reply...no explanation necessary. Thank You All!
  2. I note David Gilmour of Pink Floyd was at the O2 gig this week. As rumours and hopes abound about both these legendary bands, maybe they could go on tour together...but who would top the bill? Would it matter anyway, what a gig that would be? Haha!
  3. Not to get too excited I suppose, but I also read today at http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1574740/2..._zeppelin.jhtml that there is a possible tour planned with one support act being The Cult?
  4. I've just read tonight at the NME website that the band were overheard after the O2 gig this week, talking about 3 nights at Madison Square garden in 2008? Has anyone else heard of similar rumours? http://www.NME.com
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