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  1. Yeah, i saw Rollins do a live show twice last year... he used something along those lines in his routine both times... I think you nailed it pretty much
  2. Just past the first lot of pictures... I only tend to read books on the john, so i dont get through them quickly enough, but the book is very educating so far, and im enjoying it
  3. I've never stopped listening nor loving stairway... a perfect blend aof all the right melodies and styles rolled into one, and just an all-round great song... I dont listen to Radio, so for me, its not overplayed!
  4. 10th November (my birthday, i got stated on my second zeppelin tattoo: then he started getting shaded... and he finished getting shaded... and the legwork for the original part of my tattoo came in: and some more: and some more : im 11 hours in and not even close to finishing my leg piece which was inspired by zeppelin when this is done, think i might get icarus on my right leg...
  5. I Play Guitar... I used to play for a band called "Monolith" - www.myspace.com/monolithonline - singing and playing. My guitars have changed greatly over the years, but these are what i have settled with... 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Ebony, seymour duncan pickups - JB in the neck and 59 in the bridge (i think!!) 2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic in vintage sunburst, EMG Zakk Wylde Set (81/85), grover locking tuners fitted. 2002 Epiphone Les Paul Custom w/ gibson classic pickups.
  6. Thanks Pearl was fantastic... Velvet Revolver left me feeling a little cheated... Ive seen them before, but even thought they were all better than l;ast time i saw them, the gig was a bit dull pearl was alot better, even if she did play a tina turner song... watching Scott Ian rock out to that was classic
  7. I dont know about her relationship with Scott, but he was on stage rocking out last night with the rest of the band, and if they were engaged, then if theyre not i doubt he would have been there he was also rocking a damn nice guitar with the dharma "pearl station" logo on it, for anyone who watches LOST... i was impressed - but then again, im a geek
  8. I heard, from someone influencial, that he only actually used the orange heads all night, the others were on and plugged in, but he didnt use them. I dont know if theres any truth to it, but i wouldnt go as far as to call the guy a liar!
  9. In Wolverhampton, Yesturday... She was supporting Velvet Revolver at the Civic. (pictures in the "last band u saw" thread) PS. did anyone spot my 10/12/07 shirt hiding under my overcoat?
  10. Latest picture of me, With Pearl Aday (Meatloaf's Daughter) taken yesturday
  11. whats the difference between a drummer, and a drum machine... ... you only have to punch the instructions into a drum machine once
  12. After seeing Albert Lee play for the first time at the reunion, i thought it only good and proper to see him play himself (with Hogans Heroes) when he came round... considering my bosses band was supporting, it was a good idea as i got in on the door All Images Copyright to me ~ Ste Gough
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