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  1. I am a Zephead. Have been for 30 some odd years.. At the time I was a huge Kiss fan. I thought that they were the best. Remember this "You wanted the best, you got the best, the HOTTEST band in the world............... KISSSSSSSSSSS" To me it was all about the show. The music meant nothing. Then I got hit with Whole Lotta Love and was hooked. I bought every album they had (does anybody remember albums ) Posters, t-shirts, magizines. They showed me just how powerful music could be in the right hands. I remember going to see The Song Remains The Same in the movies a hundred times and acti
  2. At the time I was a huge Kiss fan and really had no idea about good musicians. A good friend of mine was a huge Zeppelin fan and I just didn't get them. It was Kiss and that was it. I started listening to other music and then I discovered Zeppelin and they blew me away. I started learning about lyrics, melody's and song structuring. Zeppelin blew me away with just how diverse they were. They put out songs like The Rain Song, Thank You, All Of My love to Baby Come On Home, Since I've Been Loving You, I Can't quit You Babe to Immagrant Song, Nobody's Fault But Mine and Black Dog. There was
  3. The Foo Fighters. The love that Dave has for Zeppelin only makes it right
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