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  1. Adding my thanks here too, these photos (and captions) are awesome. Thanks everyone for sharing!
  2. Thanks for taking the time to type this out and post it! Yes, great news. I thought the acoustic song was really good as it was, but will be wonderful to hear when more color is added, too.... and the completed Embryo songs and whatever else is on the horizon. The one that he opens with was so intense and perfect I can't imagine it being better,... but I can hardly wait for more
  3. Thanks for posting this and the link... I saw this issue at the store recently but wasn't sure if it would be worth it -- even $10 is a little steep for me right now! But from the YouTube clip and the comments here it definitely seems that the instructor nails it, so I hope to be getting this soon.
  4. Thanks for posting the article, transcript, photo, they're all great.
  5. For what it's worth, I listened to this once but was going to listen again before I gave an opinion, but now it seems the song has been taken down. Anyway, I thought it was really, really good, and I liked the techniques and how you kind of played accompaniament in some parts and played more extensively in other parts, yet kept faithful to the mood/feel of the song. Very cool. The only slightly negative thing I remember was that in the early section it seemed like some of the chords/notes were too "spot on," or maybe in a major key (?), or if they were minor they weren't quite "blue" enough, if that makes any sense. I really don't know the technical way to describe it, but it was a very miinor (no pun intended) point anyway. I really enjoyed it a lot. Great job!
  6. Yes, it definitely looks to be one of the photos on Ross Halfin's site. Can't wait for Jimmy's new project to unfold, whatever it is!
  7. I love the composition of that photo (the black background, contrast, lighting, what stands out and what blends in, etc., as well as the subject matter!) and think it's perfect for a website. Seems everything is "under construction" in the summer, no escaping it, but at least this one construction site is cool.
  8. To play a portion of a theme (or 4 descending scale notes) of an unremarkable (IMO) song and turn it into a dynamic masterpiece so far removed from the "original" is, to me, like creating an entirely new song with simply a similar theme. Similarly, to rework and drastically improve licks/riffs incorporated into songs that don't have a known composer seems like it would be well within any musician's rights. I know very little about copyright laws, but in any case I hope 'karma' isn't so much a bitch to Jimmy -- maybe only a little grouchy at times.
  9. Agree that Jimmy said it perfectly. His acceptance speech couldn't have been more gracious. This whole event seems pretty f-ing inspired and inspiring, and I hope all goes well with it regardless of who performs and whatever PR/propoganda is involved. Could be a catalyst in reaching minds through music's touch. And the logo is cool too.
  10. I was smiling too, big time . Just Jimmy, his guitar and a chair, I could listen all day ... also love the guitar/harmonica tune that plays during the DVD menu selection. Not sure if that's Jimmy playing or Edge or Jack White or whoever, but it's really good as well. I thought the interview-articles posted here were awesome too, thanks Glicine and Kiss of Fire!
  11. leding lady

    A big project?

    yw, no problem... What I did is just go to the News part of this site (ledzeppelin.com) and then click on the "Read More" link at the bottom of the news item about this BBC thing, then click on the link there that says "Jimmy Page and the BBC Sessions" and then that should open a new browser and then click "Listen Now", and you should be able to hear it... looks like it will be playing for the next 7 days... that's Part 1, and then to the right of that is a thing to click on that says Part 2. I don't remember all that was said, but there were interesting tidbits about the sessions and how they all had the vibe and energy and fearlessness and communication, and how the songs (and albums) evolved, etc. And interspersed with the interview they played various songs from the sessions back then, and near the end they talked about how during the interview they all (including Jimmy) were playing air guitar/air drums while listening to those tunes. Fun interview!
  12. Someday I'd love to get Blue-Ray (and/or Hi-Def or whatever the tech terms are) but am fortunate enough to have surround-sound which is wonderful too with this DVD
  13. leding lady

    A big project?

    I listened to Parts 1 and 2; pretty cool, and funny in parts. I think he said something to the effect that in 2011 he didn't want to look back at 2010 having not made/played music in 2010, like he wanted to go out and do so in 2009, but will take more steps to do it in 2010 because that's what he's about.
  14. I got my copy too (of the DVD) and it's wonderful. The extras are great too, and yes the Kashmir part was great, all great. Very happy camper here. The Embryo bits aren't quite what I remembered them to be (they're better ) and it's good to have my memory refreshed so refreshingly.
  15. (with electric wah) "And many more...." Thanks Sam and Happy Birthday!
  16. Hm. While I agree with a few points of the article, I get the impression that the writer isn't all that familiar with Jimmy's work. Also, if I remember correctly, both Embryo #1 and #2 were in the film. Could be wrong, but I believe #1 was an ethereal, beautiful piece of work and #2 was rockin', kind of along the vein or spirit of the ending of Hots on for Nowhere. I'll have to watch/listen again when the DVD comes out.
  17. I really like that version a lot too, and I think it's the same one that's on the newer (2007?) official release of The Song Remains the Same CD set. Sounds exactly the same anyway. Excellent
  18. I've been lucky enough to see this film (twice actually) and it's even better than what I expected (and I was expecting greatness). So glad and grateful that Jimmy took part in this. I think the movie succeeds on all levels, and I'd love it even if Jimmy wasn't in it and whether or not I could play the guitar, but his parts make me love it all the more -- much, much more. For those of you who won't be able to see it in the theater, yes it totally rocks in a theater but I also think it will transfer awesomely onto the smaller screen. The re-watchability (and re-listenability) factor is HUGE, and I too can't wait to experience it again. And again...
  19. Mine would probably be: Don't Leave me this Way Prison Blues Jam Sandwich Feeling Hot Shake My Tree (along the order of Difficulty Picking Just Five Songs)
  20. Moonmaid (and anybody else who attended), that's awesome Hope you were able to concentrate on the movie too Sounds like a very exciting evening! :D
  21. So would that mean that only 1 song would need to be removed? If so, that makes it much easier! (But still difficult!) For me, I'd probably leave out either Down by the Seaside or Sick Again. There are aspects of both songs I like a lot, but not quite as much as I love all the others.
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